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Joan Baez
Born: January 9, 1941 in Staten Island, Ne
Active: '50s-2010s Major
Styles: Folk Revival, Traditional Folk, Political Folk
Instrument: Vocals Representative
Albums: "Diamonds & Rust", "The Best of Joan C. Baez", "Rare, Live & Classic " Representative
Songs: "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down", "Silver Dagger", "Diamonds & Rust"

UPC Type Title
015707970020 CD 5
015707974721 CD Any Day Now
029667008426 (i) CD Any Day Now
5060149620687 Vinyl Any Day Now
015707951227 CD Baez Sings Dylan
090204663224 (i) CD Baez Sings Dylan
015707972123 CD Baptism
090204730001 (i) CD Baptism: A Journey Through Our Time
5024952266777 (i) CD Beginnings
015707050524 CD Best of Joan Baez
082839323420 (i) CD Best of Joan Baez
015707976022 CD Blessed Are
029667016728 (i) CD Blessed Are
079893396927 CD Blowin' Away
090431808924 CD Blowin' Away
015707976121 CD Carry It on
015707974622 CD David's Album
090204666522 (i) CD David's Album
029667008525 (i) CD David's Album
793018300223 CD Day After Tomorrow
823564619125 CD Debut Album Plus
731454050029 (i) CD Diamonds
075021323322 CD Diamonds & Rust
082839323321 (i) CD Diamonds & Rust
731455012927 (i) CD Essential-From the Heart (Live)
015707970129 CD Farewell Angelina
090204942350 (i) CD Farewell Angelina
015707656023 CD First 10 Years
090204970520 (i) CD First 10 Years
604988019223 (i) CD First Lady of Folk-1958-61
075021650626 CD From Every Stage
600753341742 (i) CD Golden Hits-K2Hd Mastering
793018302722 CD Gone From Danger
5060187000120 Vinyl Gone From Danger
082839361422 (i) CD Gracias a La Vida
731454051026 CD Greatest Hits
015707933223 CD Hits/Greatest & Others
5099747369520 (i) CD Honest Lullaby
793018303521 CD How Sweet the Sound
793018603591 DVD How Sweet the Sound
793018603492 DVD How Sweet the Sound
8712273132518 (i) DVD I Shall Be Released (Pal/Region 0)
082839695725 (i) CD Imagine
015707959827 CD In Concert
015707959926 CD In Concert Part 2
015707011327 CD In Concert
015707972024 CD Joan
029667006521 (i) CD Joan
5050457134020 (i) CD Joan Baez in Concert
090204872626 (i) CD Joan Baez
090204666423 (i) CD Joan Baez Country Music Album
090204986408 (i) CD Joan Baez in Concert 2
4988005150578 (i) CD Joan Baez
090204872633 (i) CD Joan Baez 2
090204986415 (i) CD Joan Baez in Concert
5060149620533 Vinyl Joan Baez
090204942367 (i) CD Joan Baez/5
8436542013680 (i) CD Joan Baez/Vol.2/in Concert
602498604793 CD Joan Baez: Complete a&M Recordings
5050457112820 (i) CD Joan Baez: Vol. 2
8712177057986 (i) CD Joan Baez: Vol. 1-Queen of Folk Music-the Legend B..
5883007136300 DVD Joan Baez: Golden Hits: Livecollection
5099746339029 (i) CD Live (in Europe)
015707701525 CD Live at Newport
9120817151489 DVD Love Is Just a Four Letter Word: In Performance
899823002014 CD Luv Is the Foundation
602517231825 CD Millennium Collection-20th Century Masters
015707959629 CD Noel
090204872640 (i) CD Noel
030309996490 DVD Oh Freedom: Live in London
015707974820 CD One Day at a Time
029667016629 (i) CD One Day at a Time
793018342025 CD Play Me Backwards (Expanded Edition)
5060187000199 Vinyl Play Me Backwards
793018302821 CD Ring Them Bells
805520030311 (i) CD Ring Them Bells
5060143493874 (i) CD Songbird
5060143490743 (i) CD Trilogy
606949744021 (i) CD Universal Masters Collection
015707316828 CD Vanguard Visionaries
015707944625 CD Very Early Joan
015707959421 CD Vol. 1-Joan Baez
015707959520 CD Vol. 2-Joan Baez

Biography: The most accomplished interpretive folksinger of the 1960s, Joan Baez has influenced nearly every aspect of popular music in a career still going strong. Baez is possessed of a once-in-a-lifetime soprano, which, since the late '50s, she has put in the service of folk and pop music as well as a variety of political causes. Starting out in Boston, Baez first gained recognition at the 1959 Newport Folk Festival, then cut her debut album, Joan Baez (October 1960), for Vanguard Records. It was made up of 13 traditional songs, some of them children's

ballads, given near-definitive treatment. A moderate success on release, the album took off after the breakthrough of Joan Baez, Vol. 2 (September 1961), and both albums became huge hits, as did Baez's third album, Joan Baez in Concert, Pt. 1 (September 1962). Each album went gold and stayed in the bestseller charts more than two years.

From 1962 to 1964, Baez was the popular face of folk music, headlining festivals and concert tours and singing at political events, including the August 1963 March on Washington. During this period, she began to champion the work of folk songwriter Bob Dylan, and gradually her repertoire moved from traditional material toward the socially conscious work of the emerging generation of '60s artists like him. Her albums of this period were Joan Baez in Concert, Pt. 2 (November 1963) and Joan Baez 5 (October 1964), which contained her cover of Phil Ochs' "There But for Fortune," a Top Ten hit in the U.K.

Like other popular folk performers, Baez was affected by the changes in popular music wrought by the appearance of the Beatles in the U.S. in 1964 and Dylan's introduction of folk-rock in 1965, and she began to augment her simple acoustic guitar backing with other instruments, initially on Farewell, Angelina (October 1965). It was followed by a Christmas album, No l (October 1966), and Joan (August 1967), albums on which she was accompanied by an orchestra conducted by Peter Schickele. Baez continued to experiment in the late '60s, releasing Baptism (June 1968), in which she recited poetry, and Any Day Now (December 1968), a double album of Dylan songs done with country backing, which went gold.

In March 1968, Baez had married antiwar protest leader David Harris, who was imprisoned as a draft evader. Harris was a country music fan, and Baez's turn toward country, which continued on David's Album (June 1969) and One Day at a Time (March 1970), reflected his taste. Blessed Are... (August 1971) was a gold-selling double album that spawned a gold Top Ten hit in Baez's cover of the Band's "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down." It was followed by Carry It On (December 1971), the soundtrack to a documentary about Baez and Harris. Baez switched record label affiliation to A&M Records with Come from the Shadows (May 1972), which moved her in a more pop direction. Where Are You Now, My Son? (May 1973) included sounds taped during Baez's visit to Hanoi in December 1972.

In the late '60s and early '70s, Baez moved toward pop/rock music and also began to write her own songs, culminating in the gold-selling Diamonds & Rust (April 1975), which was followed by the entirely self-written Gulf Winds (October 1976). Baez moved to the Portrait label of CBS Records with Blowin' Away (June 1977), but she left the label after Honest Lullaby (May 1979), and her next album, European Tour (1980), was released only outside the U.S. It was another seven years before she found an American record label, Gold Castle, for Recently (1987), which was followed by the live album Diamonds & Rust in the Bullring (January 1989) and Speaking of Dreams (October 1989). Baez moved to Virgin Records for Play Me Backwards (August 1992).

In 1993, Vanguard released Rare, Live & Classic, a three-CD boxed set retrospective. Ring Them Bells, a live album on which Baez was joined by musical descendants like Mary Chapin Carpenter and Indigo Girls, came out on Guardian Records in 1995. Gone from Danger, her first studio album in five years, followed in 1997, and it was another six years before the release of Dark Chords on a Big Guitar in 2003. A November 2004 concert in New York was documented on the 2005 release Bowery Songs. Baez's 24th studio album, Day After Tomorrow, produced by Steve Earle, was released on September 9, 2008, by Bobolink/Razor & Tie, followed by Sing Me Home almost exactly a year later in 2009.. ~ William Ruhlmann, Rovi