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» Blue yster Cult

Blue yster Cult
Formed: 1967 in Long Island, Ne
Active: '60s-2010s Major
Styles: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Album Rock Major
Members: Donald Roeser, Allen Lanier, Eric Bloom, Joe Bouchard, Albert Bouchard, Jon Rogers Representative
Albums: "Agents of Fortune", "Agents of Fortune/Spectres", "Tyranny and Mutation" Representative
Songs: "(Don't Fear) The Reaper", "Burnin' for You", "Godzilla"

UPC Type Title
886978832023 CD Agents of Fortune
819514010043 CD Agents of Fortune
090204813902 CD Bad Channels
5016272884625 (i) CD Bad Channels
886972024721 (i) CD Best of Blue Oyster Cult
886972388328 CD Blue Oyster Cult
886919363425 CD Blue Oyster Cult: Complete Columbia Albums Collect..
819514010050 CD Blue Oyster Cult
4582192934654 (i) CD Blue Oyster Cult (Mini LP Sleeve)
886977948329 (i) CD Blue Oyster Cult: Collection
828768169926 (i) CD Blue Oyster Cult: Collections
888430182424 CD Box Set Series
5013929774025 (i) CD Club Ninja
886972436029 CD Cultosaurus Erectus
819514010067 CD Cultosaurus Erectus
5099749342026 (i) CD Cultosaurus Erectus
074646591826 CD Don't Fear the Reaper-Best of
886919363326 CD Essential Blue Oyster Cult
887254634027 (i) CD Essential
090431894620 CD Extended Version
886972376424 CD Extraterrestrial Live
886972372020 CD Fire of Unknown Origin
819514010074 CD Fire of Unknown Origin
848064001447 CD Imaginos
723721480257 CD Legends
8231950105220 CD Live in America
060768833296 DVD Long Day's Night
886972488820 CD Mirrors
819514010081 CD Mirrors
079892156621 CD On Flame with Rock & Roll
886976926724 CD On Your Feet or on Your Knees
819514010098 CD On Your Feet or on Your Knees
888837539425 CD Original Album Classics #2
888837435529 CD Original Album Classics
886919009224 (i) CD Original Album Classics
886976005221 CD Playlist: The Very Best of Blue Oyster Cult
012676074223 CD Revisited
074643894722 CD Revolution by Night
886976926922 CD Secret Treaties
819514010104 CD Secret Treaties
4582192934678 (i) CD Secret Treaties (Mini LP Sleeve)
886977177927 CD Setlist: The Very Best of Blue Oyster Cult Live
888837218825 (i) CD Setlist: The Very Best of Blue Oyster Cult
5099751871620 (i) CD Singles Collection
819514010111 CD Some Enchanted Evening
4547366030686 (i) CD Some Enchanted Evening
819514010128 CD Spectres
886976927127 CD Spectres
4547366030679 (i) CD Spectres (Mini LP Sleeve)
886970530927 CD Super Hits
886973715529 CD Triple Feature
886976927523 CD Tyranny & Mutataion
819514010135 CD Tyranny & Mutation
5099750223529 (i) CD Tyranny & Mutation
4582192934661 (i) CD Tyranny & Mutation (Mini LP Sleeve)
074646416327 CD Workshop of Telescopes
886973300725 CD X2 (Spectres/Agents of Fortune)

Biography: Blue

yster Cult was the thinking man's heavy metal group. Put together on a college campus by a couple of rock critics, it maintained a close relationship with a series of literary figures (often in the fields of science fiction and horror), including Eric Von Lustbader, Patti Smith, Michael Moorcock, and Stephen King, while turning out some of the more listenable metal music of the early and mid-'70s. The band that became Blue

yster Cult was organized in 1967 at Stony Brook College on Long Island by students (and later rock critics) Sandy Pearlman and Richard Meltzer as Soft White Underbelly and consisted of Andy Winters (bass), Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser (guitar), John Wiesenthal -- quickly replaced by Allen Lanier -- (keyboards), and Albert Bouchard (drums), with Pearlman managing and Pearlman and Meltzer writing songs. Initially without a lead singer, they added Les Bronstein on vocals. This quintet signed to Elektra Records and recorded an album that was never released. They then dropped Bronstein and replaced him with their road manager, Eric Bloom, as the band's name was changed to Oaxaca. A second Elektra album also went unreleased, though a single was issued under the name the Stalk-Forrest Group.

Cut loose by Elektra, they changed their name again, to Blue

yster Cult, and signed to Columbia Records in late 1971, by which time Winters had been replaced by Albert Bouchard's brother Joe. Blue

yster Cult, their debut album, was released in January 1972 and made the lower reaches of the charts. Columbia sent a promotional EP, Live Bootleg, to radio stations in October, and followed with B C's second album, Tyranny & Mutation, in February 1973. Their third album, Secret Treaties, was released in April 1974 and became their first to break into the Top 100 bestsellers. (It eventually went gold.) B C released a live double album, On Your Feet or on Your Knees, in February 1975.

In May 1976 came their fourth studio album, Agents of Fortune, including the Top 40 (Top Ten on some charts) hit single "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" (featured in the classic John Carpenter horror film Halloween), which became their first gold and then platinum album. (On Your Feet went gold shortly after.) B C's sixth overall album, Spectres, was released in October 1977 and went gold in January 1978. In September 1978 came a second live album, Some Enchanted Evening, which eventually would become B C's second million-seller, followed by the studio album Mirrors in June 1979. A year later, B C released its ninth album, Cultosaurus Erectus, with the gold Fire of Unknown Origin, containing the Top 40 hit "Burnin' for You," following in June 1981.

In the summer of 1981, drummer Albert Bouchard was replaced by the band's tour manager and lighting designer, Rick Downey. B C's third live album, Extraterrestrial Live, was released in April 1982, followed by the studio album The Revolution by Night in October 1983. Downey left in 1984 and was replaced in 1985 by Jimmy Wilcox. The same year, Lanier left and was replaced by Tommy Zvonchek. B C released its 13th album, Club Ninja, in January 1986. Bassist Joe Bouchard left in 1986 and was replaced by Jon Rogers. In 1987, Lanier returned to the group, and Ron Riddle replaced Wilcox on drums. B C's 14th album, the concept recording Imaginos, became their final new album on Columbia Records in July 1988. B C scored the movie Bad Channels in 1992, by which time Chuck Burgi had replaced Ron Riddle on drums. In 1994, Blue

yster Cult released Cult Classic, an album of re-recorded favorites, in connection with the use of their music in the TV miniseries of horror novelist Stephen King's The Stand. Numerous lineup changes ensued throughout the '90s (as the band kept on touring the world), and in 1995, were the subject of a double disc anthology, Workshop of the Telescopes.

By the late '90s, B C had signed with the CMC label, resulting in their first album of all-new studio material in ten years, 1998's Heaven Forbid, and three years later The Curse of the Hidden Mirror. The group's music reached a whole new generation of hard rock fans when Metallica covered the B C classic "Astronomy" for their best-selling Garage Inc. album in 1998, as a few other best-of collections surfaced around the same time -- Super Hits and Don't Fear the Reaper: The Best Of. In 2001, Columbia/Legacy reissued B C's first four releases with a newly remastered sound and added bonus tracks. ~ William Ruhlmann & Greg Prato, Rovi