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» Canned Heat

Canned Heat
Formed: 1966 in Los Angeles, Ca
Active: '60s-2000s Major
Styles: Boogie Rock, Blues-Rock, Modern Electric Blues Major
Members: Adolfo de la Parra, Bob Hite, Larry Taylor, Henry Vestine, Harvey Mandel, James Thornbury Representative
Albums: "Uncanned! The Best of Canned Heat", "On the Road Again", "The Very Best of Canned Heat" Representative
Songs: "On the Road Again", "Let's Work Together", "Going Up the Country"

UPC Type Title
094633090323 CD Back to Back Hits
077774837729 CD Best of Canned Heat
751416145327 CD Boogie 2000
5099946425225 CD Boogie with Canned Heat
5060149621332 Vinyl Boogie with Canned Heat
4001617885727 (i) CD Burnin' Live
5017261205773 (i) CD Canned Heat/Boogie with Canned Heat
090771536716 Vinyl Canned Heat
725543629210 Vinyl Canned Heat Cookbook
030206170726 CD Christmas Album
829421110002 Vinyl Cookbook/the Best of Canned Heat
724381811719 (i) Vinyl Cookbook: Their Greatest
801213914296 DVD Documentary & Montreux 1973
8026575115125 CD Far Out
4009910488928 (i) CD Future Blues
5017261200495 (i) CD Future Blues
724356405929 (i) CD Goin' Up the Coun
5017261205780 (i) CD Hallelujah/Cook Book
5017261206725 (i) CD Historical Figures & Ancient Heads/New Age
4009910489024 (i) CD Historical Figures & a
887254232629 CD Hits of
8014406678468 (i) CD House of Blues
030206187120 CD Human Condition
752211107121 CD Human Condition
5413992502219 CD If You Cant Stand the Heat
8712273330839 (i) CD In Concert
829421103622 CD Internal Combustion
068381252326 (i) CD Kings of the Boogie
8712177041855 (i) CD Let's Work Together
077779311422 (i) CD Let's Work Together-Best of
826992023625 CD Live at Montreux
801213912698 DVD Live at Montreux 1973
5060310150036 (i) Vinyl Live at Montreux 1973
829421104520 CD Live at the Turku Rock Festival/Finland 1971
4009910481424 (i) CD Live at Topaganda Corr
5017261200129 (i) CD Live Concert 1970
829421678007 CD Live Heat '72 (Original Recording Remast
5017261205919 (i) CD Living the Blues
752211200624 (i) CD On the Road Again
646315051124 CD One More River to Cross
829421103523 CD Reheated
894231280320 CD Spoonful & Other Favorites
5055544205027 (i) CD Spoonful of
724382916529 (i) CD Uncanned-Best of
5030820048185 (i) CD Under the Dutch Skies 1970-74
724356014626 CD Very Best of Canned Heat
724352677825 (i) CD Very Best of Canned Heat
824046026523 CD Vintage
829421104322 CD Vol. 2-Very Best of Canned Heat
030206182521 CD Woodstock Homecoming

Biography: A hard-luck blues band of the '60s, Canned Heat was founded by blues historians and record collectors Alan Wilson and Bob Hite. They seemed to be on the right track and played all the right festivals (including Monterey and Woodstock, making it very prominently into the documentaries about both) but somehow never found a lasting audience.

Certainly their hearts were in the right place. Canned Heat's debut album -- released shortly after their appearance at Monterey -- was every bit as deep into the roots of the blues as any other combo of the time mining similar turf, with the exception of the original Paul Butterfield band. Hite was nicknamed "The Bear" and stalked the stage in the time-honored tradition of Howlin' Wolf and other large-proportioned bluesmen. Wilson was an extraordinary harmonica player, with a fat tone and great vibrato. His work on guitar, especially in open tunings (he played on Son House's rediscovery recordings of the mid-'60s, incidentally) gave the band a depth and texture that most other rhythm players could only aspire to. Henry Vestine -- another dyed-in-the-wool record collector -- was the West Coast's answer to Michael Bloomfield and capable of fretboard fireworks at a moment's notice.

Canned Heat's breakthrough moment occurred with the release of their second album, establishing them with hippie ballroom audiences as the "kings of the boogie." As a way of paying homage to the musician they got the idea from in the first place, they later collaborated on an album with John Lee Hooker that was one of the elder bluesman's most successful outings with a young white (or black, for that matter) combo backing him up. After two big chart hits with "Goin' Up the Country" and an explosive version of Wilbert Harrison's "Let's Work Together," Wilson died under mysterious (probably drug-related) circumstances in 1970, and Hite carried on with various reconstituted versions of the band until his death just before a show in 1981, from a heart seizure.

Still, the surviving members -- led by drummer Adolfo "Fito" de la Parra -- continued touring and recording, recruiting new vocalist Walter Trout; he was replaced in 1985 by James Thornbury, who fronted the band for the next decade. After Thornbury exited in 1995, Canned Heat tapped Robert Lucas to assume lead vocal duties; they soon recorded The Canned Heat Blues Band, which sadly was Vestine's last recording with the group -- he died in Paris in October 1997 in the wake of the band's recent tour. Boogie 2000 followed two years later. ~ Cub Koda & Bruce Eder, Rovi