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» Junior Kimbrough

Junior Kimbrough
Born: July 28, 1930 in Hudsonville, Mi
Died: January 17, 1998 in Holly Springs, Mi
Active: '50s-'90s Major
Styles: Modern Delta Blues, Electric Delta Blues, Regional Blues
Instrument: Vocals, Guitar Representative
Albums: "All Night Long", "You Better
Run: The Essential Junior Kimbrough", "First Recordings" Representative
Songs: "Meet Me in the City", "All Night Long", "All Night Long"

UPC Type Title
045778030811 Vinyl All Night Long
824247022218 Vinyl Do the Rump
895102002119 Vinyl Fiirst Recordings
895102002751 CD First Recordings
045778032020 CD God Knows I Tried
045778032013 Vinyl God Knows I Tried
045778033324 CD Meet Me in the City
045778030927 CD Most Things Haven't Worked Out
8714092030921 (i) CD Most Things Haven't Worked Out
045778030910 Vinyl Most Things Haven't Worked Out
045778030620 CD Sad Days & Lonely Nights
045778030613 Vinyl Sad Days & Lonely Nights
045778034024 CD You Better Run-Essential Junior Kimbrough
045778034017 Vinyl You Better Run: The Essential Junior Kimbrough

Biography: Cited as a prime early influence by rockabilly pioneer Charlie Feathers, Mississippi Delta bluesman Junior Kimbrough's modal, hypnotic blues vision remained a regional sensation for most of his career. He finally transcended the confines of his region in the early '90s, when he appeared in the 1991 movie Deep Blues and on its Anxious/Atlantic soundtrack, leading to his own debut for Fat Possum Records, All Night Long.

Junior Kimbrough was born and raised in Hudsonville, Mississippi, where he learned how to play guitar by listening to records by Delta bluesmen. In 1968, he cut his first single, "Tramp," for the local Philwood label. For the next two decades, Kimbrough didn't have the opportunity to record frequently -- he recorded a single, "Keep Your Hands Off Her," for High Water and his "All Night Long" was available on the various artists compilation National Downhome Festival, Vol. 2 released on Southland Records.

During the '70s and '80s, Kimbrough played juke joints throughout Mississippi, which is where music journalist Robert Palmer discovered him in the late '80s. Palmer featured Kimbrough in his documentary film Deep Blues. The exposure in the movie led to a national record contract for Kimbrough -- he signed with Fat Possum and released his first full-length album, All Night Long, in 1992. The record was critically acclaimed by both blues and mainstream publications, as was Deep Blues and its accompanying soundtrack. All of the media attention led to performances outside of the Delta, including a few shows in England. After the flurry of activity in 1992, Junior Kimbrough returned to playing juke joints in the Delta, recording occasionally -- he released his second album, Sad Days, Lonely Nights, in 1993. Most Things Haven't Worked Out followed in 1997, and a year later Kimbrough returned with God Knows I Tried. He died of a heart attack on January 17, 1998. ~ Bill Dahl & Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi