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» Creedence Clearwater Revival

Creedence Clearwater Revival
Formed: 1967 in El Cerrito, Ca
Disbanded: 1972 10 zz
Active: '60s, '70s Major
Styles: Rock & Roll, Contemporary Pop/Rock Major
Members: John Fogerty, Tom Fogerty, Doug Clifford, Stu Cook Representative
Albums: "Green River", "Chronicle, Vol. 1", "More Creedence Gold" Representative
Songs: "Bad Moon Rising", "Proud Mary", "Fortunate Son"

UPC Type Title
025218453929 CD At the Movies
600753423639 (i) CD Bad Moon Rising: The Collection
888072308770 CD Bayou Country (40th Anniversary -Bonus Tracks)
4988005539083 (i) CD Bayou Country-40th Anniversary Editi
4988005644657 (i) CD Bayou Country
025218838719 Vinyl Bayou Country
753088838712 Vinyl Bayou Country
888072308701 (i) CD Best of Creedence Clearwater Revival
776974000222 (i) CD Best of/Canadian Only
888072308725 (i) CD Best of-Special Edition
753088100710 Vinyl Ccr Box Set-Absolute Originals
4988005518651 (i) CD Chronicle: 20 Greatest Hits
4988005518668 (i) CD Chronicle: Volume Two
4988002479559 (i) CD Colezo! C.C.R.
4988002493975 (i) CD Colezo! Twin
600753109649 (i) CD Collected
646315122510 Vinyl Concert
888072314214 CD Concert (40th Anniversary Edition)
888072308800 CD Cosmo's Factory
025218840217 Vinyl Cosmo's Factory
753088840210 Vinyl Cosmo's Factory
4988005539113 (i) CD Cosno's Factory-40th Anniversary Edi
025218443425 CD Creedence
025218000222 CD Creedence Clearwater Revival: Vol. 1-Chronicle-20..
025218000321 CD Creedence Clearwater Revival: Vol. 2-Chronicle-20..
888072308763 CD Creedence Clearwater Revival
025218450928 CD Creedence Country
888072314221 CD Creedence Covers the Classics
025218941822 CD Creedence Gold
4988005539076 (i) CD Creedence Clearwater Revival-40th
4988002438785 (i) CD Creedence Clearwater Revival
025218000215 Vinyl Creedence Clearwater Revival: Vol. 1-Chronicle-20..
753088838217 Vinyl Creedence Clearwater Revival
888072308787 CD Green River (40th Anniversary -Bonus Tracks)
4988005539090 (i) CD Green River-40th Anniversary Edition
753088839313 Vinyl Green River
9223814130164 (i) DVD Have You Ever Seen the Rain
025218330121 CD Hot Stuff
025218452625 CD Live in Europe
4988002507573 (i) CD Live in Europe
4988002438853 (i) CD Live in Europe
646315122411 Vinyl Live in Europe
025218451826 CD Mardi Gras
4988005473158 (i) CD Mardi Gras
4988005539137 (i) CD Mardi Gras-40th Anniversary Edition
4988002507566 (i) CD Mardi Gras
4988002438846 (i) CD Mardi Gras
753088940415 Vinyl Mardi Gras
753088940460 SACD Mardi Gras
025218943024 CD More Creedence Gold
753088841019 Vinyl Pendulum
888072308817 CD Pendulum (40th Anniversary -Bonus Tracks)
4988005539120 (i) CD Pendulum-40th Anniversary Edition
602498463420 (i) CD Rock Legends
025218330220 CD Rollin' on the River
888072317529 CD Singles Collection
888072318687 Vinyl Singles Collection
888072341623 CD Ultimate Ccr: Greatest Hits & All-Time Classics
888072308794 CD Willy & the Poor Boys
4988005539106 (i) CD Willy & the Poor Boys-40th Anniver
4988002507535 (i) CD Willy & the Poorboys
753088839719 Vinyl Willy & the Poor Boys

Biography: At a time when rock was evolving further and further away from the forces that had made the music possible in the first place, Creedence Clearwater Revival brought things back to their roots with their concise synthesis of rockabilly, swamp pop, R&B, and country. Though CCR was very much a group in their tight, punchy arrangements, their vision was very much singer, songwriter, guitarist, and leader John Fogerty's. Fogerty's classic compositions for Creedence both evoked enduring images of Americana and reflected burning social issues of the day. The band's genius was their ability to accomplish this with the economic, primal power of a classic rockabilly ensemble.

The key elements of Creedence had been woodshedding in bar bands for about a decade before their breakthrough to national success in the late '60s. John's older brother Tom formed the Blue Velvets in the late '50s in El Cerrito, CA, a tiny suburb across the bay from San Francisco. By the mid-'60s, with a few hopelessly obscure recordings under their belt, they'd signed to Fantasy, releasing several singles as the Golliwogs that went nowhere. In fact, there's little promise to be found on those early efforts, primarily because Tom, not John, was doing most of the singing. The group only found themselves when John took firm reins over the band's direction, singing and writing virtually all of their material.

On their first album Creedence Clearwater Revival in 1968, the group played it both ways, offering extended, quasi-psychedelic workouts of the '50s classics "I Put a Spell on You" and "Suzie Q." The latter song became their first big hit, but the band didn't really bloom until "Proud Mary," a number-two single in early 1969 that demonstrated John's talent at tapping into Southern roots music and imagery with a natural ease. It was the start of a torrent of classic hits from the gritty, Little Richard-inspired singer over the next two years, including "Bad Moon Rising," "Green River," "Down on the Corner," "Travelin' Band," "Who'll Stop the Rain," "Up Around the Bend," and "Lookin' Out My Back Door."

Creedence also made good albums -- Green River, Willy and the Poor Boys, Cosmo's Factory all rank among the best of the rock era -- but their true forte was as a singles band. When the Beatles broke up in early 1970, CCR was the only other act that provided any competition in the fine art of crafting bold, super-catchy artistic statements that soared to the upper reaches of the charts every three or four months. Although they hailed from the San Francisco area, they rarely succumbed to the psychedelic indulgences of the era. John Fogerty also proved adept at voicing the concerns of the working class in songs like "Fortunate Son," as well as partying with as much funk as any white rock band would muster on "Travelin' Band" and "Down on the Corner."

With John Fogerty holding such a strong upper hand, Creedence couldn't be said to have been a democratic unit, and Fogerty's dominance was to sow the seeds of the group's quick dissolution. Tom Fogerty left in 1971 (recording a few unremarkable solo albums of his own), reducing the band to a trio. John allowed drummer Doug Clifford and bassist Stu Cook equal shares of songwriting and vocal time on the group's final album, Mardi Gras (1972), which proved conclusively that Fogerty's songs and singing were necessary to raise CCR above journeyman status.

It was John Fogerty, of course, who produced the only notable work after the quartet broke up. Even his solo outings, though, were erratic and, for nearly ten years, nonexistent as he became embroiled in a web of business disputes with Fantasy Records. His 1984 album Centerfield proved he could still rock in the vintage Creedence mode when the spirit moved him, but Tom Fogerty's death in 1990 ended any hopes of a CCR reunion with the original members intact. ~ Richie Unterberger, Rovi