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» Renaissance

Formed: 1969 in London, England
Active: '60s, '70s, '80s Major
Styles: Art Rock, Prog-Rock Major
Members: Annie Haslam, Michael Dunford Representative
Albums: "Scheherazade and Other Stories", "Da Capo", "Tales of 1001 Nights, Vol. 2" Representative
Songs: "Carpet of the Sun", "Running Hard", "Prologue"

UPC Type Title
4009910507827 (i) CD Ashes Are Burning (Mini LP Sleeve)
4009910457528 (i) CD Ashes Are Burning
4988006881877 (i) CD Ashes Are Burning
803341355194 (i) CD Ashes Are Burning
4009910113820 (i) CD Azure D or
4988044390348 (i) CD Azure D'or
5030820044613 (i) CD British Tour '76
4009910462829 (i) CD Camera Camera
4571136375509 (i) CD Camera Camera
4009910457122 (i) CD Da Capo
4009910113523 (i) CD Dreams & Omens
4527516013127 (i) CD Grandine Il Vento
4527516013233 (i) CD Grandine Il Vento
4009910510629 (i) CD Illusion
5013929733220 (i) CD Illusion
4009910451328 (i) CD Illusion
4988005561244 (i) CD Illusion
4988044370692 (i) CD Illusion (Mini LP Sleeve)
4009910113721 (i) CD In the Land of the Rising Sun
5060230860558 (i) DVD Kings & Queens
4571136375493 (i) CD Live
829421210825 CD Live at Carnegie Hall
4009910450628 (i) CD Live at Carnegie Hall
4988044370180 (i) CD Live at Carnegie Hall
4009910512425 (i) CD Live at the Carnegie Hall
075992651622 (i) CD Novella
4009910116029 (i) CD Novella
4009910114520 (i) CD Novella
4988044390324 (i) CD Novella
5060174954054 (i) CD Past Orbits of Dust:Live 1969-70
4009910457429 (i) CD Prologue
4988006881860 (i) CD Prologue
4009910510520 (i) CD Renaissance
4009910451229 (i) CD Renaissance
5013929733121 (i) CD Renaissance
4988044370678 (i) CD Renaissance (Mini LP Sleeve)
700261351643 DVD Renaissance Live in Concert Tour 2011
829421751021 CD Scheherazade & Other Stories
4009910449028 (i) CD Scheherazade & Other Stories
4009910508022 (i) CD Scheherazade & Others
4571136375486 (i) CD Sheherazade
075992595926 (i) CD Song for All Seasons
4009910114629 (i) CD Song for All Seasons
4988044390331 (i) CD Song for All Seasons
5013929937451 DVD Song of Scheherazade
4571136375516 (i) CD Time Line
766126803429 CD Trip to the Fair
090431778425 CD Turn of the Cards
4009910449127 (i) CD Turn of the Cards
4988044370166 (i) CD Turn of the Cards (Mini LP Sleeve)
4009910507926 (i) CD Turn of the Cards (Mini LP Sleeve)
4571136375479 (i) CD Turn to Cards
4009910113622 (i) CD Tuscany
5026297010305 (i) CD Tuscany

Biography: The history of Renaissance is essentially the history of two separate groups, rather similar to the two phases of the Moody Blues or the Drifters. The original group was founded in 1969 by ex-Yardbirds members Keith Relf and Jim McCarty as a sort of progressive folk-rock band, who recorded two albums (of which only the first, self-titled LP came out in America, on Elektra Records) but never quite made it, despite some success on England's campus circuit.

The band went through several membership changes, with Relf and his sister Jane (who later fronted the very Renaissance-like Illusion) exiting and McCarty all but gone after 1971. The new lineup formed around the core of bassist Jon Camp, keyboard player John Tout, and Terry Sullivan on drums, with Annie Haslam, an aspiring singer with operatic training and a three-octave range.

Their first album in this incarnation, Prologue, released in 1972, was considerably more ambitious than the original band's work, with extended instrumental passages and soaring vocals by Haslam. Their breakthrough came with their next record, Ashes Are Burning, issued in 1973, which introduced guitarist Micheal Dunford to the lineup and featured some searing electric licks by guest axeman Andy Powell. Their next record, Turn of the Cards, released by Sire Records, had a much more ornate songwriting style and was awash in lyrics that alternated between the topical and the mystical.

The group's ambitions, by now, were growing faster than its audience, which was concentrated on America's East Coast, especially in New York and Philadelphia -- Scheherazade (1975) was built around a 20-minute extended suite for rock group and orchestra that dazzled the fans but made no new converts. A live album recorded at a New York concert date reprised their earlier material, including the "Scheherazade" suite, but covered little new ground and showed the group in a somewhat lethargic manner. The band's next two albums, Novella and A Song for All Seasons, failed to find new listeners, and as the 1970s closed out, the group was running headlong into the punk and new wave booms that made them seem increasingly anachronistic and doomed to cult status.

Their '80s albums were released with less than global or even national fanfare, and the group split up in the early '80s amid reported personality conflicts between members. During 1995, however, both Haslam and Dunford made attempts to revive the Renaissance name in different incarnations, and Jane Relf and the other surviving members of the original band were reportedly planning to launch their own Renaissance revival which, if nothing else, may keep the courts and some trademark attorneys busy for a little while. ~ Bruce Eder, Rovi