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» Uriah Heep

Uriah Heep
Formed: 1969 in London, England
Active: '60s-2010s Major
Styles: Prog-Rock, Hard Rock, Album Rock Major
Members: Mick Box, Lee Kerslake, Ken Hensley, Gary Thain, Trevor Bolder Representative
Albums: "Demons and Wizards", "The Best of Uriah Heep", "A Time of Revelation" Representative
Songs: "Easy Livin'", "Gypsy", "Stealin'"

UPC Type Title
5050749218520 (i) CD Abominog
5050749220523 (i) CD Best of Pt. 1
636551438629 CD Between Two Worlds
628586134423 CD Celebration
090431847022 CD Classic Collection
5050749205124 (i) CD Demons & Wizards
4988005770219 (i) CD Demons & Wizards
821797880060 Vinyl Demons & Wizards
803341326675 Vinyl Demons & Wizards
5050749232427 (i) CD Different World
823195000514 (i) CD Difinitive Spitfire
9120817150437 DVD Early Years-Live
5050749235121 (i) CD Easy Living
886922609510 (i) Vinyl Equator
5013929776623 (i) CD Equator-25th Anniversary Expanded Edition
5050749211125 (i) CD Fallen Angel
5050749210722 (i) CD Firefly
5050749218629 (i) CD Head First
4988005649904 (i) CD Head First
4988005750051 (i) CD High & Mighty
5050749210128 (i) CD High & Mighty
5050749210821 (i) CD Innocent Victim
8024391051221 CD Into the Wild
731455073027 (i) CD Lady in Black
5050749205322 (i) CD Live 1973
628586134706 CD Live at Sweden Rock Festival 2009
8024391052747 CD Live in Armenia
4560329800683 (i) CD Live in Armenia
8024391052754 Vinyl Live in Armenia
5050749233929 (i) CD Live in Europe
4988005632883 (i) CD Live(January 1973)
5055544200008 CD Logical Revelations
5055544201197 (i) Vinyl Logical Revelations
5050749205025 (i) CD Look at Yourself
4988005633446 (i) CD Look at Yourself
4988005647153 (i) SACD Look at Yourself
821797880077 Vinyl Magicians Birthday
5050749205223 (i) CD Magician's Birthday
4988005633132 (i) CD Magician's Birthday
803341346789 CD Official Bootleg
811481012495 CD Official Bootleg 3: Live in Kawasaki Japan 2010
5060158733354 (i) CD Official Bootleg 2011
5883007136454 DVD One More Night: Collectors Rarities
5050749204929 (i) CD Salisbury
600753425923 (i) Vinyl Salisbury-Expanded
741157110029 CD Sea of Light
5013929911222 (i) CD Sea of Light
741157086522 CD Sonic Origami
670211503227 CD Sonic Origami
4988002379316 (i) CD Sonic Origami
5013929911420 (i) CD Sonic Origami
741157111927 CD Spellbinder-Live
5013929911321 (i) CD Spellbinder: Live
5050749201126 (i) CD Sweet Freedom
4988005750020 (i) CD Sweet Freedom
4988005649812 (i) CD Sweet Freedom
5050159018925 (i) CD Ultimate Collection
4988005711779 (i) CD Ultimate Collection
5060158732616 (i) CD Uriah Heep Official Bootleg: 19.12.9 Gusswerk
5016073778321 (i) CD Uriah Heep: Collection
4029759057789 (i) CD Uriah Heep: Vol. 2-Live in Budapest2010: Official..
4029759064701 (i) CD Uriah Heep: Vol. 3-Official Bootleg-Live in Kawasa..
4029759070290 (i) CD Uriah Heep: Vol. 4-Official Bootleg-Live From Bris..
4029759088226 (i) CD Uriah Heep: Vol. 6-Official Bootleg:Live at Rock o..
5050749204820 (i) CD Very Eavy Very Umble
4988005633422 (i) CD Very'Eavy Very'Umble
602517670273 CD Wake the Sleeper
5050749201225 (i) CD Wonderworld

Biography: Uriah Heep's by-the-books progressive heavy metal made the British band one of the most popular hard rock groups of the early '70s. Formed by vocalist David Byron and guitarist Mick Box in the late '60s, the group went through an astonishing number of members over the next two decades -- nearly 30 different musicians passed through the band over the years. Byron and Box were members of the mid-'60s rock band called the Stalkers; once that band broke up, the duo formed another group called Spice. Spice would eventually turn into Uriah Heep in the late '60s, once Ken Hensley (guitar, keyboards, vocals) and bassist Paul Newton joined the pair. Former Spice drummer Alex Napier was the band's drummer for a brief time; he was quickly replaced by Nigel Olsson.

Uriah Heep released their debut album Very 'eavy...Very 'umble (called Uriah Heep in the U.S.) in 1970. After its release, Keith Baker became the group's drummer; he recorded Salisbury, the group's second album, before deciding he couldn't keep up with the band's extensive touring and was replaced by Ian Clarke. Salisbury, featuring a 16-minute title track recorded with a 26-piece orchestra, showcased the band's more progressive tendencies. Later that year, Ian Clarke was replaced by Lee Kerslake and Mark Clarke replaced Newton; Mark Clarke quickly left the band and Gary Thain became the group's bassist. This lineup of Uriah Heep was its most stable and popular; beginning with 1972's Demons and Wizards, they released five albums between 1972 and 1975.

After 1975, the band's popularity began to slip. Byron left the band in 1977 and was replaced by John Lawton, yet the group's fortunes kept declining right into the early '80s. However, Uriah Heep soldiered on, continuing to release albums into the '90s and 2000s. The album roster included Different World (1994), Sea of Light (1995), Sonic Origami (1998), and Spellbinder (1999). ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi