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» Savoy Brown

Savoy Brown
Formed: 1966 in London, England
Active: '60s-2010s Major
Styles: Blues-Rock, Regional Blues, Album Rock Major
Members: Kim Simmonds, Dave Walker, Paul Raymond Representative
Albums: "The Best of Savoy Brown", "Profile", "The Best of Savoy Brown" Representative
Songs: "Tell Mama", "Louisiana Blues", "I'm Tired"

UPC Type Title
042282092328 CD Blue Matter
5017261206787 (i) CD Blue Matter/a Step Further
602537506590 (i) Vinyl Blue Matter
752211108821 CD Blues Balls & Boogie
085365432321 CD Blues Keep Me Holding on
5017261208446 (i) CD Boogie Brothers/Wire Fire
042284401920 CD Hellbound Train
5036436080823 (i) CD Hellbound Train
052824219625 CD Kings of Boogie
090204877621 CD Kings of Boogie
747014400128 CD Let It Ride
5017261207319 (i) CD Lions Share/Jack the Toad
090204644483 CD Live & Kickin'
052824220225 CD Live & Kickin'
042284401722 CD Looking in
052824219328 CD Make Me Sweat
042288293927 CD Millennium Collection-20th Century Masters
042284401623 CD Raw Sienna
5017261206664 (i) CD Raw Sienna/Looking in
042284432825 CD Savoy Brown: Collection
5017261206770 (i) CD Shake Down/Getting to the Point
602537506651 (i) Vinyl Shake Down
5017261208453 (i) CD Skin'N'Bone/Savage Return
710347118725 CD Songs From the Road
4546266206641 (i) CD Songs From the Road
748897015225 CD Steel
042284401524 CD Step Further
042284401821 CD Street Corner Talking
5017261207173 (i) CD Street Corner Talking/Hellbound Train
748897012323 CD Too Much of a Good Thing 1992-2007
5413992503407 CD Train to Nowhere
5036436041428 (i) CD Train to Nowhere
710347117322 CD Voodoo Moon

Biography: Part of the late-'60s blues-rock movement, Britain's Savoy Brown never achieved as much success in their homeland as they did in America, where they promoted their albums with nonstop touring. The band was formed and led by guitarist Kim Simmonds, whose dominating personality has led to myriad personnel changes; the original lineup included singer Bryce Portius, keyboardist Bob Hall, guitarist Martin Stone, bassist Ray Chappell, and drummer Leo Manning. This lineup appeared on the band's 1967 debut, Shake Down, a collection of blues covers. Seeking a different approach, Simmonds dissolved the group and brought in guitarist Dave Peverett, bassist Rivers Jobe, drummer Roger Earl, and singer Chris Youlden, who gave them a distinctive frontman with his vocal abilities, bowler hat, and monocle. With perhaps its strongest lineup, Savoy Brown quickly made a name for itself, now recording originals like "Train to Nowhere" as well. However, Youlden left the band in 1970 following Raw Sienna, and shortly thereafter, Peverett, Earl, and new bassist Tony Stevens departed to form Foghat, continuing the pattern of consistent membership turnover. Simmonds collected yet another lineup and began a hectic tour of America, showcasing the group's now-refined bluesy boogie rock style, which dominated the rest of their albums. The group briefly broke up in 1973, but re-formed the following year. Throughout the '80s and '90s Simmonds remained undeterred by a revolving-door membership and continued to tour and record. Their first album for the Blind Pig label, Strange Dreams, was released in 2003. Steel followed in 2007 from Panache Records. ~ Steve Huey, Rovi