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Tony Bennett
Born: August 3, 1926 in New York, Ne
Active: '40s-2010s Major
Styles: Vocal Jazz, Traditional Pop, Vocal Pop
Instrument: Vocals Representative
Albums: "16 Most Requested Songs",
"Snowfall: The Tony Bennett Christmas Album", "The Essential Tony Bennett" Representative
Songs: "Stranger in Paradise", "Rags to Riches", "Because of You"

UPC Type Title
9399700006919 (i) CD 16 Most Requested
4988009909394 (i) CD 16 Most Requested Songs
805520130295 (i) CD Absolutely Essential 3CD Collection
886979856127 (i) CD All Time Greatest Hits
888837122825 (i) CD All Time Greatest Hits
886972367729 CD All-Time Hall of Fame Hits
886979576124 CD Alone Together
886970283496 DVD American Classic
888837331326 CD Art of Excellence
886974881728 CD Art of Romance
888072342828 CD As Time Goes by: Great American Songbook Classics
886979838123 CD Astoria
8712177061570 (i) CD At Carnegie Hall
886979568426 CD Beat of My
888837332026 CD Bennett Sings Ellington/Hot & Cool
8436542010153 (i) CD Bennett, Tony & Count Basie: Complete Recordings
888837331722 CD Bennett/Berlin
888072312814 CD Bennett/Evans: Complete Tony Bennett/Bill Evans Re..
888072329553 CD Best of the Improv Recordings
011891602549 CD Best of Tony Bennett
8712177046799 (i) CD Best Singer in the Business
8427328030137 CD Blue Velvet
5032427022025 (i) CD Chicago
894231264122 CD Chicago & Other Favorites
886979557628 CD Classic Christmas Album
888430264922 CD Classics
888430264823 CD Classics
4547366200768 (i) CD Classics
888837330022 CD Cloud 7
8436542013192 (i) CD Cloud 7 + the Beat of My Heart
886919415629 (i) CD Duets & Duets II
886976625320 CD Duets II
8713748982713 (i) Vinyl Duets II
886919523591 DVD Duets II: The Great Performances
886919547696 Blu-Ray Duets II: The Great Performances
828768097922 CD Duets: American Classic
4547366027327 (i) CD Duets: American Classic
886970786492 DVD Duets: Making of an American Classic
5036408138125 (i) CD Eight Classic Albums
690978395170 (i) CD Encore of Golden Hits
4547366006728 (i) CD Essential Tony Bennett
886978318428 (i) CD Essential Tony Bennett
827969278420 CD Fifty Years: Artistry of Tony Bennett
4547366059267 (i) CD Fifty Years
886979579224 CD For Once in My
5883007136539 DVD For Once in My
8712273132242 (i) DVD For Once in My Life (Pal/Region 0)
886979580121 CD Get Happy
076119113627 CD Gold Collection
079895824626 CD Good Life
090431805329 CD Good Life
5060143490712 (i) CD Great American Songbook
886977392627 CD Greatest Hits of the '50s
886977392825 CD Greatest Hits of the '60s
5019317080389 CD Guard Sessions
079899610027 CD Have I Told You Lately
886972396521 CD Here's to the Ladies
886979575226 CD Hometown My
886977392429 CD I Left My Heart in San Francisco
886977251221 (i) CD I Left My Heart in Sf/Perfectly Frank
5050457109622 (i) CD I Left My Heart in San Francisco
821797135818 Vinyl I Left My Heart in San Francisco
8713748982706 (i) Vinyl I Left My Heart in San Francisco
888837330725 CD I Wanna Be Around
821797135917 Vinyl I Wanna Be Around
888837331128 CD If I Ruled the World: Songs for the Jet Set
4547366211054 (i) CD If I Ruled the World: Songs for the Jet Set
888837330121 CD In Person
4547366211528 (i) CD In Person
5050457079420 (i) CD In Person
888072334632 CD Isn't It Romantic?
886979579729 CD I'Ve Gotta Be
886972385525 CD Jazz
827969429921 CD Jazz Moods-Cool
8436019580394 (i) CD Jazz Sides: Cloud 7/Beat of My Heart
8436019584262 (i) CD Legendary Sessions
013431219521 CD Life Is Beautiful
888837844024 CD Live at the Sahara-Las Vegas 1964
886979571822 CD Long Ago & Far
886979580022 CD Love Story
886979578326 CD Many Moods of
886972480923 CD Movie Song Album
8713748982591 (i) Vinyl Movie Song Album
886979577725 CD Mr Broadway
886971245424 CD MTV Unplugged
886977393228 CD MTV Unplugged
074644919394 DVD MTV Unplugged
4988009454627 (i) SACD MTV Unplugged
079895825722 CD My Best to You
886979576629 CD My Heart Sings
888837454728 CD On Holiday
090431111222 CD Only the Best of Tony Bennett
886979978126 (i) CD Original Album Classics
696998946828 CD Our Favorite Things
888837456425 CD Our Favourite Things
032031421295 DVD Our Favourite Things
886972683928 CD Perfectly Frank
741157298321 CD Platinum Anthology
888837454827 CD Playground
886977393525 CD Playin' with My Friends: Benne
886978558428 CD Playlist: The Very Best of Tony Bennett
5706238330135 (i) CD Rags to Riches
025218902328 CD Sings for Lovers
8436542014069 (i) CD Sings for Two + Sings a String of Harold Arlen
013431224327 CD Sings the Rodgers & Hart Songbook
886976406325 CD Sings the Ultimate American Songbook 2
886971110326 CD Snowfall
886971591026 CD Snowfall
5099747759727 (i) CD Snowfall-the Tony Bennett Ch
886972372921 CD Steppin' Out
894231495625 CD Strike Up the Band
886979580527 CD Summer of 42
886979580824 CD Sunrise Sunset
886973225028 CD Swingin' Christmas
886973432129 CD Swingin' Christmas
5024952383603 (i) CD Swings the Great American Songbook
7798114229341 (i) CD Swingxperience
886979578227 CD This Is All I
762111708847 CD Through the Years
886979578920 CD Time for Love
886979575325 CD To My Wonderful
013431219828 CD Together Again
604988048223 (i) CD Together at Last
886979568228 CD Tony
888072301771 CD Tony Bennett & Bill Evans Album
074646460924 CD Tony Bennett at Carnegie Hall-
888837330428 CD Tony Bennett Sings a String of Harold Arlen
013431225522 CD Tony Bennett: Complete Improv Recordings
886971532029 CD Tony Bennett: Vol. 1-Sings the Ultimate American S..
5022508265144 CD Tony Bennett
827969497128 CD Tony Bennett: Collection (Box Set)
696998929326 CD Tony Bennett
886971138726 (i) CD Tony Bennett: Collections
7798136571589 (i) CD Tony Bennett
801213905898 DVD Tony Bennett's New York
074645518596 DVD Tony Bennett's Wonderful World: Live in San Franci
887654176196 DVD Tony Bennett-the Zen of Bennett
887654176295 Blu-Ray Tony Bennett-the Zen of Bennett
886970283298 Blu-Ray Tony Bennett: American Classic
886979579125 CD Tony Makes It
886979575820 CD Tony Sings for
886979579828 CD Tony Sings Hits
4547366211047 (i) CD Tony Sings for You
886979579927 CD Tony Something
079891330220 CD Very Thought of You
090431805428 CD Very Thought of You
887254731023 CD Viva Duets
888837330923 CD When Light Are Low
8712177045310 (i) CD While We're Young
604988067927 (i) CD While We're Young: Great Hit Sounds of..
888837180429 CD White House Sessions: Live 1962
079896136223 CD Who Can I Turn to
090431809020 CD Who Can I Iturn to
886979580626 CD With Love
886979167827 CD Wonderful World
886978719225 CD X2: Wonderful World / I Left My Heart Is San Franc
888837331029 CD Yesterday I Heard the Rain
5055122110286 CD Young Tony Bennett
805520021210 (i) CD Young Tony

Biography: Tony Bennett's career has enjoyed three distinct phases, each of them very successful. In the early '50s, he scored a series of major hits that made him one of the most popular recording artists of the time. In the early '60s, he mounted a comeback as more of an adult-album seller. And from the mid-'80s on, he achieved renewed popularity with generations of listeners who hadn't been born when he first appeared. This, however, defines Bennett more in terms of marketing than music. He himself probably would say that, in each phase of his career, he has remained largely constant to his goals of singing the best available songs the best way he knows how. Popular taste may have caused his level of recognition to increase or decrease, but he continued to sing popular standards in a warm, husky tenor, varying his timing and phrasing with a jazz fan's sense of spontaneity to bring out the melodies and lyrics of the songs effectively. By the start of the 21st century, Bennett seemed like the last of a breed, but he remained as popular as ever.

Bennett grew up in the Astoria section of the borough of Queens in New York City under the name Anthony Dominick Benedetto. His father, a grocer, died when he was about ten after a lingering illness that had forced his mother to become a seamstress to support the family of five. By then, he was already starting to attract notice as a singer, performing beside Mayor Fiorello La Guardia at the opening of the Triborough Bridge in 1936. By his teens, Bennett had set his sights on becoming a professional singer. After briefly attending the High School of Industrial Arts (now known as the High School of Art and Design), where he gained training as a painter, he dropped out of school at 16 to earn money to help support his family, meanwhile also performing at amateur shows. Upon his 18th birthday in 1944, he was drafted into the Army, and he saw combat in Europe during World War II. Mustered out in 1946, he went back to trying to make it in music, and he attended the American Theater Wing on the GI Bill. By the end of the 1940s, he had acquired a manager and was working regularly around New York. He got a break when Bob Hope saw him performing with Pearl Bailey in Greenwich Village and put him into his stage show, also suggesting a name change to Tony Bennett. In 1950, Columbia Records A&R director Mitch Miller heard his demonstration recording of "The Boulevard of Broken Dreams" and signed him to the label.

Bennett's first hit, "Because of You," topped the charts in September 1951, succeeded at number one by his cover of Hank Williams' "Cold, Cold Heart." Following another five chart entries over the next two years, he returned to number one in November 1953 with "Rags to Riches." Its follow-up, "Stranger in Paradise" from the Broadway musical Kismet, was another chart-topper, and in 1954 Bennett also reached the Top Ten with Williams' "There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight" and "Cinnamon Sinner." The rise of rock & roll in the mid-'50s made it more difficult for Bennett to score big hits, but he continued to place singles in the charts regularly through 1960, and even returned to the Top Ten with "In the Middle of an Island" in 1957. Meanwhile, he was developing a nightclub act that leaned more heavily on standards and was exploring album projects that allowed him to indulge his interest in jazz -- notably 1957's The Beat of My Heart, on which he was accompanied mainly by jazz percussionists, and 1959's In Person! With Count Basie and His Orchestra. By the early '60s, although he had faded as a singles artist, he had built a successful career making personal appearances and recording albums of well-known songs in the manner of Frank Sinatra.

In 1962, Bennett introduced "I Left My Heart in San Francisco," a ballad written by two unknown songwriters, George Cory and Douglass Cross, who had pitched it to his pianist, Ralph Sharon. Released as a single, the song took time to catch on, and although it peaked only in the Top 20, it remained on one or the other of the national charts for almost nine months. It became Bennett's signature song and pushed his career to a higher level. The I Left My Heart in San Francisco album reached the Top Five and went gold, and the single won Bennett Grammy Awards for Record of the Year and Best Solo Vocal Performance, Male. Bennett's next studio album, 1963's I Wanna Be Around..., also made the Top Five, and its title track was another Top 20 hit, as was his next single, "The Good Life," also featured on the album. For the next three years, his albums consistently placed in the Top 100, along with a series of charting singles that included the Top 40 hits "Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me)" (from the Broadway musical The Roar of the Greasepaint, the Smell of the Crowd) and "If I Ruled the World" (from the Broadway musical Pickwick).

By the late '60s, Bennett's record sales had cooled off as the major record labels turned their attention to the lucrative rock market. Just as Mitch Miller had encouraged Bennett to record novelty songs over his objections in the 1950s, Clive Davis, head of Columbia parent CBS Records, encouraged him to record contemporary pop/rock material. He acquiesced on albums such as Tony Sings the Great Hits of Today!, but his sales did not improve. In 1972, he left Columbia for the Verve division of MGM Records, but by the mid-'70s he was without a label affiliation, and he decided to found his own record company, Improv, to record the way he wanted to. He made several albums for Improv, including one with jazz pianist Bill Evans (following a disc they made for Fantasy Records), but the label eventually foundered. (Concord Records released the box set The Complete Improv Recordings in 2004.)

By the late '70s, however, Bennett did not need hit records to sustain his career, and he worked regularly in concert halls around the world. By the mid-'80s, there was a growing appreciation of traditional pop music, as performers such as Linda Ronstadt recorded albums of standards. In 1986, Bennett re-signed to Columbia and released The Art of Excellence, his first album to reach the pop charts in 14 years. Now managed by his son Danny, Bennett shrewdly found ways to attract the attention of the MTV generation without changing his basic style of singing songs from the Great American Songbook while wearing a tuxedo. By the early '90s, he was as popular as he had ever been. The albums Perfectly Frank (1992, a tribute to Frank Sinatra) and Steppin' Out (1993, a tribute to Fred Astaire) went gold and won Bennett back-to-back Grammys for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Performance. But his comeback was sealed by 1994's MTV Unplugged, featuring guest stars Elvis Costello and k.d. lang, which went platinum and won the Grammy for Album of the Year as well as another award for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Performance.

Bennett became a Grammy perennial, also taking home Best Traditional Pop Vocal Performance awards for Here's to the Ladies (1995) and On Holiday: A Tribute to Billie Holiday (1997). Bennett Sings Ellington: Hot & Cool (1999) was another Grammy winner in the retitled Best Traditional Pop Album category, as was Playin' with My Friends: Bennett Sings the Blues, an album of duets released in 2001. One year later, Bennett paired off with a single duet partner, recording A Wonderful World with k.d. lang. The Art of Romance followed in 2004. Both albums won the Best Traditional Pop Album Grammy for their respective years. In August 2006, Bennett reached his 80th birthday, and his record label marked the occasion with a series of reissues and compilations. The next month brought Duets: An American Classic, another collection of pairings with other singers on re-recordings of some of Bennett's best-known songs that reached number three in the Billboard chart, the highest placing for an album in Bennett's career. It also won him another Grammy for Best Traditional Pop Album. A second installment of Duets was released in 2011, and the Latin version (Viva Duets) followed in time for Christmas 2012. ~ William Ruhlmann, Rovi