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» Miles Davis

Miles Davis
Born: May 26, 1926 in Alton, Il
Died: September 28, 1991 in Santa Monica, Ca
Active: '40s-'90s Major
Styles: Jazz-Rock, Modal Music, Hard Bop
Instrument: Trumpet Representative
Albums: "Workin' with the Miles Davis Quintet", "Steamin' with the Miles Davis Quintet (Remastered)", "Porgy and Bess" Representative
Songs: "So What", "'Round Midnight", "Walkin'"

UPC Type Title
4547366197099 (i) CD 1958 Miles
8436028693481 (i) CD 1960 German Concerts
696998519121 CD 1970-Miles Davis at Fillmore E
5052498784721 (i) CD 1986-1991: The Warner Years
5099968688721 (i) CD 3 CD Best of
074644679922 CD Agharta
646315181111 Vinyl Agharta
075992587327 CD Amandla
081227361129 (i) CD Amandla
4943674150762 (i) CD Amandla
4943674074815 (i) CD Amandla (Mini LP Sleeve)
8436539311010 (i) CD Amsterdam Concert (Feat. Barney Wilen)
4988005773098 (i) CD And Milt Jackson
025218634724 CD And the Modern Jazz Giants
076119510365 (i) CD Anthology
042283630529 (i) CD Ascenseur Pour L'Echafaud
4988005777645 (i) CD Ascenseur Pour L'Echafaud
8436006494550 (i) Vinyl Ascenseur Pour Lechafaud
600753356630 (i) Vinyl Ascenseur Pour L'Echafaud
4547366210590 (i) CD At Carnegie Hall
025218648028 CD At Last
886972330921 CD At Newport 1958
886972444628 CD Aura
4547366021325 (i) CD Aura
888072306455 CD Bags' Groove
025218024518 Vinyl Bags' Groove
4988005726940 (i) CD Bags Groove
8436028693412 (i) CD Ballads
724383663323 CD Ballads & Blues
886972162423 CD Beautiful Ballads & Love Songs
4547366010428 (i) CD Best of Miles Davis
886975055029 CD Best of Seven Steps-Complete Recordings 1963-64
077779828722 CD Best of-Capitol/Blue Note Year
074646397329 CD Big Fun
4547366021288 (i) CD Big Fun
724354177927 CD Birdland 1951
8436006496448 (i) CD Birdland Jam Session
724353011727 CD Birth of the Cool
074646577424 CD Bitches Brew
886978148520 CD Bitches Brew Live
886975451920 CD Bitches Brew (Legacy Edition)
886977027420 CD Bitches Brew-40th Anniversary Collector's
4547366021295 (i) CD Bitches Brew
8713748981464 (i) Vinyl Bitches Brew Live
4547366033328 (i) SACD Bitches Brew
4547366003635 (i) SACD Bitches Brew
4547366021264 (i) CD Black Beauty: Miles Davis at Fillmore West
064027971828 (i) CD Bleue Une Selection D Enregis
025218609326 CD Blue Haze
4988005804280 (i) CD Blue Haze
725543843715 Vinyl Blue Haze
025218609319 Vinyl Blue Haze
886972412627 CD Blue Miles
886976965228 CD Blue Moods
025218604321 CD Blue Moods
711574702473 CD Bopping the Blues
711574703111 Vinyl Bopping the Blues
888430182226 CD Box Set Series
888072314610 CD Classic Prestige Sessions 1951-1956
4988002479450 (i) CD Colezo: Miles Davis
888072312227 CD Collectors' Item
4988005747839 (i) CD Collectors Items
4988005773197 (i) CD Collectors' Items
4988005467638 (i) CD Collectors' Items
4988005504593 (i) CD Collectors' Items (Mini LP Sleeve)
696998656925 CD Columbia Years 55-85
025218172622 CD Conception
888072301573 CD Cookin'
8436539310235 (i) CD Cookin' + Relaxin
886978434128 (i) CD Cookin' at the Plugged Nickel
093652334210 Vinyl Cookin' with the Quintet 1/2
8436028691685 (i) CD Cookin with the Miles Davis Quintet/Steamin'
889397272319 Vinyl Cookin with the Miles Davis Quintet (Ltd)
025218612814 Vinyl Cookin'/Miles Davis Qtet
888072332041 CD Cookin'/Relaxin'/Workin'/Steamin'
828768478424 (i) CD Cool & Collected
5014797670709 (i) CD Cool: The Best of
074646513729 CD Dark Magus-Live at Carnegie Ha
4547366021332 (i) CD Dark Magus (Live)
646315181210 Vinyl Dark Magus
8436028694402 (i) CD Davis, Miles & Milt Jackson: Complete Recordings
4988006709539 (i) CD Davis, Miles/All-Stars: Vol. 2-Miles Davis All-Sta..
8436006498824 (i) CD Davis, Miles-Tadd Dameron Quintet: Complete Live i..
827969092323 CD Davis/Evans: Complete Columbia Studio Recordings
886972486628 CD Decoy
4988009976693 (i) CD Decoy
888072327627 CD Definitive Miles Davis
801213036691 DVD Definitive Montreux
887254548126 (i) CD Die Zeit Legend Des Jazz
888072323278 CD Dig
4988005467645 (i) CD Dig
4988005770080 (i) CD Dig
4988005727374 (i) CD Dig
025218110518 Vinyl Dig
889397272616 Vinyl Diggin with (Ltd)
4988009976198 (i) CD Directions (Mini LP Sleeve)
4943674074853 (i) CD Doo Bop Song EP (Mini LP Sleeve)
075992693820 CD Doo-Bop
4943674154159 (i) CD Doo-Bop
886976965525 CD E.S.P.
4547366197105 (i) CD E.S.P.
074646568323 (i) CD E.S.P.
725543955012 Vinyl E.S.P.
4547366021196 (i) CD Esp
696998547520 CD Essential Miles Davis
886973577721 (i) CD Essential Miles Davis
8436006492945 (i) CD European Tour '56 (with the Modern Jazz Quartet &
696998915220 CD Evolution of the Groove (EP)
4547366034813 (i) CD Evolution of the Groove
886972379623 CD Filles De Kilimanjaro
4547366021318 (i) CD Filles De Kilimanjaro
4988001419204 (i) CD First
5099706568223 (i) CD Foot Prints
886919598513 Vinyl Forever Miles
886976965723 CD Four & More
4547366021226 (i) CD Four & More
4547366197143 (i) CD Four & More
821797137614 Vinyl Four & More
821797208765 SACD Four & More
4547366033304 (i) SACD Four & More
881162804725 CD From Cool to Bop
741157124422 CD From Cool to Bop-Anthology
887254739623 (i) CD Genius of Jazz
074646397022 CD Get Up with It
8436028691500 (i) CD Greatest Ballads
886976965921 CD Greatest Hits
886972423227 CD Highlights From the Plugged Ni
766488286526 (i) CD Highlights From the
696998655621 CD In a Silent Way
4547366021301 (i) CD In a Silent Way
888837315326 (i) CD In a Silent Way (K2Hd Mastering)
5099708655624 (i) CD In a Silent Way
821797137713 Vinyl In a Silent Way
821797208864 SACD In a Silent Way
4547366033311 (i) SACD In a Silent Way
8436539310341 (i) Vinyl In Amsterdam 1957
4547366197181 (i) CD In Berlin
4547366211092 (i) CD In Europe
4547366021363 (i) CD In Europe
8436542013284 (i) CD In Person at the Blackhawk San Francisco
4547366210613 (i) CD In Person Friday Night at Blackhawk San Fran 1
4547366210620 (i) CD In Person Friday Night at Blackhawk San Fran 2
725543954312 Vinyl In Person Friday & Saturday Nights at the Blackhaw
4547366010756 (i) CD In Person: Friday & Saturday Nights Complete
886972666822 CD Jazz at the Plaza
5099968093921 (i) CD Jazz Inspiration
778325535322 CD Jazz Legend
886972886428 (i) CD Jazz Profiles
8436019585245 (i) CD Jazz Track
888837610810 Vinyl Jazz Track
886972667829 CD Ken Burns Jazz
074646493526 CD Kind of Blue
886972710525 CD Kind of Blue: 50th Anniversary
886973355220 CD Kind of Blue: 50th Anniversary Collector's Edition
4547366197112 (i) CD Kind of Blue
8436539310877 (i) CD Kind of Blue
4547366021097 (i) CD Kind of Blue
4547366057423 (i) CD Kind of Blue
886978832726 (i) CD Kind of Blue: K2Hd
886976805715 Vinyl Kind of Blue
888837610315 Vinyl Kind of Blue (Mono Vinyl)
821797450119 Vinyl Kind of Blue
8436544170053 (i) Vinyl Kind of Blue
8436028696857 (i) Vinyl Kind of Blue
886976389413 (i) Vinyl Kind of Blue
4943674108992 (i) CD Last Years
025218444422 CD Legendary Prestige Quintet Sessions
8436028691173 (i) CD Legendary 1960 European Tour
602498420980 CD Lift to the Scaffold
8013252202926 CD Live
081227361228 (i) CD Live Around the World
4943674074877 (i) CD Live Around the World (Mini LP Sleeve)
4943674154166 (i) CD Live Around the World
801213919499 DVD Live at Montreux-Highlights 1973-91
8436028696260 (i) CD Live at Newport 1966-1967
888072303102 CD Live at the 1963 Monterey Jazz Festival
8436028693191 (i) CD Live at the Hollywood Bowl 1981
886976945527 (i) CD Live Evil
4547366005561 (i) SACD Live Evil
8436028693313 (i) CD Live in Berlin 1969
8436539310686 (i) Vinyl Live in Den Haag 1960
8436006496295 (i) CD Live in Milan 1964
8436028693023 (i) CD Live in Poland 1983
8436028693306 (i) CD Live in Rome & Copenhagen 1969
8436006498794 (i) CD Live in Saint Louis 1956
8436028693764 (i) DVD Live in Stockholm 1973
8436028693290 (i) CD Live in Vienna 1973
8436539310983 (i) CD Live in Zurich
074646513521 CD Live-Evil
646315180916 Vinyl Live-Evil
074646585320 CD Love Songs
886972232423 CD Love Songs
4547366014211 (i) CD Love Songs 2
886972449920 CD Man with the Horn
4988009972299 (i) CD Man with the Horn
886976094621 (i) CD Mellow Miles
4988005770103 (i) CD Miles
4988005747679 (i) CD Miles
888837610018 Vinyl Miles & Monk at Newport (Mono Vinyl)
5022810308126 CD Miles Ahead/Sketches of Spain/Porgy & Bess/Ascense
8712177046034 (i) CD Miles Ahead
8436028691692 (i) CD Miles Ahead with Gil Evans/Blue Moods
886974919728 (i) CD Miles Ahead
4547366197174 (i) CD Miles Ahead
887654076717 Vinyl Miles Ahead
887654138613 Vinyl Miles Ahead (Mono Vinyl LP)
4988009454320 (i) SACD Miles Ahead
886972670225 CD Miles Davis in Europe
025218901925 CD Miles Davis Plays for Lovers
887254185321 CD Miles Davis Quintet: Live in Europe 1969
827969092125 CD Miles Davis: Complete in a Silent Way Sessions
025218480826 CD Miles Davis & the Modern Jazz
888072306554 CD Miles Davis & the Modern Jazz Giants
724353261023 CD Miles Davis: Vol. 1
696998710023 CD Miles Davis: Vol. 2-in Person Saturday Night at th..
827969092620 CD Miles Davis: Complete Jack Johnson Sessions
724349455023 CD Miles Davis: Complete Birth of the Cool
827969092422 CD Miles Davis: Complete Bitches Brew Sessions
725095023122 CD Miles Davis Quintet: Davis, Miles Quintet: Vol. 31..
074646502723 CD Miles Davis at Carniegie Hall
8427328601139 CD Miles Davis at the Hi Hat 55
827969264225 CD Miles Davis: Collection
4547366200928 (i) CD Miles Davis: Collection Box (Blu-Spec Box Set)
886975353026 (i) CD Miles Davis: Collections
8436006494390 (i) CD Miles Davis: Complete 1951 Birdlans Recordings
8436028695560 (i) CD Miles Davis: Complete Live at the Blue Coronet 196..
8436006494192 (i) CD Miles Davis: Complete Vocalist Sessions
4988006755802 (i) CD Miles Davis: Vol. 1
4988005727268 (i) CD Miles Davis & the Modern Jazz Giants (Jpn) (Ltd)
4988005773005 (i) CD Miles Davis & Horns
4988005788795 (i) CD Miles Davis: Vol. 1
4988009972992 (i) CD Miles Davis: Vol. 1-in Person Friday Nights at the..
724353261122 (i) CD Miles Davis: Vol. 2
4988005788894 (i) CD Miles Davis: Vol. 2
074645404097 DVD Miles Davis Story
828768986790 (i) DVD Miles Davis Story
025218105316 Vinyl Miles Davis & Horns
725543840912 Vinyl Miles Davis & Horns
8436028697083 (i) Vinyl Miles Davis & Milt Jackson Quintet Sextet
8436028697076 (i) Vinyl Miles Davis & the Modern Jazz Giants: Complete His..
4988009458120 (i) SACD Miles Davis: Vol. 1-in Person Friday Night at the..
801213902095 DVD Miles Electric: Different Kind of Blue
5099746296025 (i) CD Miles in Antibes
886972667225 CD Miles in Berlin
886972387826 CD Miles in the Sky
886972668024 CD Miles in Tokyo
4547366211108 (i) CD Miles in Tokyo
4547366021158 (i) CD Miles in the Sky
4547366021189 (i) CD Miles Smiles
4988009453828 (i) SACD Miles Smiles
8436006498534 (i) CD Miles/Forrest: Complete Sessions
886974919827 (i) CD Milestones
5099708520328 (i) CD Milestones
4547366197198 (i) CD Milestones
887654860316 Vinyl Milestones
821797137416 Vinyl Milestones
821797208468 SACD Milestones
4547366033250 (i) SACD Milestones
4547366210637 (i) CD More Music From Carnegie Hall
9781908709318 (i) CD Music & Photos
4943674154173 (i) CD Music From Siesta
4943674090259 (i) CD Music From Siesta
4943674074808 (i) CD Music From Siesta (Mini LP Sleeve)
888072306516 CD Musings of Miles
4988005770035 (i) CD Musings of Miles
4988005504869 (i) CD Musings of Miles (Mini LP Sleeve)
753088700712 Vinyl Musings of Miles Davis
8436028697090 (i) Vinyl Musings of Miles
805520090421 (i) CD Must-Have Miles (First Quartet)
888072308022 CD Muted Miles
886976966225 CD My Funny Valentine
886975697229 (i) CD My Funny Valentine
4547366021134 (i) CD My Funny Valentine
4547366197167 (i) CD My Funny Valentine
4547366033298 (i) SACD My Funny Valentine
090204928101 CD My Old Flame
886976966423 CD Nefertiti
4547366021165 (i) CD Nefertiti
888072313439 CD New Miles Davis Quintet
4988005504548 (i) CD New Miles Davis Quintet (Mini LP Sleeve)
725543837615 Vinyl New Miles Davis Quintet
025218110617 Vinyl New Miles Davis Quintet
025218110624 CD New Quintet
886919847529 CD On the Corner
4547366021233 (i) CD On the Corner
8718469530632 (i) Vinyl On the Corner
4547366033335 (i) SACD On the Corner
888837430128 CD Original Album Classics
081227971953 (i) CD Original Album Series
886977384820 (i) CD Original Album Classics
025218901727 CD Original Jazz Classic Jazz
888837566421 CD Original Mono Recordings [Box Set]
074644611526 CD Pangaea
646315181012 Vinyl Pangaea
4988009975290 (i) CD Pangaea (Dsd Remastering)
4547366210606 (i) CD Paris Festival International De Jazz
5052498238125 (i) CD Perfect Way: The Anthology -the Warner Bros. Years
886978455529 CD Playlist: The Very Best of Miles Davis
8436542014120 (i) Vinyl Plays Jazz Classics
762111687050 CD Poetic of Sound
074646514122 CD Porgy & Bess
4547366197150 (i) CD Porgy & Bess
4547366020830 (i) CD Porgy & Bess
886974919926 (i) CD Porgy & Bess
887654075710 Vinyl Porgy & Bess
8718469532070 (i) Vinyl Porgy & Bess (Mono)
025218580120 CD Prestige Profile
886972497525 CD Quiet Nights
8436542012317 (i) CD Quiet Nights + Sketches From Spain
4547366211115 (i) CD Quiet Nights
8436542013451 (i) CD Quintet & Sextet
8436542013727 (i) Vinyl Quintet & Sextet
827969092521 CD Quintet 1965-68
025218111225 CD Quintet/Sextet
025218111218 Vinyl Quintet/Sextet
886979154926 (i) CD Real Miles Davis
886979154827 (i) CD Real...
725543840219 Vinyl Relaxin'
025218810425 CD Relaxin' with the Miles Davis Quintet
4988005787040 (i) CD Relaxin' with the Miles Davis Quintet
4988002333318 (i) CD Relaxin' with
025218119016 Vinyl Relaxin' with the Miles Davis Quintet
025218731669 SACD Relaxin' with Miles
4988005606532 (i) SACD Relaxin' with the Miles Davis Quinte
889397272012 Vinyl Relaxin with the Miles Davis Quintet (Ltd)
821797450102 Vinyl Rickie Lee Jones
4547366020809 (i) CD 'Round About Midnight
696998520127 CD Round About Midnight
827969475027 CD Round About Midnight
4547366197204 (i) CD Round About Midnight
8436028691975 (i) CD Round About Midnight (Incl. 5 Bonus Tracks)
886978554826 (i) CD Round About Midnight/Milestone
821797137317 Vinyl Round About Midnight
887654860514 Vinyl Round About Midnight
821797208369 SACD Round About Midnight
886919522525 CD S.O.U.L.: Miles Davis
886919598421 CD Setlist: The Very Best of Miles Davis Live (Electr
886979227224 CD Setlist: The Very Best of Miles Davis Live
827969084021 CD Seven Steps: Complete Columbia Recordings of Miles
886976966621 CD Seven Steps to Heaven
4547366021370 (i) CD Seven Steps to Heaven
5099751950929 (i) CD Seven Steps to Heaven
753088885112 Vinyl Seven Steps to Heaven
753088885167 SACD Seven Steps to Heaven
075992565523 (i) CD Siesta
074646514221 CD Sketches of Spain
886974394921 CD Sketches of Spain 50th Anniversary
4547366197136 (i) CD Sketches of Spain
8436028696642 (i) CD Sketches of Spain (Expanded Ed)
4547366021103 (i) CD Sketches of Spain
887654076519 Vinyl Sketches of Spain
821797137515 Vinyl Sketches of Spain (Ltd) (Ogv)
8718469532094 (i) Vinyl Sketches of Spain (Mono)
8436028697533 (i) Vinyl Sketches of Spain
821797208666 SACD Sketches of Spain
4988009450223 (i) SACD Sketches of Spain
886972670027 CD Someday My Prince Will Come
886976945725 (i) CD Someday My Prince Will Come
4547366197129 (i) CD Someday My Prince Will Come
887654860712 Vinyl Someday My Prince Will Come
753088845611 Vinyl Someday My Prince Will Come
753088845666 SACD Someday My Prince Will Come
4547366033281 (i) SACD Someday My Prince Will Come
4988009454429 (i) SACD Someday My Prince Will Come
886972668321 CD Sorcerer
4547366021172 (i) CD Sorcerer
4988009976594 (i) CD Star People
888072301672 CD Steamin'
8436539310266 (i) CD Steamin' + the New Miles Davis Quintet
4988005727060 (i) CD Steamin with the Miles Davis Quintet
753088720031 Vinyl Steamin with the Miles Davis Quintet
025218639118 Vinyl Steamin with the Miles Davis Quintet
889397272111 Vinyl Steamin with the Miles Davis Quintet
8436006494536 (i) Vinyl SteaminĀ“
886974597629 (i) CD Steel Box Collection-Greatest Hits
7391953002283 (i) CD Stockholm 1960 Complete
886970537520 CD Super Hits
801213918096 DVD That's What Happened: Live in Germany 1987
887654503824 CD Threads & Grooves
887654594723 CD Threads & Grooves (Sketches of Spain CD)
8436028696413 (i) DVD Time After Time/Live at Philharmonic
5099751926429 (i) CD Tribute to Jack Johnson
4547366197389 (i) CD Tribute to Jack Johnson
4943674150755 (i) CD Tutu
4943674090242 (i) CD Tutu
4943674074792 (i) CD Tutu (Mini LP Sleeve)
5099991548221 (i) CD Ultimate Miles Davis
8436028697755 (i) CD Unissued Japanese Concerts
7798093710410 CD Very Best of
888072337510 CD Very Best of Miles Davis Quintet
081227486327 (i) CD Very Best of Warner Bros. Sessions (1985-91)
4943674128976 (i) CD Very Best of
4988005715982 (i) CD Very Best of
886979405325 CD Vol. 1-Miles Davis Quintet-Live in Europe 1967-the
886979487024 CD Vol. 1-Miles Davis Quintet-Live in Europe 1967-the
8713748982737 (i) Vinyl Vol. 1-Miles Davis Quintet-Live in Europe 1967-the
4988005727022 (i) CD Walkin
888072300088 CD Walkin'
8712177016495 (i) CD Walkin'
025218621311 Vinyl Walkin'
725543840110 Vinyl Walkin'
8436028696727 (i) Vinyl Walkin'
889397272418 Vinyl Walkin (Ltd)
4988002505661 (i) CD Walkin' (Mini LP Sleeve)
886972418926 CD Water Babies
4547366021141 (i) CD Water Babies
4988005753939 (i) CD We Love Miles Davis
5099746940225 (i) CD We Want Miles
4988009976396 (i) CD We Want Miles (Mini LP Sleeve)
4547366211122 (i) CD We Want Miles
8713748981204 (i) Vinyl We Want Miles
8436028692552 (i) CD Winter in Europe 1967
025218629621 CD Workin'
888072300804 CD Workin'
4988005467485 (i) CD Workin'
025218029612 Vinyl Workin'
8436539310259 (i) CD Workin' + the Musings of Miles
4988005506399 (i) CD Workin' with
4988005727008 (i) CD Workin with the Miles Davis Quintet
889397272210 Vinyl Workin with the Miles Davis Quintet (Ltd)
886972965826 CD X2 (Sketches of Spain/Round About Midnight)
886972468723 CD You're Under Arrest
4988009972398 (i) CD You're Under Arrest (Mini LP Sleeve)
4988009453026 (i) SACD You're Under Arrest

Biography: Throughout a professional career lasting 50 years, Miles Davis played the trumpet in a lyrical, introspective, and melodic style, often employing a stemless Harmon mute to make his sound more personal and intimate. But if his approach to his instrument was constant, his approach to jazz was dazzlingly protean. To examine his career is to examine the history of jazz from the mid-'40s to the early '90s, since he was in the thick of almost every important innovation and stylistic development in the music during that period, and he often led the way in those changes, both with his own performances and recordings and by choosing sidemen and collaborators who forged new directions. It can even be argued that jazz stopped evolving when Davis wasn't there to push it forward.

Davis was the son of a dental surgeon, Dr. Miles Dewey Davis, Jr., and a music teacher, Cleota Mae (Henry) Davis, and thus grew up in the black middle class of east St. Louis after the family moved there shortly after his birth. He became interested in music during his childhood and by the age of 12 began taking trumpet lessons. While still in high school, he started to get jobs playing in local bars and at 16 was playing gigs out of town on weekends. At 17, he joined Eddie Randle's Blue Devils, a territory band based in St. Louis. He enjoyed a personal apotheosis in 1944, just after graduating from high school, when he saw and was allowed to sit in with Billy Eckstine's big band, who was playing in St. Louis. The band featured trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie and saxophonist Charlie Parker, the architects of the emerging bebop style of jazz, which was characterized by fast, inventive soloing and dynamic rhythm variations.

It is striking that Davis fell so completely under Gillespie and Parker's spell, since his own slower and less flashy style never really compared to theirs. But bebop was the new sound of the day, and the young trumpeter was bound to follow it. He did so by leaving the Midwest to attend the Institute of Musical Art in New York City (renamed Juilliard) in September 1944. Shortly after his arrival in Manhattan, he was playing in clubs with Parker, and by 1945 he had abandoned his academic studies for a full-time career as a jazz musician, initially joining Benny Carter's band and making his first recordings as a sideman. He played with Eckstine in 1946-1947 and was a member of Parker's group in 1947-1948, making his recording debut as a leader on a 1947 session that featured Parker, pianist John Lewis, bassist Nelson Boyd, and drummer Max Roach. This was an isolated date, however, and Davis spent most of his time playing and recording behind Parker. But in the summer of 1948, he organized a nine-piece band with an unusual horn section. In addition to himself, it featured an alto saxophone, a baritone saxophone, a trombone, a French horn, and a tuba. This nonet, employing arrangements by Gil Evans and others, played for two weeks at the Royal Roost in New York in September. Earning a contract with Capitol Records, the band went into the studio in January 1949 for the first of three sessions which produced 12 tracks that attracted little attention at first. The band's relaxed sound, however, affected the musicians who played it, among them Kai Winding, Lee Konitz, Gerry Mulligan, John Lewis, J.J. Johnson, and Kenny Clarke, and it had a profound influence on the development of the cool jazz style on the West Coast. (In February 1957, Capitol finally issued the tracks together on an LP called Birth of the Cool.)

Davis, meanwhile, had moved on to co-leading a band with pianist Tadd Dameron in 1949, and the group took him out of the country for an appearance at the Paris Jazz Festival in May. But the trumpeter's progress was impeded by an addiction to heroin that plagued him in the early '50s. His performances and recordings became more haphazard, but in January 1951 he began a long series of recordings for the Prestige label that became his main recording outlet for the next several years. He managed to kick his habit by the middle of the decade, and he made a strong impression playing "'Round Midnight" at the Newport Jazz Festival in July 1955, a performance that led the major label Columbia Records to sign him. The prestigious contract allowed him to put together a permanent band, and he organized a quintet featuring saxophonist John Coltrane, pianist Red Garland, bassist Paul Chambers, and drummer Philly Joe Jones who began recording his Columbia debut, 'Round About Midnight, in October.

As it happened, however, he had a remaining five albums on his Prestige contract, and over the next year he was forced to alternate his Columbia sessions with sessions for Prestige to fulfill this previous commitment. The latter resulted in the Prestige albums The New Miles Davis Quintet, Cookin', Workin', Relaxin', and Steamin', making Davis' first quintet one of his better-documented outfits. In May 1957, just three months after Capitol released the Birth of the Cool LP, Davis again teamed with arranger Gil Evans for his second Columbia LP, Miles Ahead. Playing fl gelhorn, Davis fronted a big band on music that extended the Birth of the Cool concept and even had classical overtones. Released in 1958, the album was later inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame, intended to honor recordings made before the Grammy Awards were instituted in 1959.

In December 1957, Davis returned to Paris, where he improvised the background music for the film L'Ascenseur pour l'Echafaud (Escalator to the Gallows). Jazz Track, an album containing this music, earned him a 1960 Grammy nomination for Best Jazz Performance, Solo, or Small Group. He added saxophonist Cannonball Adderley to his group, creating the Miles Davis Sextet, who recorded the album Milestones in April 1958. Shortly after this recording, Red Garland was replaced on piano by Bill Evans and Jimmy Cobb took over for Philly Joe Jones on drums. In July, Davis again collaborated with Gil Evans and an orchestra on an album of music from Porgy and Bess. Back in the sextet, Davis began to experiment with modal playing, basing his improvisations on scales rather than chord changes.

This led to his next band recording, Kind of Blue, in March and April 1959, an album that became a landmark in modern jazz and the most popular disc of Davis' career, eventually selling over two million copies, a phenomenal success for a jazz record. In sessions held in November 1959 and March 1960, Davis again followed his pattern of alternating band releases and collaborations with Gil Evans, recording Sketches of Spain, containing traditional Spanish music and original compositions in that style. The album earned Davis and Evans Grammy nominations in 1960 for Best Jazz Performance, Large Group, and Best Jazz Composition, More Than 5 minutes; they won in the latter category.

By the time Davis returned to the studio to make his next band album in March 1961, Adderley had departed, Wynton Kelly had replaced Bill Evans at the piano, and John Coltrane had left to begin his successful solo career, being replaced by saxophonist Hank Mobley (following the brief tenure of Sonny Stitt). Nevertheless, Coltrane guested on a couple of tracks of the album, called Someday My Prince Will Come. The record made the pop charts in March 1962, but it was preceded into the bestseller lists by the Davis quintet's next recording, the two-LP set Miles Davis in Person (Friday & Saturday Nights at the Blackhawk, San Francisco), recorded in April. The following month, Davis recorded another live show, as he and his band were joined by an orchestra led by Gil Evans at Carnegie Hall in May. The resulting Miles Davis at Carnegie Hall was his third LP to reach the pop charts, and it earned Davis and Evans a 1962 Grammy nomination for Best Jazz Performance by a Large Group, Instrumental. Davis and Evans teamed up again in 1962 for what became their final collaboration, Quiet Nights. The album was not issued until 1964, when it reached the charts and earned a Grammy nomination for Best Instrumental Jazz Performance by a Large Group or Soloist with Large Group.

In 1996, Columbia Records released a six-CD box set, Miles Davis & Gil Evans: The Complete Columbia Studio Recordings, that won the Grammy for Best Historical Album. Quiet Nights was preceded into the marketplace by Davis' next band effort, Seven Steps to Heaven, recorded in the spring of 1963 with an entirely new lineup consisting of saxophonist George Coleman, pianist Victor Feldman, bassist Ron Carter, and drummer Frank Butler. During the sessions, Feldman was replaced by Herbie Hancock and Butler by Tony Williams. The album found Davis making a transition to his next great group, of which Carter, Hancock, and Williams would be members. It was another pop chart entry that earned 1963 Grammy nominations for both Best Instrumental Jazz Performance by a Soloist or Small Group and Best Instrumental Jazz Performance by a Large Group. The quintet followed with two live albums, Miles Davis in Europe, recorded in July 1963, which made the pop charts and earned a 1964 Grammy nomination for Best Instrumental Jazz Performance by a Small Group or Soloist with Small Group, and My Funny Valentine, recorded in February 1964 and released in 1965, when it reached the pop charts.

By September 1964, the final member of the classic Miles Davis Quintet of the 1960s was in place with the addition of saxophonist Wayne Shorter to the team of Davis, Carter, Hancock, and Williams. While continuing to play standards in concert, this unit embarked on a series of albums of original compositions contributed by the band members, starting in January 1965 with E.S.P., followed by Miles Smiles (1967 Grammy nomination for Best Instrumental Jazz Performance by a Small Group or Soloist with Small Group [7 or Fewer]), Sorcerer, Nefertiti, Miles in the Sky (1968 Grammy nomination for Best Instrumental Jazz Performance by a Small Group or Soloist with Small Group), and Filles de Kilimanjaro. By the time of Miles in the Sky, the group had begun to turn to electric instruments, presaging Davis' next stylistic turn. By the final sessions for Filles de Kilimanjaro in September 1968, Hancock had been replaced by Chick Corea and Carter by Dave Holland. But Hancock, along with pianist Joe Zawinul and guitarist John McLaughlin, participated on Davis' next album, In a Silent Way (1969), which returned the trumpeter to the pop charts for the first time in four years and earned him another small-group jazz performance Grammy nomination. With his next album, Bitches Brew, Davis turned more overtly to a jazz-rock style. Though certainly not conventional rock music, Davis' electrified sound attracted a young, non-jazz audience while putting off traditional jazz fans.

Bitches Brew, released in March 1970, reached the pop Top 40 and became Davis' first album to be certified gold. It also earned a Grammy nomination for Best Instrumental Arrangement and won the Grammy for large-group jazz performance. He followed it with such similar efforts as Miles Davis at Fillmore East (1971 Grammy nomination for Best Jazz Performance by a Group), A Tribute to Jack Johnson, Live-Evil, On the Corner, and In Concert, all of which reached the pop charts. Meanwhile, Davis' former sidemen became his disciples in a series of fusion groups: Corea formed Return to Forever, Shorter and Zawinul led Weather Report, and McLaughlin and former Davis drummer Billy Cobham organized the Mahavishnu Orchestra. Starting in October 1972, when he broke his ankles in a car accident, Davis became less active in the early '70s, and in 1975 he gave up recording entirely due to illness, undergoing surgery for hip replacement later in the year. Five years passed before he returned to action by recording The Man With the Horn in 1980 and going back to touring in 1981.

By now, he was an elder statesman of jazz, and his innovations had been incorporated into the music, at least by those who supported his eclectic approach. He was also a celebrity whose appeal extended far beyond the basic jazz audience. He performed on the worldwide jazz festival circuit and recorded a series of albums that made the pop charts, including We Want Miles (1982 Grammy Award for Best Jazz Instrumental Performance by a Soloist), Star People, Decoy, and You're Under Arrest. In 1986, after 30 years with Columbia, he switched to Warner Bros. Records and released Tutu, which won him his fourth Grammy for Best Jazz Instrumental Performance.

Aura, an album he had recorded in 1984, was released by Columbia in 1989 and brought him his fifth Grammy for Best Jazz Instrumental Performance by a Soloist (on a Jazz Recording). Davis surprised jazz fans when, on July 8, 1991, he joined an orchestra led by Quincy Jones at the Montreux Jazz Festival to perform some of the arrangements written for him in the late '50s by Gil Evans; he had never previously looked back at an aspect of his career. He died of pneumonia, respiratory failure, and a stroke within months. Doo-Bop, his last studio album, appeared in 1992. It was a collaboration with rapper Easy Mo Bee, and it won a Grammy for Best Rhythm & Blues Instrumental Performance, with the track "Fantasy" nominated for Best Jazz Instrumental Solo. Released in 1993, Miles & Quincy Live at Montreux won Davis his seventh Grammy for Best Large Jazz Ensemble Performance.

Miles Davis took an all-inclusive, constantly restless approach to jazz that had begun to fall out of favor by the time of his death, even as it earned him controversy during his lifetime. It was hard to recognize the bebop acolyte of Charlie Parker in the flamboyantly dressed leader with the hair extensions who seemed to keep one foot on a wah-wah pedal and one hand on an electric keyboard in his later years. But he did much to popularize jazz, reversing the trend away from commercial appeal that bebop began. And whatever the fripperies and explorations, he retained an ability to play moving solos that endeared him to audiences and demonstrated his affinity with tradition. At a time when jazz is inclining toward academia and repertory orchestras rather than moving forward, he is a reminder of the music's essential quality of boundless invention, using all available means. ~ William Ruhlmann, Rovi