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» Sonny Rollins

Sonny Rollins
Born: September 7, 1930 in New York, Ne
Active: '40s-2010s Major
Styles: Hard Bop, Bop, Post-Bop
Instrument: Sax (Tenor) Representative
Albums: "The Complete Prestige Recordings", "East Broadway Run Down", "A Night at the Village Vanguard, Vol. 1" Representative
Songs: "St. Thomas", "Tenor Madness", "Way Out West"

UPC Type Title
4988005468000 (i) CD & Sonny Rollins
4988005504333 (i) CD & the Contemporary Leaders (Mini LP Sleeve)
090204624713 CD 80th Birthday Celebration
011105122429 (i) CD Alfie
4988005652454 (i) CD Alfie
4988005516756 (i) CD Alfie
4988005331243 (i) CD Alfie
025218634021 CD And Contemporary Leaders
4988005504647 (i) CD And Sonny Rollins (Mini LP Sleeve)
8427328606493 CD And the Big Brass Trio & Quintet
4988006804180 (i) CD Ballads
4988017611388 (i) CD Best of Sonny Rollins
025218350327 (i) CD Best of Sonny Rollins
886974974123 CD Best of the Complete Sonny Rol
4988005233493 (i) CD Brass & Trio (Mini LP Sleeve)
886977105227 CD Bridge
743217962524 (i) CD Bridge
886976946029 (i) CD Bridge
5060143494925 (i) CD Bridge
8436542012898 (i) CD Bridge
8436028696192 (i) DVD Bridge
093652368710 Vinyl Bridge
8436542012485 (i) Vinyl Bridge
4011222225344 (i) CD Brown/Rollins: Vol. 4-Jazz Ballads
4988002479467 (i) CD Colezo: Sonny Rollins
4988002379149 (i) CD Contemporary Leaders
4988002493111 (i) CD Contemporary Leaders (Mini LP Sleeve)
4988002510092 (i) CD Contemporary Leaders (Mini LP Sleeve)
025218646826 CD Cutting Edge
4988002517510 (i) CD Cutting Edge
4988005752123 (i) CD Cutting Edge
888072323254 CD Definitive Sonny Rollins on Prestige
025218691529 CD Don't Ask
025218550529 CD Don't Stop the Carnival
4988005508898 (i) CD Don't Stop the Carnival
4988005752147 (i) CD Don't Stop the Carnival
885150333419 (i) CD Doxy
042283525320 CD Duets
4988005364739 (i) CD East Broadway Run Down
725543260512 Vinyl East Broadway Run Down
4260019713131 Vinyl East Broadway Run Down
025218689328 CD Easy Living
4988002517527 (i) CD Easy Living
4988005752130 (i) CD Easy Living
4988005508881 (i) CD Easy Living
025218917926 (i) CD Falling in Love with Jazz
4988005508997 (i) CD Falling in Love with Jazz
5022810196525 CD Four Classic Albums
8436017761160 (i) DVD Four Tenors
888072305076 CD Freedom Suite
4988002500635 (i) CD Freedom Suite
4988002398973 (i) CD Freedom Suite
4988002510108 (i) CD Freedom Suite (Mini LP Sleeve)
889397273811 Vinyl Freedom Suite (Ltd)
025218442725 CD Freelance Years-Complete River
025218631426 CD Horn Culture
4988005752116 (i) CD Horn Culture
4988002374694 (i) CD In Japan
4988005543738 (i) CD Jazz Giants-Super Best
747313901159 DVD Jazz Icons: Sonny Rollins
8436028690954 (i) DVD Jazz Jamboree 1980
8436028690435 (i) DVD Live at Laren/Big Ben in Europe
8436028699063 (i) CD Live in Europe 1959 Complete Recordings
8436028698196 (i) CD Live in Munich 1965
4988017075333 (i) CD Meets Hawk
888072300231 CD Milestone Profiles
4988002379996 (i) CD Modern Jazz Giants
8436028690909 (i) DVD Montreal 1982
8436028693146 (i) CD Montreal Concert 1982
888072315945 CD Moving Out
025218605823 CD Moving Out
4988002489503 (i) CD Moving Out
4988005804327 (i) CD Moving Out
8436006496486 (i) CD New York 1962. Stockholm 1963
724359083322 CD Newk's Time
4988005788924 (i) CD Newk's Time
4988006823211 (i) CD Newk's Time
4988006682870 (i) CD Newk's Time
889397271619 Vinyl Newk's Time (Ltd)
025218631228 CD Next Album
4988002517503 (i) CD Next Album
724349979529 CD Night at the Village Vanguard
4988006724587 (i) CD Night at the Village Vanguard
4988006820180 (i) CD Night at the Village Vanguard
4988006752559 (i) CD Night at Village Vanguard
4988005788788 (i) CD Night at Village Vanguard
4988005752154 (i) CD No Problem
4988017664155 (i) CD Now's the Time
8712177009305 (i) CD Oleo
4988005364456 (i) CD On Impluse
011105022323 CD On Impulse
602517448216 CD On Impulse!
600753347232 CD On Impulse!/There Will Never Be Another You
602498840177 (i) CD On Impulse
753088009174 Vinyl On Impulse
886976998325 CD Original Album Classics
886971455328 (i) CD Original Album Classics
8436542013277 (i) CD Our Man in Jazz
4988017075326 (i) CD Our Man in Jazz (Mini LP Sleeve)
8436028692828 (i) CD Paris 1965/Copenhagen 1968
4524135304780 (i) CD Plays
4988005536648 (i) CD Plays for Bird
4988002493142 (i) CD Plays for Bird (Mini LP Sleeve)
025218925020 (i) CD Plus 3
4988005467614 (i) CD Plus 4
4988005773135 (i) CD Plus 4
888072301597 CD Plus Four
4988002508631 (i) CD Plus Four (Mini LP Sleeve)
888072351141 Vinyl Plus Four
600753232606 (i) CD Prestige Albums: 8 CD Box Set
025218580328 CD Prestige Profiles
889397274016 Vinyl Prestige Sessions (Ltd)
8712177044825 (i) CD Professor Bop
604988259629 (i) CD Real Crazy
888072313354 CD Reel Life
4988005752161 (i) CD Reel Life
5060143499173 (i) CD Riverside Years
888072306479 CD Rollins Plays for Bird
4988002508648 (i) CD Rollins Plays for Bird (Mini LP Sleeve)
4988005748157 (i) CD Rollins Plays for Bird
8436019587676 (i) CD Rollins, Sonny & Don Cherry: Complete 1963 Copenha..
8436028692927 (i) CD Rollins/Cherry Quartet: Complete 1963 Paris Concer..
8436006496455 (i) CD Rollins/Cherry: Complete 1963 Stuttgart Concert
025218810524 CD Saxophone Colossus
5050457137724 (i) CD Saxophone Colossus
8436028554010 (i) CD Saxophone Colossus
8436028694006 (i) CD Saxophone Colossus/Work Time
805520091008 (i) CD Saxophone Colossus & More
4988002493050 (i) CD Saxophone Colossus (Mini LP Sleeve)
4988005467270 (i) CD Saxophone Colossus
4988002333363 (i) CD Saxophone Colossus
5060143493621 (i) CD Saxophone Colossus
4988005632708 (i) CD Saxophone Colossus
4988005787019 (i) CD Saxophone Colossus
4988002488476 (i) CD Saxophone Colossus
4988002457526 (i) Blu-Ray Saxophone Colossus
025218029117 Vinyl Saxophone Colossus
753088707933 Vinyl Saxophone Colossus
093652332216 Vinyl Saxophone Colossus
8436542010504 (i) Vinyl Saxophone Colossus
5060143491573 (i) Vinyl Saxophone Colossus
753088707964 SACD Saxophone Colossus
8436028695584 (i) CD Shadow Waltz
025218695626 CD Solo Album
4988002517534 (i) CD Solo Album
8013252203527 CD Soneymoon
894231327520 CD Sonny & Thad
025218634823 CD Sonny Boy
886977105029 CD Sonny Meets Hawk!
5060149621240 Vinyl Sonny Meets Hawk!
602517815612 CD Sonny Rollins: Vol. 1-Road Shows
724349780927 CD Sonny Rollins: Vol. 2
894231369926 CD Sonny Rollins Plays
888072240049 CD Sonny Rollins
025218440721 CD Sonny Rollins: Complete Prestige Recordings
602527749723 CD Sonny Rollins: Vol. 2-Road Shows
5036408147028 (i) CD Sonny Rollins: Vol. 2-Seven Classic Albums
4988002505135 (i) CD Sonny Rollins: Vol. 3-Modern Jazz Giants
4988006818484 (i) CD Sonny Rollins: Vol. 6-Blue Note Years
4988005788948 (i) CD Sonny Rollins: Vol. 1
4988002328437 (i) CD Sonny Rollins with Modern Jazz Quartet
4988005788955 (i) CD Sonny Rollins: Vol. 2
5055055901074 (i) CD Sonny Rollins: Vol. 2-Live in London
4988005727756 (i) CD Sonny Rollins & the Contemporary Leaders
025218901628 (i) CD Sonny Rollins
054961816392 DVD Sonny Rollins Saxophone Colossus
025218034012 Vinyl Sonny Rollins & the Contemporary Leader
753088756412 Vinyl Sonny Rollins & the Contemporary Leaders
025218111119 Vinyl Sonny Rollins with the Modern Jazz Quartet
725543842312 Vinyl Sonny Rollins with the Modern Jazz Quartet
753088155864 SACD Sonny Rollins: Vol. 2
753088009167 SACD Sonny Rollins on Impulse!
731452142627 CD Sonny Side Up
4988005696793 (i) CD Sonny Side Up
888072301863 CD Sound of Sonny
4988005468451 (i) CD Sound of Sonny
4988002493128 (i) CD Sound of Sonny (Mini LP Sleeve)
4988005524737 (i) CD Sound of Sonny
4988005747938 (i) CD Sound of Sonny
753088024115 Vinyl Sound of Sonny
7391953002290 (i) CD St Thomas in Stockholm 1959
8712177050529 (i) CD St. Thomas
4988017647141 (i) CD Standard
4011222219558 (i) CD Stopper/Oleo
5060149620830 Vinyl Sugar
888072300446 CD Tenor Madness
025218612425 CD Tenor Madness
4988005467423 (i) CD Tenor Madness
4988002467600 (i) CD Tenor Madness
4988002333356 (i) CD Tenor Madness
4988005504111 (i) CD Tenor Madness (Mini LP Sleeve)
4988002493074 (i) CD Tenor Madness (Mini LP Sleeve)
4988002505623 (i) CD Tenor Madness (Mini LP Sleeve)
4988002488490 (i) CD Tenor Madness
8804795013090 (i) CD Tenor Madness
4988005700964 (i) CD Tenor Madness
4988005506405 (i) CD Tenor Madness
4988005773227 (i) CD Tenor Madness
025218612418 Vinyl Tenor Madness
753088704734 Vinyl Tenor Madness
725543839817 Vinyl Tenor Madness
8436028696833 (i) Vinyl Tenor Madness
4988017613818 (i) CD Tenor Titan
828765142120 (i) CD Tenor Titan
888072300101 CD Thelonious Monk & Sonny Rollins
4988005747860 (i) CD Thelonious Monk & Sonny Rollins
4988002505821 (i) CD Thelonious Monk & Sonny Rollins (Mini LP Sleeve)
025218605915 Vinyl Thelonious Monk & Sonny Rollins
4988005384324 (i) CD There Will Never Be Another You
025218931021 CD This Is What I Do
8436028695546 (i) CD Three Giants!
8436006496370 (i) CD Tokyo 1963
025218609524 CD Tour De Force
4988002500642 (i) CD Tour De Force
5099931907026 (i) CD Ultimate
778325223922 CD Ultimate Doubles
888072337541 CD Very Best of Sonny Rollins
724347739521 CD Very Best of Sonny Rollins
4988005715999 (i) CD Very Best of
724358091120 CD Vol. 1-Sonny Rollins
4988006825918 (i) CD Vol. 1-Sonny Rollins
4988006771932 (i) CD Vol. 1-Sonny Rollins
724359172422 (i) CD Vol. 1-Sonny Rollins
600753471227 (i) CD Vol. 2-Sonny Rollins
4988006718579 (i) CD Vol. 2-Sonny Rollins
4988006854543 (i) CD Vol. 2-Sonny Rollins
753088155819 Vinyl Vol. 2-Sonny Rollins
888072319936 CD Way Out West
8436028694181 (i) CD Way Out West
4988002467594 (i) CD Way Out West
4988002338382 (i) CD Way Out West
4988002488483 (i) CD Way Out West
4988002493067 (i) CD Way Out West (Mini LP Sleeve)
4988002510085 (i) CD Way Out West (Mini LP Sleeve)
4988002425181 (i) DVD Way Out West
093652332315 Vinyl Way Out West
025218033718 Vinyl Way Out West
8436028696949 (i) Vinyl Way Out West
4988005753946 (i) CD We Love Sonny Rollins
093652368918 Vinyl What's New
4988002493098 (i) CD With Modern Jazz Quartet (Mini LP Sleeve)
025218111126 CD With the Modern Jazz Quartet
4988005773043 (i) CD With the Modern Jazz Quartet
4988005504500 (i) CD With the Modern Jazz Quartet (Mini LP Sleeve)
025218934220 CD Without a Song
4988002328840 (i) CD Work Time
4988002467617 (i) CD Work Time
4988005504401 (i) CD Work Time (Mini LP Sleeve)
025218487528 CD Worktime
888072312234 CD Worktime
4988002488506 (i) CD Worktime
4988005770165 (i) CD Worktime
4988005467621 (i) CD Worktime
4988002505647 (i) CD Worktime (Mini LP Sleeve)

Biography: Sonny Rollins will go down in history as not only the single most enduring tenor saxophonist of the bebop and hard bop era, but also as one of the greatest contemporary jazz saxophonists of them all. His fluid and harmonically innovative ideas, effortless manner, and easily identifiable and accessible sound have influenced generations of performers, but have also fueled the notion that mainstream jazz music can be widely enjoyed, recognized, and proliferated. Born Theodore Walter Rollins in New York City on September 7, 1930, he had an older brother who played violin. At age nine he took up piano lessons but discontinued them, took up the alto saxophone in high school, and switched to tenor after high school, doing local engagements. In 1948 he recorded with vocalist Babs Gonzales, then Bud Powell and Fats Navarro, and his first composition, "Audubon," was recorded by J.J. Johnson. Soon thereafter, Rollins made the rounds quickly with groups led by Tadd Dameron, Chicago drummer Ike Day, and Miles Davis in 1951, followed by his own recordings with Kenny Drew, Kenny Dorham, and Thelonious Monk.

In 1956 Rollins made his biggest move, joining the famous ensemble of Max Roach and Clifford Brown, then formed his own legendary pianoless trio with bassist Wilbur Ware or Donald Bailey and drummer Elvin Jones or Pete La Roca in 1957, doing recorded sessions at the Village Vanguard. Awards came from DownBeat and Playboy magazines, and recordings were done mainly for the Prestige and Riverside labels, but also for Verve, Blue Note, Columbia, and Contemporary Records, all coinciding with the steadily rising star of Rollins. Pivotal albums such as Tenor Madness (with John Coltrane), Saxophone Colossus (with longstanding partner Tommy Flanagan), and Way Out West (with Ray Brown and Shelly Manne), and collaborations with the Modern Jazz Quartet, Clark Terry, and Sonny Clark firmly established Rollins as a bona fide superstar. He also acquired the nickname "Newk" for his facial resemblance to Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Don Newcombe.

But between 1959 and 1961 he sought a less superficial, more spiritual path to the rat race society of the times, visiting Japan and India, studying yoga and Zen. He left the music business until 1962, when he returned with the groundbreaking and in many ways revolutionary recording The Bridge with guitarist Jim Hall for the RCA Victor/Bluebird label. Rollins struck up a working relationship with trumpeter Don Cherry; did a handful of innovative LPs for the RCA Victor, MGM/Metro Jazz, and Impulse! labels; did one record with his hero Coleman Hawkins; and left the scene again in 1968. By 1971 he came back with a renewed sense of vigor and pride, and put out a string of successful records for the Milestone label that bridged the gap between the contemporary and fusion jazz of the time, the most memorable being his live date from the 1974 Montreux Jazz Festival, The Cutting Edge. Merging jazz with calypso, light funk, and post-bop, the career of Rollins not only was revived, but thrived from then onward. He was a member of the touring Milestone Jazz Stars in 1978 with McCoy Tyner and Ron Carter, and gained momentum as a touring headliner and festival showstopper.

His finest Milestone recordings of the second half of his career include Easy Living, Don't Stop the Carnival, G-Man, Old Flames, Plus Three, Global Warming, This Is What I Do, and Without a Song: The 9/11 Concert. He has worked extensively with road and recording bands that have included such artists as electric bass guitarist Bob Cranshaw; trombonist Clifton Anderson; pianists Tommy Flanagan and Stephen Scott; keyboardist Mark Soskin; guitarists Bobby Broom and Jerome Harris; percussionist Kimati Dinizulu; and drummers Jack DeJohnette, Perry Wilson, Steve Jordan, and Al Foster. Rollins formed his own record label, Doxy, through which he issued the CD Sonny, Please in 2006. Well into his eighth decade, Rollins continued to perform worldwide, and was documented on the two-volume Road Show series, also released on Doxy. ~ Michael G. Nastos, Rovi