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» Freddie Hubbard

Freddie Hubbard
Born: April 7, 1938 in Indianapolis, In
Died: December 29, 2008 in Los Angeles, Ca
Active: '50s-2000s Major
Styles: Hard Bop, Post-Bop, Jazz-Funk
Instrument: Flugelhorn Representative
Albums: "Backlash", "Breaking Point!", "First Light" Representative
Songs: "Red Clay", "Open Sesame", "First Light"

UPC Type Title
667961111321 CD Above & Beyond
8712177022281 (i) CD All Blues
8712273110790 (i) DVD All Blues
5013993671022 (i) CD Anthology
664140031425 CD Art of Freddie Hubbard
4988005603838 (i) CD Artistry
602517984479 CD Artistry of Freddie Hubbard
753088002779 Vinyl Artistry of Freddie Hubbard
753088002762 SACD Artistry of Freddie Hubbard
602527809502 CD Artisty of Freddie Hubbard/the Body & the Soul
4011778321125 CD Back to Birdland
081227361327 (i) CD Backlash
725543235619 Vinyl Backlash
664140604728 CD Baddest Hubbard
090431675021 CD Black Angel
4943674115754 (i) CD Black Angel
4540957007661 (i) CD Black Angel (Mini LP Sleeve)
724359431727 CD Blue Spirits
4988006706743 (i) CD Blue Spirits
730182213928 CD Blues for Miles
4524135302229 (i) CD Blues for Miles
4988005452221 (i) CD Body & Soul
4988005384256 (i) CD Body & the Soul
011105118323 (i) CD Body & the Soul
753088003875 Vinyl Body & the Soul
4260019711250 Vinyl Body & the Soul
753088003868 SACD Body & the Soul
025218673426 CD Born to Be Blue
724359084527 CD Breaking Point
4988006703506 (i) CD Breaking Point
4988006811676 (i) CD Breaking Point
664140490222 CD Bundle of Joy
5017261211118 (i) CD Bundle of Joy/Super Blue/the Love Connection
4943674142187 (i) CD Echoes of an Era
825005933227 CD Fastball: Live at the Left Bank
886978672926 CD First Light (Cti Records 40th Anniversary Edition)
5099751279020 (i) CD First Light
093652358315 Vinyl First Light
4988006812079 (i) CD Freddie Hubbard: Vol. 2-Night of the Cookers
664140110021 CD Gleam
8436028695591 (i) CD Groovy
094636266121 CD Here to Stay
8436542014007 (i) CD Here to Stay + Hub-Tones
090431652428 CD High Blues Pressure
099923851325 CD High Blues Pressure
4943674120918 (i) CD High Blues Pressure
5017261210241 (i) CD High Energy/Liquid Love/Windjammer
724354230226 CD Hub Cap
4988006838222 (i) CD Hub Cap
753088407376 Vinyl Hub Cap
753088407369 SACD Hub Cap
4988006805118 (i) CD Hub Tones
4988006695825 (i) CD Hub Tones
724349900820 CD Hub-Tones
4988006864412 (i) CD Hub-Tones
753088411571 Vinyl Hub-Tones
753088411564 SACD Hub-Tones
825005934026 CD Jam Gems: Live at the Left Bank
892094001175 DVD Jazz Icons-Freddie Hubbard Live in Fra
025218516327 CD Keystone Bop-Friday/Saturday
664140355620 CD Liquid Love
025218514620 CD Live at Keystone
710357271328 CD Mmtc (Monk/Miles/Trane & C
4988067040114 (i) CD New Best One
602267203592 DVD One of a Kind
090431116128 CD Only the Best of Freddie Hubbard
724349534124 CD Open Sesame
693692200126 CD Open Sesame
4988006845909 (i) CD Open Sesame
8436028697670 (i) CD Open Sesame
767522920420 CD Outpost
724101955822 CD Pinnacle Live & Unrelease
664140605626 CD Polar Ac
4988003330828 (i) CD Polar Ac
011105993425 CD Priceless Jazz
4988006811409 (i) CD Readie for Freddie
724359083728 CD Ready for Freddie
4988006864221 (i) CD Ready for Freddie
886977682223 CD Red Clay
4988003330811 (i) CD Red Clay
4988003378684 (i) CD Red Clay
4988003443993 (i) CD Red Clay
093652358414 Vinyl Red Clay
887254713517 Vinyl Red Clay
887254671312 Vinyl Red Clay
090431659526 CD Ride Like the Wind
4943674150397 (i) CD Ride Like the Wind
4988017647349 (i) CD Rose Tattoo
027312116625 (i) CD Satchmo Legacy Band: Vol. 2-Salute to Pops
090431682128 CD Sing Me a Song of Songmy/Echoe
664140641822 CD Skagly
090431640425 CD Soul Experiment/Autobiography
075679306722 (i) CD Soul Experiment
4943674119769 (i) CD Soul Experiment
725543235510 Vinyl Soul Experiment
075679306715 (i) Vinyl Soul Experiment
029667524421 (i) CD Splash
886978883223 CD Straight Life (Cti Records 40th Anniversary Editio
5099750603123 (i) CD Straight Life
4988003330804 (i) CD Vision-Redescription of His Story
5099923695726 CD Without a Song

Biography: One of the great jazz trumpeters of all time, Freddie Hubbard formed his sound out of the Clifford Brown/Lee Morgan tradition, and by the early '70s was immediately distinctive and the pacesetter in jazz. However, a string of blatantly commercial albums later in the decade damaged his reputation and, just when Hubbard, in the early '90s (with the deaths of Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis), seemed perfectly suited for the role of veteran master, his chops started causing him serious troubles.

Born and raised in Indianapolis, Hubbard played early on with Wes and Monk Montgomery. He moved to New York in 1958, roomed with Eric Dolphy (with whom he recorded in 1960), and was in the groups of Philly Joe Jones (1958-1959), Sonny Rollins, Slide Hampton, and J.J. Johnson, before touring Europe with Quincy Jones (1960-1961). He recorded with John Coltrane, participated in Ornette Coleman's Free Jazz (1960), was on Oliver Nelson's classic Blues and the Abstract Truth album (highlighted by "Stolen Moments"), and started recording as a leader for Blue Note that same year. Hubbard gained fame playing with Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers (1961-1964) next to Wayne Shorter and Curtis Fuller. He recorded Ascension with Coltrane (1965), Out to Lunch (1964) with Eric Dolphy, and Maiden Voyage with Herbie Hancock, and, after a period with Max Roach (1965-1966), he led his own quintet, which at the time usually featured altoist James Spaulding. A blazing trumpeter with a beautiful tone on fl gelhorn, Hubbard fared well in freer settings but was always essentially a hard bop stylist.

In 1970, Freddie Hubbard recorded two of his finest albums (Red Clay and Straight Life) for CTI. The follow-up, First Light (1971), was actually his most popular date, featuring Don Sebesky arrangements. But after the glory of the CTI years (during which producer Creed Taylor did an expert job of balancing the artistic with the accessible), Hubbard made the mistake of signing with Columbia and recording one dud after another; Windjammer (1976) and Splash (a slightly later effort for Fantasy) are low points. However, in 1977, he toured with Herbie Hancock's acoustic V.S.O.P. Quintet and, in the 1980s, on recordings for Pablo, Blue Note, and Atlantic, he showed that he could reach his former heights (even if much of the jazz world had given up on him). But by the late '80s, Hubbard's "personal problems" and increasing unreliability (not showing up for gigs) started to really hurt him, and a few years later his once mighty technique started to seriously falter. In late 2008, Hubbard suffered a heart attack that left him hospitalized until his death at age 70 on December 29 of that year.Freddie Hubbard's fans can still certainly enjoy his many recordings for Blue Note, Impulse, Atlantic, CTI, Pablo, and his first Music Masters sets. ~ Scott Yanow, Rovi