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Clash-Rude Boy

Rude Boy [DVD]
~ Clash


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Product Notes

Rude Boy is a semi-documentary, part character study, part 'rockumentary', featuring British punk band, The Clash, originally released in 1980. The script includes the story of a fictional fan juxtaposed with actual public events of the day, including political demonstrations and Clash concerts. Filmed over a period of years, the written dialog takes on the appearance of improvisation. More important, is the frenetic live energy of the Clash on tour in 1978 - the most stunning, furiously alive and visually superior footage of the Clash that has ever been recorded. The DVD rounds up performances of "English Civil War" and "White Riot" that never made the original film, plus versions of "Clash City Rockers" and "Tommy Gun" recorded on the BBC's "Something Else" show.


Rude Boy
Music Video & Concerts, Rock
Rock, Musicvideo - Music Video (Concert / Performance)
1 August 2006
David Mingay, Jack Hazan
Not Rated

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1 August 2006
1: USA, Canada
Discs:1 ~ Format:Ntsc ~ Region:1
The Clash
Clash Clr Dvd-Standard

Track Listing

  Track # Title
1 Police and Thieves [dvd]
2 Garageland [dvd]
3 London's Burning/White Riot [dvd]
4 Tommy Gun [dvd]
5 All the Young Punks (New Boots and Contracts) [dvd]
6 Stay Free [dvd]
7 Complete Control/Safe European Home/What's My Name [dvd]
8 No Reason/Let the Good Times Roll [dvd]
9 I Fought the Law [dvd]
10 English Civil War [dvd]
11 White Riot [dvd]
12 Clash City Rockers [dvd]
13 Tommy Gun [dvd]
14 Bonus Material [dvd]
# Title
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