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11.12.013: Stopping Outwards /  Various

11.12.013: Stopping Outwards / Various


~ Various Artists

(Duplicated CD)
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Product Notes

With the new release 11.12.013 'Stopping Outwards', the "Numbers Trilogy" comes to a conclusion: a milestone in the young life of Stochastic Resonance collective. The work of six artists focusing on the same research which shows how the common language of electronic experimentation can be the basis of many different variations. Starting point of the Trilogy was the EP 11.11.011 'Beginning Afterwards' (2011), which for the first time featured the artists involved in SR as a showcase based on a common aesthetic but representing the different backgrounds of each one. 11.11.011 was a first statement to the outside world of the inner concept of the group, a noisy and chaotic collection of individual contributions which aim was to build an artistic research network. 'Beginning Afterwards', a birth that tells it's own origins. Second step of the Trilogy was 12.12.012 "Ending Beforewards" (2012), which helped, a year later, to affirm a still-evolving, and jet finally established identity. The project presented itself again as a showcase of the components from the label, but it was also designed as an experimental event expanding to new prospects and external realities; the end of a path that led to a rebirth: "Ending Beforewards". The production landed into a live-dimension, fusing acoustic and electronic execution to a choreographed dance performance, surrounded by a blanket of projections and lights. The path seemed to be coming to a conclusion, having first defined the essence and then opened to the surrounding; but over the past year, the contributions of several members of SR were funneled toward something new, again. 11.12.013 "Stopping Outwards" is a definitive endless re-opening, that reaffirms the research dimension and experimentation as the foundations of aesthetics and philosophy of Stochastic Resonance. An ending that refers to it's initial pristine founding idea: a 360 degree-open resonance where, within the noise, as the result of overlapping individual grants, an undefined entity mingles, manifests, gets amplified, and then definitely appears.

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Artist: Various Artists
Title: 11.12.013: Stopping Outwards / Various
Genre: Dance
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 12/11/2013
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5638198349
UPC: 888174417417
Item #: 981746X