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Post Europe

Post Europe


~ 1115

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"... A listener's first impression may suggest the enchanted soundscape of a fatigued electronic soloist, but 1115 are a duo: Fehler Kuti and Grey provide us with a sonic vision that can only emerge from the synthesis of two radical minds. Think of the meetings of Suicide, Yello, or The KLF: A pop big bang of conceptual art and bodily music. The fusion of Fehler's onomatopoeic vocal tracks and Grey's bass/organ/808-drum machine elements create a unique and original work; an Afrofuturistic musique concrete, which could not be heavier in it's psychedelic might. Totally hypnotised, we hear old instruments, lost along an ocean passage.... The plot of this supposed instrumental music is, in short, a story of 'invisibility' - and of how this invisibility, experienced as negation and extinction, is given a 'visually audible' expression through the invention of a new language.... If we follow 1115 down their Underground Railroad, a mythology that becomes more vivid with each station emerges, and takes on a cartographic form. A spatial sculpture made of music! Fehler Kuti performs the role of the Invisible Stranger - without any use of language in the semantic sense - not in a dissimilar way to Caetano Veloso on Araçá Azul or Miles Davis, though different and novel. Once you understand that Miles Davis did nothing else but tell stories of racism and alienation throughout his career, will you then understand Post-Europe. Post-Europe is therefore not only music, just as an opera is not only music. Drawn into the deep, through subtext and shiftwork, 1115 dive through a stream of electronic music alongside colleagues like Arca and Dean Blunt, Drexicya and Dopplereffekt, as well as Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald, Rahsaan Roland Kirk and Sun Ra. But the voices of the libretto belong to the non-musicians and non-artists, the erased and forgotten. The invisibles. If we listen to the phonograph patiently while playing this music, unheard sounds surface. In time, voices tear off, and become distinct. They say what they need to say. They let others speak. And suddenly there is a space... that unfolds, that speaks. Deep inside it, an ancient lament emerges, wrapped within the invisible words: What did I do to be so black and blue?..." -Pico Be CD version includes fold-out poster.

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Artist: 1115
Title: Post Europe
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 6/16/2017
Label: Alien Transistor
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 58
UPC: 880918227016
Item #: 1892300X
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