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For a Thousand Years

For a Thousand Years


~ Alex Bogoluboff

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These are the translations of some of my songs For A Thousand Years Verse 1 I'm happy right now, For a thousand years. I think the answer is happiness. This is the answer to all your Suffering and longing for love. I think happiness is ahead of us. Search for your destiny And you will find it. Chorus For a thousand years For a thousand years It will be happiness I know the secret I know the secret For a thousand it will be happiness Verse 2 Do you remember when I was a prophet? I made my predictions to you. To be always young and beautiful And to be a happy and faithful wife. But you rejected my involvement And told me that you must find your destiny alone. Chorus Verse 3 And here I am standing at a crossroads And I promise everyone a happy ending. We will not be tortured by the complications of love. Happiness will be for all people in the world. But no one listens or believes, So how can I prove it to you? GOOD-BYE Verse 1 Good-bye my country Good-bye for a century You are not mine, you are not mine So long forever Good-bye Jewish people, good-bye Kazakh people Good-bye to fearful feelings and frustration So long to all the crooks and their corporate funding To cope, I swallow my pills Good-bye police, good-bye problems, Millionaires, salesmen and unlucky businessmen Chorus Good-bye my lucky star Which I have believed in all these years So long smile and childish laughter So long appreciation and success Verse 2 Good-bye love, Good-bye dream I spend so much time on nothing I am searching for you in vain But I still don't understand what I am searching for. Chorus Verse 3 You will come to me one day And you will sit down on my bed You will hold and hug me with your Warm, soft hands. Chorus HELP Verse 1 Look, it's a bright sunset And the day will finish forever I will never lie to my friends We never had anything together We never kissed, never walked until dawn We just met then separated, walking through the open door Chorus Help me please help I will find you in my life I will drown in your ocean of love and happiness Verse 2 I am walking and dreaming That you will come to me one day I keep repeating your name, asking destiny for help Help me please, when I am falling apart When my feelings start longing, I tremble like a leaf. Chorus Verse 3 We never hug each other And do not swear forever We never lie beneath the tree We just meet and pass each other by I know nothing will help You will never come to me And my songs will never touch you, Never charm you to love me. LIFELINE I live under the wrong star I am called by the wrong name I clutch many lines in my left hand But one line is very strong It reaches to my heart Sometimes it brings pain Growing worse and worse This line is like an arrow, like a crashing wave It turns my life upside down I can't tell the ceiling from the bed. This line is like a blinding light This line is like a ray of sun No matter whether it is starlight or dark clouds, It still glows inside of me With your destiny With your imagination And with your love Please embrace my lifeline Please take this line along your path, But rest before you go Everything we have in life We trust to the hands of God. A my dream within my soul, I hold on to this last battle To believe in our line of destiny Will give meaning to our lives. THE CROWD I see through the crowd How people are pushing back and forth They are looking for ways to steal, cheat and blame each other Suddenly, in the crowd I see a pair of piercing embers They are staring at me and saying, "You are my friend, you are my family, You are my soul mate, and you are my darling." I hate the crowd of people But once I was lost in that crowd I was lost And my life dropped off a cliff Some people were singing songs While others were gnawing on bones Suddenly, I see a pair of white wings, Waving and asking for help. "You are my friend, you are my family, You are my soul mate, and you are my darling." WITHOUT YOU No, no you don't need to cry You're so innocent And in your life you will find your soul mate No, no your tears will not ruin your happiness You will be my girlfriend And you will be saved from wrong Life without you Life without love Like life without fire And I'm dying, and you are dying Life without you Try to understand I'm losing all my hope And I'm going to die without you. No, no nobody is spying on you Nobody gossips behind your back You are crystal clear in front of your love And your path is sure Do don't cry anymore No more tears or frustration You will find me one day To be loved forever. Translations made with help by Megan Trierweiler.

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Artist: Alex Bogoluboff
Title: For a Thousand Years
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 11/13/2007
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637230188
UPC: 700261223629
Item #: SRD122362
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