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This Ones for You

This Ones for You


~ Alli Coffey

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Product Notes

I am a board certified music therapist. I use music to transform the lives and experiences of people who are faced with challenges. In 2012, I had the privilege of providing music therapy to people in dire circumstances... some at the end of life, some without the will to live, some completely alone in the world. These people requested that I commemorate them through music - and with all my heart, that is precisely what I have done. This album is a 'broad brushstroke' compilation of hopes, dreams and sorrows - and, ultimately, an uplifting celebration of life. The album is dedicated to all the people who have hoped for a better life, persevering beyond the adversity they face. This dedication includes all people who have yet to hear the music. These songs are meant to inspire each listener to waste no time pursuing dreams, cultivating goodness, beauty, faith, and cherishing loved ones. Here are the dedications for each song: Reason to Live - For those who have contemplated taking their one and only life The Breath I Breathe - Inspired by the fact that we have no time to waste by living in a lie Memo to the Devil - For those who refuse to be beaten by life's hardest knocks There Is Room - God's love is more wonderful than anyone can fathom - no matter how broken or downtrodden, there is room for all Song of Life - For all who have fought the battle of cancer - and their families, friends, and caregivers Crossed the Line - For those who need the courage to say "enough is enough!" Kyrie - Dedicated to the victims of the Aurora, CO Movie Theater Shooting The vocals are a prayer amidst the gunshots (represented by the drums) I AM HERE - For those who are without support in their deepest pain Tumbling Into Joy - God transforms our imperfect efforts into the perfect joy of grace If I Could Tell You What You Mean to Me - For the one man I love beyond words: Daniel Coffey Fairytales - For those who choose to defy cynicism and refuse to settle Cup of Love - Dedicated to the best latte I've ever had... Coinciding perfectly with falling in love with Mr. Coffey! Echoes - Dedicated to all grateful partings This music is intended to encourage significant changes for the better within each person who reflects on it's message. And not merely stopping at intellectual perception - it is imperative that listeners take ownership of their precious (and only) life. What do we have to lose but regret? The whole album was funded through 120 incredible Kickstarter Backers! We had 30 days to raise $9,000 - and the money was raised in 15 days! The message of the music is infused with a resolve to reach for worthy pursuits and to live whole-heartedly. However, this admirable resolution in itself amounts to nothing if we are not willing to part with our comforts and illusions of safety. Following our deepest and most beautiful dreams requires us to stare into the face of our fears and choose to walk into and THROUGH them. In listening to the music, I hope you will be encouraged to look beyond your fear and hesitation. I hope you dare to comprehend your wildest dreams and to pursue them one step at a time. I hope you will share the beauty of your dreams with others. This world needs people who are not afraid to live life to the fullest. People like YOU. Whether I know you a little or a whole lot, or we are just getting acquainted, my heart bursts with gratitude. I am overwhelmed by the beauty of sharing life together. And whatever may come, whatever may pass... may you be abundantly blessed for your whole life. May you see dreams fulfilled and a life well-lived. This One's For You.

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Artist: Alli Coffey
Title: This Ones for You
Genre: Christian
Release Date: 2/2/2014
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5638241605
UPC: 888295043779
Item #: 1078932X
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