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Circles of Life

Circles of Life


~ Alpha Project

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About the Alpha Project All praises to the creator on high from whence the Knowledge flows. The Alpha Project is an inspirational music and spoken word celebration derived from the six Circles Of Life concept characteristics. These characteristics define the essence of a culture and reveal the universal seeds from which all mankind flourishes. The Alpha Project was created to give a voice to the Circles Of Life concepts. It tells the story of the mental and physical struggle. It acknowledges the loving Spirit that has guided us through life's journey. It speaks to generations long past and provides fundamental insight for generations both present and future to rise and succeed. The Alpha Project will force you to reach deep inside yourself in order to rise to a heightened level of consciousness. It is our obligation to teach, lead, prosper and succeed. After all, we are from the seeds of greatness, the architects of civilization. I pray that you take from this CD what you need to strengthen your mind and then pass the wisdom on to your fellow Spirits. One Love! God Bless! Christopher H. Rippie Creator, Circles Of Life & The Alpha Project Circles Of Life - The Introduction The six Circles Of Life concepts were created to define the essence of a culture and reveal the universal seeds from which all mankind flourishes. A clockwise circular flow of these circles make up life's evolutionary fabric as we evolve from just human beings to a greater form of intelligence. In this journey of self discovery one interesting fact is always noticeable... as complex as our live's are we don't always follow one path of the flow to self discovery, nor do we always complete the circular path. We often seek our Destiny long before we fully understand the Truth or we set out to Emancipate (Free) ourselves only to find that we lack the Knowledge (the know how) to effectively do so. This concept has been put in place not as a rule, but more as an awareness to always continue to strive to unlock the potential for your own success and as a reminder to use your inner Spirit to nurture the greatness that lives within us all. Circles Of Life - The Order of Life's Flow 1. The [Spirit] is always first and foremost the head of our lives. Without it we are nothing within the universe. 2. We then seek out [Knowledge], from birth to death, infant to adolescent, we learn and grow, we comprehend and understand. 3. With new found Knowledge we then discover the [Truth] about ourselves, our world, our universe and the lies, the un-truths that perpetuate in and around our being. 4. Possessing a comprehension of the Truth we begin to [Emancipate] (Free) our minds from mental binds thus providing a catalyst to alter our physical boundaries. 5. Once free from our unnatural state of being and empowered with the keys to understanding our true self worth we seek [Redemption] to re-claim that which is rightfully ours, to reach a level of consciousness we know we are capable of achieving and a throne of greatness that has been passed down through generations. 6. Finally we journey out on the road to continued discovery to determine the path that the Creator has scripted for our lives, our purpose, our [Destiny]. The Order of Life's Flow then repeats as we now have a responsibility to nurture the Spirit of others that cross our path so they too can awaken and be a foundation for generations to come. The Six Circles Of Life Spirit The force that defines you, inside you, beside you, must be allowed to grow. The Spirit is you and likewise you are the Spirit of our existence. Of the generations before you and those that will reign at the end of your flames, the Spirit, the collections of our descendants souls must be made whole as one. Ignite the Spirit! Knowledge Great is thy capacity to learn. Greater is thy responsibility to attain and leverage the Knowledge of self and of a people. The mind is our most powerful asset and a tool for positive change. You must use it, and not abuse it, for if you refuse it, you will most certainly lose it! Your ultimate quest begins now! Truth Here in lies the reality measured by 360 degrees of what you bring forth. With properties that may often hurt or boldly set one free, Truth transcends the surface of perception. Be ever sincere in your utterance and research the false statements often perpetuated by a social climate of ignorance. Go seeking! Emancipation No power nor bind on Earth shall keep us from the future that lies ahead. The physical self has been set free. The mental self is in a state of Emancipation. The collective cultural ownership that ensures our existence has been transferred to you. Take Us forward! Redemption Truth of existence forces us to know from whence we come. Many a legacy stolen but now reclaimed. Many more to redeem. Thieves run, hide for we are awakened not with anger in our minds but the love of creation to learn in our hearts. We shall have our just do, we shall realize our true Redemption! Destiny From the beginning of time, the Creator has scripted the ultimate Destiny...Yours! Those roads less traveled often provide the most exciting moments in life along the journey trail. In the end, the life choices made will determine in what state you arrive. Always within your control, always a step away from a turning point. Choose your path wisely!

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Artist: Alpha Project
Title: Circles of Life
Genre: Soul/R & B
Release Date: 4/1/2003
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637203299
UPC: 656613676929
Item #: SRD367692
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