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~ Amélie Lefebvre

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Amélie has been sprinkling the Canadian music scene with her French melodies since 2003. Described as 'delightful and delicious', this bold French singer-songwriter has been known to weave an English word or two in her chansons . A charming performance that's intimate and romantic. Winner the Ontario Pop competition 2005 and SOCAN award-winner for her songwriting. She received 4 golden trillium awards (franco-ontario music awards) for best performer, composer, songwriter, best album cover and best production to Dean Drouillard. Amélie saupoudre d'airs touchants et qui nous accroche par sa charmante présence. Cette artiste multi-diciplinaire passe de la réplique à la chanson tout en grattant sa guitare à travers le pays. On la décrit comme étant «delightful et délicieuse» qui séduit son public par sa poésie intimiste et romantique, sa voix rafraîchissante enlumin..e daccords de guitare cabaret/folk. Par son interprètation riche, elle propose de la chanson chaleureuse et sympatique tout en préservant une candeur à fleur de peau. Amélie a tout recemment recu 4 prix Trille Or lors du gala 2007 pour ces categories: interprete, auteur, compositeur, meilleur pochette et realisation. *** 'avec une sensibilitée, une voix et une maintrise musicale d'une qualité surprenante...' -Lexpress de Toronto (mai2005) '....les chansons d'Amélie Lefebvre ont le bonheur facile et souvent contagieux, et le don de se loger entre nos oreilles comme si elle y avaient toujours été.' Dominique Denis, L'Express de Toronto '....elle faite sourire et réfléchir en même temps. Une bien jolie voix et une belle présence...' -Qué '...Amélie Lefebvre garde une poésie intime avec cette théâtralité toute naturelle don't elle imprègne ses chansons.' -Le Métropolitain Newspaper 'Amélie Lefebvre saupoudre délicatement ses pièces romantico-joviale sur l'Ontario français, et ça fleure bon le pays des merveilles' -VOIR, gatineau-Ottawa CD Review on Canadian singer-songwriter, Amelie Lefebvre's (she goes by Amelie) music is like a stranger hugging you: you don't have to understand, or know the person doing the hugging to feel the warmth in their embrace. That old cliche about music being universal, that rings true here. All but one song on her debut album, Amelie, is sung in French, a language probably foreign to a lot of people south of the Canadian border. But from the album's opening track '24 heures' (an acoustic version also closes the disk) your ears tell you, knowing the language or not, it doesn't matter, good is good, and Amelie is certainly that. The album as a whole is like hitting the scan dial on your radio; there's a bunch of different styles, from jazz, to lounge, to pop, and more, sometimes within the same song. It can go from Broadway to beer hall, from carnival to candle light, without warning. 'Comme t'es' is reminiscent of all that was-and still is-good about the sixties style radio hits of Ben E. King and the likes. From the first guitar strum you're hooked into the song. The more than contagious clap along serves as the perfect counterpart to the mix of guitars, and the infectious bass. You're not only listening to the song, you're participating in it. And that participation aspect carries over throughout. 'Cousine' has a very visual black and white noir detective film feel to it, where you can imagine yourself playing voyuer as the character within the song is creeping around corners and back alleys in seach of their lover. In 'Her Beauty', the album's only predominantly English song, Amelie's talent as a witty storyteller is revealed, 'If bliss is ignorance they say/what about that frown.' As for Amelie's voice, which at times is reminiscent of Aimee Mann's, it's very sensuous-in spots just outright seductive-and soothing; and it is beautifully accented by the violin on 'Jimmy' and the flugel horn on 'Mon grand.' In fact, the musicians that play on Amelie are all standouts in their own ways. Everything feels together. Everything sounds together; Amelie is a very compact record. Sure, it would be a bonus to know French so you could understand the majority of the lyrics. But it's really not that important: going in with blind ears is just fine. Amelie's voice, and the fun nature of her music will lead you where you need to go. And along the way she won't disappoint.

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Artist: Amélie Lefebvre
Title: Amalie
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 6/19/2007
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637204424
UPC: 676868155826
Item #: SRD815582
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