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A Space Within

A Space Within


~ Amy Camie

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Product Notes

Hi...thanks for visiting and reading about some of the most relaxing harp music I have ever recorded. My training as a classical musician did not include much in terms of music and, this has been an amazing personal journey of experience and discovery. Here's a little background information in chronological order to give you an idea of who I am: * began playing harp in 4th grade...been playing for 30, that would make me 40 years old (and loving it!!) * received lots of wonderful awards for music while growing up * participated in several pageants and was Illinois' Junior Miss in 1983 * went to Indiana University and graduated with a degree in Telecommunications * studied harp with Susan McDonald and Linda Wood (amazing teachers!) * moved back to St. Louis after college and played professionally in the area * met my husband, got married and had two children ( ages 8 & 12) In 1990 a family friend was going through hospice treatment and I recorded 60 minutes of music on my boom-box for her to use during her visualizations. Well, one thing led to another and I ended up professionally recording the music and developed a questionnaire with a music therapist to validate it's effectiveness. That was the beginning of my journey. (the good news - it WAS effective!) Seven years later my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I went back into the studio and recorded 'New Love-awaken to yourself' to help him relax after surgery. (he's still alive and doing great!) When I shared it with friends, I was amazed at the positive feedback it was getting. EVERYONE commented on how it helped them relax. Through a series of 'perfect' coincidences, I met a psychologist and neurotherapist, William Collins, Ph.D.,who agreed to conduct a pilot study on people, using Quantitative EEG, to measure their brainwave frequencies as they listened to the music. Everyone he measured showed that the CD 'New Love' induced a state of relaxation in four minutes! Dr. Collins then designed a research study to see if my music could help impact the immune systems of cancer patients by helping them relax. To move forward with this project, I formed the Scientific Arts Foundation, a 501(3) non-profit corporation, to further develop and research how creative expression impacts the healing process. You can read more about it on my website. So, now I share music in a more 'intentional' way through recordings, concerts, funeral services, memorial services, in hospitals, hospices, and for cancer events. I've also developed a presentation called, 'Vibrational Awareness- How Music and Sound Impact Our Daily Lives' which I've presented at local, regional and national conferences for hospice workers, social workers, chaplains, volunteers, medical personnel and families. I love my life...thanks for letting me share a little of it with you. Now, here's some information about 'A Space Within': The 13 tracks on this original 62 minute CD are titles...just expressions from a Space Within. This CD is dedicated to my Grandma Mattie, who quietly transitioned on February 9, 2004 after living 97 years. While going through her bible, we found honest and personal letters she had written to express her pain, joy, sorrow, beliefs and love. We realized that we didn't really KNOW Grandma Mattie...we only knew what she was willing to share with us. In truth, no one really KNOWS anyone else. We can only truly know ourselves. We all have a Space Within that is sacred, open, honest, vulnerable, loving and accepting. This space is our connection back to ourselves. Within this space, all of our answers can be found. Within this space, all of our dreams still live. Within this space, we are free. As you listen to this CD, I invite you to release your thoughts, relax your body, open your heart and rediscover your Space Within. Review by DailyOm: April 14, 2011 A Space Within Amy Camie 2005 Professionally trained harpist Amy Camie has been playing for over 30 years. Though she holds a BA in telecommunications, her true means of communication is through her music. She is classically trained, and both a songwriter and public speaker, dedicated to the healing power of music and words. She is a Guide and Initiator of the Origins Process, a self-discovery and self-empowerment process, as well as the founder and director of her own nonprofit, the Scientific Arts Foundation, which explores and supports the value of creative expression. Research through the foundation has shown how Camie's music relaxes the body, reduces anxiety and supports brainwave and immune system function. It's no wonder that Camie's music is used for healing the mind and body nationwide, everywhere from cancer centers, to grief support groups, hospitals, and hospices. On A Space Within, Camie takes the listener on a journey to wherever it is they need to be. Each harp expression is like a calming abstract painting that means different things to each listener and inspires them to find their own movement and titles. From the first golden notes of "Expressions 1," it is clear that the space within is meant to be a safe one. Each note of the harp layers on the other, creating a cocoon of comfort and a remarkable array of sounds to be emitted from just one instrument. "Expressions 4" embraces the celestial nature of the majestic harp by using warm, sympathetic tones. Each note has a certain benevolence that allows grieving listeners the ability to be able to come to terms with their pain, and those suffering to begin healing. The textures of Camie's harp-playing are wonderfully subtle, ranging from calming to uplifting, all within the same warm, beautiful context. "Expression 11" has a certain wisdom to it, with each note hitting the ears gently and providing instrumental words of encouragement for anything you might need. Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. Loving Life...all of it, Amy.

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Artist: Amy Camie
Title: A Space Within
Genre: New Age
Release Date: 3/22/2005
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 01642
UPC: 657988016426
Item #: CDBY801642
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