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Other Side of Love 1

Other Side of Love 1


~ Amy Stroup

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Product Notes

From Amy: My mom asked me when i graduated high school if i wanted help buying a car or guitar. I sad without out blinking a guitar. I bought and acoustic Taylor guitar, i had my eye on and haven\'t looked back. Graduated college, a couple years ago and have been writing songs ever since. (That summer i knew i needed a car, so i saved and bought a 1983 Toyota corolla station wagon, aka \' tan lightening\' and drove it 900 miles from Abilene, Texas to Nashville. I paid $800 dollars for it) HE OTHER SIDE OF LOVE session one... will be out very soon friends. It is at the mixing mastering and artwork stage of the game. All the songs have been recorded at the awesome SOUND EMPORIUM and a wee day at Warner Bros studios in Nashville. It's always humbling to work with such great people at such inspiring places. ( how do you record in a room that still has the aura of Alison Krauss and Robert plant session?)Friend and producer Nathan Chapman again put his magic on the tracks along with stellar players Tim Marks on Bass and Nick Buda on drum Claire Indie ..o and Trent Dabbs singing background vocals on the track we co wrote COME ON BACK. All the other songs were written by me in my solo writing sessions i have usually late at night or early in the morning from a lingering dreams. THE OTHER SIDE OF LOVE is my honest look into what \' love\' is as it relates to the most intimate relationships and the most distant stranger. It's not just a collection of love songs, but a stepping back of a young gal just past college, trying to figure out exactly what cards to play when, and how to keep her heard on straight at the same time. It's about being patient with friends, giving people time and space to figure out life, saying \' i love you\' from lips that don\'t say it enough, and overcoming the cost of losing because you didn\'t say it; it's about the hope of finding the one you can lock in with and build the rest of your life, it's a bout moving on, it's about road trips with friends, and long drives on the back roads trying to find God. It's about breaking up with the love of your life and still holding on to hope of another, while finding purpose in walking part of the road with just a couple of good friends who become like family to you. Some fellow musicians are about to go out on tour and I was reading a statement about it and they said this about Nashville that I also find true...\' It's no secret that the home of country music serves as a hideout for one of America\'s most bustling music scenes. People move to Nashville aspiring to change it, only to find themselves chewed up and spit out by the spirit that gave us Johnny Cash, Woody Guthrie, and Bob Dylan. What rises from the dust are songs with ache and pain, hopes and sorrows, victories and defeats. But redemption is found in the community of people whose kinship runs much deeper than the music\' I i find much truth in the words especially the richness of kinship. I love making music/art with friends in this town. The hard part is putting up with the rejections of the day to day bottom line at times. When you meet good people in this town, it makes all the bad days worth it, all the hard work / hanging in there days pay off, . Recently, Amy released her third independent project entitled "Chasing Greenlights" (2007) The project was produced by Nathan Chapman who brought along Gabe Dixon and others to take the project to a new level. Amy has released two other independent albums: Solidity (January, 2003) and Here I Am (May, 2004). In 2008, Garrison Keilor\'s Prairie Home Companion named Amy \' TOP 20 Songwriter under 30\'. In addition, one of Amys singles, Almighty God (Here I Am) was included in Provident Music Distributions 2004 PULSE CD project. Amy was cited on the project as one of the Emerging New Artists for 2005. Additionally, Rocketown Records invited Amy to record on it's Gloria Christmas album in the fall of 2004 along side produced by Charlie Peacock and artist such as Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith were featured on the project. Amy currently resides in Nashville, TN and continues to tour and play music regionally and around the globe. Now it\'s time for her fourth project\' THE OTHER SIDE OF LOVE- Session One\'. Get ready for the others. Due out soon!

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Artist: Amy Stroup
Title: Other Side of Love 1
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 10/15/2008
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637205383
UPC: 884501042161
Item #: SRD104216