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Be the First on the Block to Eat the Snake

Be the First on the Block to Eat the Snake


~ Ron Anderson

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Product Notes

Imagine if you can Joe Meek and Merzbow locked in a dusty old recording studio for a week with Sun Ra shaking his head, smiling, but then nodding with approval. Well, of course that will never happen but, Jason Willett (Megaphone Records, Jad Fair) and Ron Anderson did immerse themselves in a Baltimore studio with dozens of instruments and with the help of some friends produced this CD. At times almost pop music, other times more abstract rhythmic out rock, always fun. You need to eat the snake! 'Recommended for spaced-out teens, or for aficionados of extremely avant garde noise-rock' Duncan Glenday - Sea Of Tranquility Fans of Jad Fair, Merzbow, Sun City Girls, and wacky music, crazy music will have to have this! Jason loves ducks! At the time of this recording he had two ducks living in his kitchen sink. Ron thinks that ducks living in the kitchen sink is disgusting. Ron said that he was always worried about duck pooh getting in his dinner. Jason's favorite breakfast is beans on toast with hot sauce. Ron was always worried that duck pooh was mixed in with the beans. Ron thinks that the hot sauce was used to kill any duck pooh germs.Kiwi was a real duck that quacks for you on track 4.Oilman sells perfumes and oils on the streets of Baltimore. The oils have nasty names like Lick My Balls, Bitch! Oilman plays drums and sings on track 14.Martha Colburn use to live with Jason at the loft in Baltimore where this recording was made. There was no heat in the winter and no AC in the summer. It was either very cold or very hot. They where both very skinny from not eating. Ron says, 'who wants to eat food with duck pooh in it?' Martha Colburn makes amazing short films. She lives now in Amsterdam. Martha sings on tracks 2 and 16. Bob Wagner is great drummer who performs on tracks 7 and 17, lives in Baltimore and has played with Jason for many years, but will not eat any of Jason's cooking. He is also worried about duck pooh. Ron, we all know from his explosive guitar and bass playing in RonRuins, PAK, the Molecules and his occasional solo insanity. Jason is a bit more mysterious, but you might recall his work with Jad Fair and his legendary label from Baltimore named Megaphone. This is mostly a studio duo effort with Ron and Jason switching off on numerous instruments and a bit of help from a few friends. The duo play their own blend of twisted noise rock, deranged pop, mutant melodies, occasionally catchy, somewhat sinister and most often fun-filled. The screaming and tortured vocal bits are somewhat disturbing but don't last very long since all the songs are on the shorter side. As noisy as it gets, it is also quite tight and pretty exciting. I gotta admit to digging this in a sick sorta way since there is a certain charm to the way that there are pearls buried beneath the layer(s) of noise. Bruce Gallanter.

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Artist: Ron Anderson
Title: Be the First on the Block to Eat the Snake
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 3/27/2007
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637205807
UPC: 616892636625
Item #: SRD263662
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