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Songs About Nightmares

Songs About Nightmares


~ Andrea Rottin

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About ANDREA ROTTIN Andrea Rottin beings to perform as Oswald, a trio, in 2002. In 2003 he publishes \'OSWALD - Last Songs\'. Since 2004 he has been recording and performing alone or collaborating with Paolo Moretti, Giorgio Tempesta (Princesa), Simone Peraz (Impulse Staat ) and Vittorio Demarin (Gomma Workshop). In 2007 Andrea finished \'SONGS ABOUT NIGHTMARES\', in cooperation with these artists. About \'SONGS ABOUT NIGHTMARES\' Andrea Rottin, co-founder of the Madcap Collective, leaves behind the designation Oswald, the name he used in his past activity as a trio and later as a soloist, and presents his second album as Andrea Rottin - almost as saying \'this is me\'. We won\'t talk about maturity referring to such a young musician, but the variety and personality that characterize his writing, show abilities and a great sensitivity in the interpretation. What might strike at the first impression is that the album Songs About Nightmares does not hide juvenile passions, but modifies and synthesizes them in a way that was hard to expect. As if Syd Barrett played the Unplugged in New York with Nirvana (listen to locked) rarely disconnecting the plug and pushing on the distortion pedal. But there is more. The flexibility of Andrea Rottin\'s voice allows him to space between registers and styles, switching from the cobainian gasp to a falsetto voice or to some grunts and howlings. These vocal aspects make a sort of different chapter out of each song. Andrea Rottin is also accompanied by Madcap Collective friends, on violins, double basses and synthesizers, and showing his interest both for songwriting and experimenting, he used the possibilities given by the recording studio co-operataing with the musician Simone Peraz and finally assigning the task of mixing it all to Davide Cristiani at his Bombanella Studio (Gentle Voices, Sousedovic Pes). Songs About Nightmares is not obvious and it shines by the intensity of the writing, though remaining enjoyable. The album is half an hour long, giving you just enough time for memorizing some themes and sing them along while listening to it again. Onga, Boring Machines/Basemental.

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Artist: Andrea Rottin
Title: Songs About Nightmares
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 7/22/2008
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637205968
UPC: 634479851315
Item #: SRD985131
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