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Cill Chriosd

Cill Chriosd


~ Andrew Douglas

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Andrew Douglas - CILL CHRIOSD (2006) Andrew is proud to present Matt Griffin on guitars and vocalist Joanna Chapman-Smith as accompanists on an album that will undoubtedly turn some heads. TRACKS: THE BATTLE OF THE STROME CELEBRATION OF THE MACKENZIES MACDONALDS MOURN LOCH CARRON MACRANALD AND THE CHIEF THE SERMON THE BURNING OF CILL CHRIOSD ECHOES The Legend... Fueled by longstanding land disputes, tension and violence between the MacDonalds of Glengarry and the MacKenzies of Kintail reaches it's height near the turn of the 17th century. Advancements of the MacKenzies into Glengarry lands lead to a series of skirmishes- one of which claims the life of Angus MacDonald, son of the MacDonald chief. This aggressive MacKenzie campaign eventually culminates with (1) The Battle of the Strome in 1602. The Castle Strome is extremely well-fortified yet the MacKenzies are easily able to break it's defenses after several MacDonald women unknowingly pour well-water into the castle's gunpowder supply. As a condition of defeat, the MacKenzies allow the MacDonalds to escape with their lives provided they surrender the surrounding lands of Loch Carron permanently. The MacKenzies destroy Castle Strome following their victory in order to prevent any further use as well as undoubtedly humiliate the MacDonalds. As the (2) MacKenzies celebrate their victory at the Battle of the Strome, the (3) MacDonald clan mourns the loss of Angus. Rumours reach the MacDonalds that Angus's body had been buried by the MacKenzies in the doorway of a church so as to allow members of the congregation to walk over it every Sunday. The MacDonalds are infuriated by such rumours and their hatred towards their neighbours to the East only grows over the winter. (4) For the time being however, the MacKenzies enjoy respite from battle while home in Kintail and the lands of Loch Carron sit peaceful and unoccupied. Hearing of the impending death of his cousin and aged MacDonald chief, Donald Gruamach, Alan MacRanald of Lundy makes his way to Glengarry to (5) meet with the chief and assume leadership of the MacDonald clan. MacRanald arrives just in time to hear the chief's last dying request: avenge the death of Angus and allow no mercy upon the MacKenzies who killed him. On an early Sunday morning in the spring of 1603, a raiding party led by Alan MacRanald arrives in the small MacKenzie village of Urray to find the entire parish (6) at worship inside a small church called Cill Chriosd. The vulnerability of the worshipping MacKenzies allows MacRanald his opportunity for revenge. Without delay, he orders his men to encircle the church, barricade the doors and (7) set fire to it's thatched roof. Any attempt to escape is met by the sword of MacRanald. As flames consume the church, a piper plays the war tune of the MacDonalds, mocking the cries of the parishioners trapped inside. To this day pipers know this tune as Cill Chriosd. CILL CHRIOSD IS A MUSICAL REALIZATION OF LEGEND OF THE BURNING OF CILL CHRIOSD. IT SHOWCASES A FUSION OF THE ANCIENT MUSIC OF THE HIGHLAND BAGPIPE WITH THE POST-ROCK GENRE. FEATURING Andrew Douglas ON THE PIPES AND MATT GRIFFIN ON THE GUITAR, THIS IS A SOUND YOU WON'T HEAR ANYWHERE ELSE.

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Artist: Andrew Douglas
Title: Cill Chriosd
Genre: International
Release Date: 1/9/2007
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637206237
UPC: 700261203782
Item #: SRD120378
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