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~ Angela

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Angel..a's comments about the songs on her new CD 'Fly'... 1. ESCAPE A song about wanting to escape the lies and confusion that our society places upon us and trying to run away from the ignorance of those who see or hear what they want - never listening to the sometimes painful truth. 2. JUST TO SEE YOU SMILE A smile increases one's face value. 3. GOLDEN RAIN Gold is a treasure, rain is the tears. Some call it rejection that crushed what I hold dear. 4. MASQUERADE It's a simple fact. As humans, we judge a book by it's cover. Because of this, we wear masks to protect what can't be seen - changing ourselves on the outside to hide the true inner beauty on the inside. 5. PIERCED I felt it, but he actually went through with it and ended his life. This song was written out of pain and anger for a friend who was mourning the loss of a young man who had committed suicide. Think before you act. 6. FADE Losing touch with all beings. Fading away from love, happiness, and the control you thought you had into a world of pain and sadness - the easy way out. 7. FLY Life is one rocky road and obstacle after the next. Don't give up. Someone is forever loving you - look up and fly. 8. WHITE DOVE A white dove, pure, beautiful, perfect; as strong as one may be, but, even still, there is always a need for love and understanding. Look at the soul, not the wings. 9. BEAUTIFUL This song is about how people focus so much on trying to make their outer appearance acceptable to society, and in the mean time people, girls especially, struggle with acceptance of their bodies; often times leading to a matter of life and death. 10. RESCUE ME What can I say, except that I hope to one day sing this song at my wedding. 11. I WILL BE FREE This song was written on a bus going to Italy. 12. I WILL NEVER LET YOU GO I cannot put to words the emotion that is expressed in this song. It has been a privilege to sing this song with two people that I love so much - my brother Tony, and my dear friend, Vanessa. I will never let you go... ANGEL..A'S BIO: Angel..a has been the opening act for bands Lost and Found at the Akron Civic Theatre and Echelon at the Tallmadge Lutheran church. Angel..a has also had her own concert at Tallmadge Jaycees Park where she also performed with a choir from North Carolina. She also loves singing at weddings. Angel..a has recently played at coffee houses such as Starbucks in Aurora and the Daily Grind Cafe in New Philadelphia. Angel..a's performance before a capacity crowd of hundreds of people at First Night Akron 2001 on New Years Eve was an exciting occasion for her. Angel..a said, 'I love performing before a live crowd. I love people. I want my music to reach out and touch them.' She also recently performed at the Buzz Music City Showcase in Cleveland, OH. Her premiere CD 'Fly (Forever Loving You)', recorded at Prime Time Studios in Akron,OH has just been released. Angel..a's most recent success is being named a semifinalist in the Pantene Pro-Voice national songwriting competition. Her plans are to continue to write and perform her music whenever possible. Composing and performing live are her greatest joys. Angel..has been playing piano for 13 years. She was involved in the Suzuki program as a child and performed in the '5-Piano Recital' when she was in the fourth grade. She has participated in Ribbon festivals, and Guild programs for pianists for 11 years. Angel..a also plays guitar, drums, harmonica, and bass; all of which were self-taught. Having already composed over 100 songs, Angel..a sites Sarah McLachlan as her greatest musical influence. And don't forget Dido and Dave Matthews!

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Artist: Angela
Title: Fly
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 6/12/2001
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637207344
UPC: 656613179024
Item #: SRD317902
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