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There Once Was Love

There Once Was Love


~ Angie La Duke

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Meet Angie La Duke, who recorded her first singing efforts at the age of three. Well, actually her dad taped her on a reel-to -reel, which she still has today....Now she is reaching for the stars after releasing her compact disk with 13 songs originally written with her mother..When her mom passed away in 1995, Angie felt that she had to fulfill her mother's wish to have the songs recorded.(Her mother's illustrations also adorn the cover of the CD)...Enhancing the music and lyrics was quite an experience for Angie and took several years to accomplish. Angie took several songwriting classes and learned about song structure, then she made a concentrated effort to come up with music and lyrics that were more 'hip' than the original compositions. Trina Siverts 'SENIOR NEWS' April 1999 The most recent marketing efforts for the CD 'There Once Was Love' is a musical review that Angie's partner Mr. Gabe La Rosa has written. The show incorporates Angie's songs with portions of her musical career and includes her vocal stylizations of artists such as Patsy Cline, Connie Francis and Brenda Lee. 'Love Me or Leave Me' has a 'hook' that won't quit. Angie's vocal stylization really shines in this song. 'Son of the Beach' 'a sorry tale of a gold-digging woman scammed by the man she had in her sights' as stated by Stuart Kellogg, Staff Writer, Daily Press Dispatch, Sunday February 21, 1999.This song is popular with ages 25 -35. A song that is 'one of a kind' and the same feel as Jimmy Buffet's 'Margaritaville'. 'Taste the Bittersweet of Love' Captures the 60's pop sound. Angie's vocals nail the strong melody and hook. Recently Gabe La Rosa created a new arrangement for 'I Can't Give up Everything' The 'feel' is like a samba that Peggy Lee would sing. The audience loves the new arrangement and Angie sings it regularly at her gigs. This arrangement will be recorded on Angie's next CD. Angie has currently written a song for New Orleans. It was recorded with a 7 piece Dixieland band. The Sont is entitled Bring Back the Jazz to New Orleans. C2005 Angie's sings with 9-17 piece big bands. She plays piano and guitar. Angie is a publisher member of ASCAP.

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Artist: Angie La Duke
Title: There Once Was Love
Genre: Easy Listening
Release Date: 10/8/2002
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637207400
UPC: 685407219929
Item #: 203114X
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