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5 to Love

5 to Love


~ Anthony Manough

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Product Notes

I am a native of Washington, DC. The only surviving child of my mother, a former US Postal Worker. Growing up, I was always interested in pursuing the arts. I headed West and made the city of Los Angeles my home. It has been a long road trying to becoming an artist of worth and distinction, and I am still walking the walk, and talking the talk, with persistent perseverance. And, I shall continue, with God's grace. I am sure my father (may he rest in peace) as well as those who raised me would be very happy and pleasantly surprised to know that I've finally completed this project of mine. The first of many I hope. I can be a bit tenacious about somethings. But this is where I believe God has lead me and I am grateful for the journey as it stands. I have overcome many challenges to get to this place. I have lost many dear ones (both of family and friends) along the way. But those who have remained celebrate this accomplishment with me joyfully. I hope that those of you that hear this music are reminded to lead with and be led by love, for it is the great sustainer. I hope that you share this music with someone special, or that it reminds you of someone unforgettable to you. And if not, I hope that it simply makes you want to hear it again like the voice of an old dear friend. I owe a great deal to so many people, from way back when until now. They are too numerous to recount here, but I will simply say to them (and you know who you are) a heart felt, 'Thank you, and thank God for you!!!' I was supposed to be talking about myself but I could hardly do it without turning my thoughts to you. You friends old and new, near and far, even to those long gone and whom I have yet to discover, stay blessed. Finally... Meant to be... I reach out my hand to you in love Never really sure that you understand but always completely hopeful Consumed by desire to see the future in the eyes of a soul's past Dying to know everything knowing everything may not be known... -Somebody Somewhere I hope you enjoy 5 To Love. Warmly, Anthony Manough (pronounced 'may-no')

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Artist: Anthony Manough
Title: 5 to Love
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 6/5/2013
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5638135565
UPC: 700261383040
Item #: 760927X