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I'm Hurr I'm Thurr I'm Errwhur

I'm Hurr I'm Thurr I'm Errwhur


~ Anti-Social

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Product Notes

Born&raised in the city streets of st.louis,mo.he's not your average from the gutta hoodcat on a record talking ficticiously about, guns,drugs,or ballin etc. Even though he's from the hood,he realizes music is universal. Born poor faced with life&death situations,made him realize it was time to make a change. He started making beats. By going through so much,he has alot to talk to the world about. That's when he started writing.Anti-Social brings the real to you in a way that if you did'nt like him as a person or didn't like rap music you still would be able to connect with him and become a fan instantly,through his lyrics,personality,and music. He's not a clone of nelly,chingy,or j-kwon or anyone else,but coming from the gutta blocks of st.louis brings forth a different type of music/rapper. There are not any options left for anti-so,as a person,but to make it in the music industry. He loves his fans& wants to be up close&personal with them. He understands the fans makes us who we are. He's shopped demo's across the map,but has'nt got a major label to commit yet. Once you hear this CD,your gonna love it in an instant. So tell a friend. Tell that friend to tell another friend&we can come up together&you can say you helped me get to the top. His music is his life. This album has something for everyone,every race,kids,young adults,teens&older adults,male or female. Even though he's gutta,this album makes you wanna dance,party,think,meditate,be happy,be sad,write a loved one. Get crunk,whatever it is you like or do in life,this album is for you. Anti-so,also understands versatility. That's what allows him to create such a powerful album enough for people of all genre's to enjoy,bagged up by some of the hottest production in the game. This is just the first of three albums that are recorded&ready to get yours while there hotttt!you won't be dissappointed with this collectors item.17 tracks of one of the hottest artist from st.louis,yet to sign a major deal.(hint;hint)at this point in life,Anti-Social is still in the hood using his music as a way to escape. So get your copy/s today!,and walk with him from the bottom to the top. This album is hot. A&r's,independant&major labels,this is just a taste of what he can do;imagine if you signed him. He needs a deal. To all music buyers,get this CD.i will definitely be in touch with my supporters. Be a part of history in the making. I blow up,y'all with me.he's street,he's rough,he's party,he's a picture of reality,he's'Anti-Social'.any record labels,supporters or anyone out there,that wants to be a part of helping me grow,contact,(liljay/antisocial via e-mail at)ANTISOSTLOUIS@EARTHLINK.NET (produced by'blaze ent.')(co-produced by'brandon newsome').st.louis representing.

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Artist: Anti-Social
Title: I'm Hurr I'm Thurr I'm Errwhur
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Release Date: 12/21/2004
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637212078
UPC: 823411013922
Item #: 132117X
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