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Fish Out of Wizard School

Fish Out of Wizard School


~ April Lindevald

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In the liner notes to her exciting debut CD, April Lindevald explains: 'In Ancient Mystery Writings, the fish was an archetypal symbol of Wisdom. It swam around in the deep waters of the unconscious, glimmering attractively, and then, in slippery fashion, eluded you when you attempted to grasp it! 'Wizard School' refers to learning the art of Alchemy: the Magic of changing an unconscious life into an Adventure which one purposefully creates, and in which one fully participates! All of the songs you will find here are Fish, out of Wizard School; they are crystallized moments from my growth journey. I share them, hoping they may be signposts on yours as well.' April L. Lindevald has spent much of her professional career as a classical singer, delighting audiences with her rich, colorful contralto. She has sung in concert and oratorio, toured and recorded with the world-reknowned Gregg Smith Singers, and was a longtime regular chorister in the New York City Opera. Recently, seeking a more truly creative path, and wishing to combine her enduring loves of Music, Language, and Spirituality, she picked up her guitar and returned to her youthful passion for interpreting life's encounters in song. April's debut CD, 'Fish Out Of Wizard School,' offers twelve original songs. April performs on voice and guitar, with flute, trumpet, oboe, cello, bass, percussion and backup vocals enriching each piece in turns, and providing interesting colors. April's music is hard to categorize, springing as it does from joint traditions of Folk, Celtic, New Age and Classical Music. The moods shift from whimsical to reflective to exuberant to powerful. But, a keen wordplay, a respect for melody and a deep sense of Spirituality infuse all of her songs. Their themes deal with life's journey, particularly in moments of change, growth, challenge and transition. Here is what the some of her fans and listeners are saying about the music: 'The kids think it's great...' '...your voice sounds like a lilting bird, singing stories' 'Very playful!' '...your songs reach out to the universe, and they are very special...!' 'I marvel at your beautiful instrument. The more I listen, the more I appreciate your message. I hope that others who listen to this can use your work as signposts for their own journey.' 'Your concert was inspirational, wonderful. Sensitive, joyous, fun, and gave us all more to think about! You have a voice that needs to be heard!' 'Your songs are wonderful, full of marvelous inspirations!' 'What Spirit, what Joy! It was just what I needed....Thank you for the gift of whimsy, color, and love.' 'This is so beautiful, I want to tell you, I cried when I (heard) it! People need this kind of inspiration so much!'s my turn to be inspired by you!' 'It's like music for the inner child in all of us!' 'What a wonderful Journey...Amazing insights into spiritual growth and enlightenment! It brought tears at times, occasional thought provocation, smiles and laughter too. The messages of the journey are clear and insightful.' Give this new and unique voice a'll be glad you did! ------.

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Artist: April Lindevald
Title: Fish Out of Wizard School
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 5/7/2002
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637209589
UPC: 699127010124
Item #: 136430X
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