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Motel Architecture

Motel Architecture


~ Architect's Eye

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Product Notes

Motel architecture is architect's eye's sophomore CD. The dominant, yet subtle string that ties all of these emotions. Architect's eye has been attracting attention: it's innovative blend of organic and electronic styles has not gone unnoticed. Architect's eye is jean paul s. braghin, former member of plan: nine and fallen tears. Giorgio bormida ( fem, fallen tears, abell ) has contributed in the making of motel architecture. Whispers... and screams with a subtle goth infusion to torture and soothe, haunting soundscapes with a brooding ambient shadows, controlled aggressions of layered guitars, dry ice industrial beats driven by an anchoring bass. All of this dressed with a unique sarcasm and a subversive tone. All of this built on emotions and distilled with avant-garde technology. The first 500 copies of motel architecture include the reprint of architect's eye's debut CD 'decline'. about motel architecture: 'This is one of those CDs that is impossible to classify, so I'm not going to even bother trying. With 21 tracks and over seventy-five minutes, there's a lot to love here. So how can you go wrong with a Cure cover ('Lullaby'), space rock ambience a tad reminiscent of the Young Gods' 'Second Nature' CD, and soundscapes that incorporate a little goth, industrial, and drum-n-bass?' 9/10 Virus Magazine 'Italy's Architect's Eye are showing that industrial is far from dead...' Smother magazine 'If Lycia's Mike Vanportfleet and Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor were to copulate, and one of them would receive a child ..., undoubtedly, they would name it Architect's eye... Both fathers make poppy, danceable music. Reznor a little more industrial, Vanportfleet a little more lush and gothic. Luckily, the little child called Architect's Eye has received an equal percentage of both fathers genes...' Funprox magazine '...'Architect's Eye is definitely something that experimental fans will enjoy as it stays on a fine line between noize and music.' Legends magazine '...It's a bit triphop-like, but mixed with industrial. Here and there I get a bit of an eighties vibe, but with an electronic and experimental twist. Shaken, not stirred. Sometimes the songs presented sound a lot like Massive Attack... A pleasant surprise was the cover of The Cure's 'Lullaby'... The triphop-like touch of Architect's Eye fits this song well and this has become a personal favorite...' 7.5 Gothronic magazine.

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Artist: Architect's Eye
Title: Motel Architecture
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 5/10/2005
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637209985
UPC: 634479091216
Item #: SRD909121
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