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~ Arms of Kismet

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Product Notes

Eponymous is the debut CD from Arms of Kismet. Featuring ten slices of sincere irony, Eponymous drops echoes of Beck, Freedy Johnston, Bob Dylan, Aimee Mann, David Lowery and a gaggle of other great songwriters into a Waring blender... and reconstitutes them as something fresh and new. From fractured Americana ('Cuckold of Titan,' 'Sepia Eyes') to beatbox hip-pop ('Karma Never Forgets,' 'Beautiful Career,' 'Standby'), Arms of Kismet paints new and abandoned genres in shades bright, soft and psychedelic. From updated '60s melodicism ('Hang,' 'Foldback') to new-breed alternative rock ('Are You My God,' 'Alive and Awake,' 'Sail Seven'), Eponymous is a canny synthesis of styles, a neo-'singer-songwriter' album more adventurous than confessional. Written and produced by Mark Doyon (who released three CDs in the 1990s as Wampeters) and mastered by Jon Astley (Tori Amos, Jools Holland, Pete Townshend), Eponymous mines existential terrain. Blending traditional instrumentation with atmospherics, samples and blips, it considers what it's like to be born and not know why, what it's like to know death awaits but not the hour of it's arrival. Pitching a tent between the camps of Americana, hip-hop and classic rock, it summons a warm, analog vibe that sounds as natural in a coffeehouse as it does on a car radio. It makes for toe-tapping, tragicomic rock 'n' roll. Doyon, who published a book of fiction, Bonneville Stories, in 2001, thinks of Eponymous like a collection of short stories. 'Songs speak in a more emotional way, maybe, but they're still stories with characters and plot and a point of view. They're compact fables.' Eponymous features Washington, D.C. indie-scene denizens Kowtow Popof (Eat My Dust), The Crowd Scene (Turn Left at Greenland), Janna Audey, Rob Santos, Eamon Loftus, Scott Goodrick and others. ON THE RADIO Radio Promotion by Notorious Radio, NYC IN THE MEDIA Publicity by Wampus Multimedia and MusicDish ******** 'Eponymous is a classic, one of the first great discs of 2004.' 'Eponymous brims with an off-kilter wisdom and warped melodies, a treasure-trove of idiosyncratic rock and roll that will make you smile when it isn't busy making you think. More than just a collection of songs, this disc marks the coming of age of an original voice, and is not to be missed.' --Jason Warburg, The Daily Vault 'Inspired song structure, thematic consistency and depth, excellent instrumentation, original and compelling lyrics, the human touch, rock tradition, songwriting superiority, vocal harmony, ironic smiles, America, sadness, beauty, and an enveloping sense of personal involvement and connection.... Anyone who likes Smog, P.J. Harvey, Dylan, Tom Petty, Lou Reed, Tom Waits, or any of the songwriting greats, will love this.... Wampus must now be one of the strongest indie labels in the country.' 'Eclectic is the first word that bursts into the brain as you listen to this adventurous work that dares to steer a bit left of the norm. The CD is as unique as it is refreshing, blending some dance backbeats, adult alternative grooves, and a twist of roots pop to complete the enjoyable cocktail. The vocals are delivered with a surprising gentleness and charisma, a wonderful example of what can happen when you cut across the grain and dare to be a bit different.... A valiant effort to help get pop music out of the rut it seems to be in lately, but Arms of Kismet treks through without even spinning the tires.' --Rikks Revues 'Mark Doyon writes wry and intelligent songs about life, religion, and the ongoing pursuit of happiness. This collection of singular pop tunes includes one absolute classic (the powerful 'Are You My God') and several others ('Cuckold of Titan,' 'Sepia Eyes') that are nearly as good. Recommended for those who like their pop with a twist.' --Norman Famous' Reviews.

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Artist: Arms of Kismet
Title: Eponymous
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 12/23/2003
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637210698
UPC: 829757464428
Item #: CDBY64428
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