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Come Show Your Face

Come Show Your Face


~ Armstrong Jr.

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Product Notes

Were Madonna to give birth to The Scissor Sisters' communal love child at your favourite Disco, you'd get Armstrong Jr. Organically electronic, his in your face vocals insult you and making you feel good about it. His concept: 'Mainstream experimentalism'. The air surrounding Armstrong Jr. is thick with electro-funk filled riffs, tight harmonies, pure emotion and attitude, all stirred by dynamic vocal arrangements and toe tapping rhythms. As a Gay 20-something Toronto native turned Vancouverite, his works evoke a definite sense of a fast, sensual life in the city. Merging aspects of Dance, Rap, Pop, and Electro, Armstrong Jr. takes his uniquely harmonic vocal arrangements with his highly electronic production style and finds a way to create -- from the digital -- a sound that could not be described as anything other than organic. His Sexed-Up-In-Your-Face lyrics take centre stage with themes that range from struggling with stereotypes and preconceptions, to the ecstasy of hitting it on the dance floor with the perfect partner. This provocative artist is not afraid to tell you how it is or how it's gonna be. Never has a tongue-lashing felt so good! More than just a songwriter, Armstrong Jr. takes his works to the people with high-energy performances that leave no sense unstimulated. Making sure to have a hand in every aspect of his art, his attention to detail becomes present in the choreography, production, direction, and performance of every show. Recently Armstrong Jr. has been showcasing his works at a number of Vancouver hotspots and has been blessed with some of the most responsive crowds ever. Leading with his sensuous title track entitled 'Come Show your Face' audiences experience feelings of lust like those of a cat in heat. 'Even though this track is a challenge to society to forget preconceptions and stereotypes regarding sexuality, from start to finish this song is pure sex! It was the funky bass line that got me, and the rest just followed.' Meanwhile, 'Never Ending Discotheque' and 'Gay Squad So Dangerous' play off more upbeat, and often whimsical themes, over disco hooks and dynamic vocal arrangements. Despite the consistently dark flavour common to an Armstrong Jr. track, this is the song that typifies the sort of playful perspective from which Armstrong Jr. views his work. Indulging in the opposite end of the spectrum is a cryptic/down tempo song entitled 'Your Story'. This song was brought to the surface by the serious emotions Armstrong Jr. faced when he discovered that a person he revered as his worst enemy had passed away from a drug overdose. 'Hate has as much emotional value as love as far as I'm concerned. There was a feeling of profound equality when I found out he passed away. That was a very confusing time for me and caused me to evaluate my current situation. Even though a great song was the end result of this time, I really came to see that hate is an emotional investment not worth the effort to maintain it.' Armstrong Jr. is keeping his eyes firmly set on the future of what is proving to be a promising career as recording artist. 'I love to make music and I love to perform, so with every small accomplishment I always get something back. There's no wonder why I keep doing this. And with rewards around every corner, I wouldn't be surprised if I do this for the rest of my life.' Armstrong Jr. © 2005.

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Artist: Armstrong Jr.
Title: Come Show Your Face
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 8/22/2006
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637210710
UPC: 634479373640
Item #: SRD937364
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