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~ Arnaldo Lopez

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Arnaldo López Arnaldo Lopez was born on 5 January 1979 in Alkmaar, The Netherlands, and grew up as an only child. He owes his Spanish name to his Dad who comes from Mallorca. His Dad is also the one responsible for introducing Arnaldo to various musical instruments from an early age When Arnaldo was around 12 years old, he wanted to start taking music more seriously. Dad brought his old guitar down from the attic and proceeded to teach Arnaldo his first real pieces of music, some old Spanish classics and a waltz. By the end of the evening, Arnaldo was playing these pieces at least as well as his Dad, and it became clear that his football boots would have to be traded for a guitar. The bruises on his shins were replaced with calluses on his fingers. Music lessons followed, but only lasted for about one year. Instead of reading the notes, Arnaldo just copied the teacher. The complete 'Unplugged' album by Eric Clapton and solo's from Mark Knopfler were practised over and over again. The first band that Arnaldo joined was a Rock-a-Billy band complete with the hairstyle, in which he played lead guitar and sang background vocals. Over the years several other projects followed, including performances with an acoustic trio, where his love of the acoustic guitar really took hold. Arnaldo has played many instruments, but the acoustic guitar allows him to express his feelings and emotions perfectly. Just like Chet Atkins is an inspiration to Tommy Emmanuel, Arnaldo's inspiration is Tommy. This Australian guitarist never fails to impress with his musical genius. Arnaldo's great personality shines through his music. Every piece he writes and performs has something different to offer; something different to relate to. Soulful, melancholy and heart-felt tunes are equally mixed with joyful, up-beat and catchy ones; a variety which showcases Arnaldo's unique musical talent. At present his first debut album 'Someday' is a fact! Bridge Guitar Reviews Dedication - CD release 'Someday' This 27 years old acoustic guitarist born in Alkmaar, The Netherlands, just released his first album "Someday". When Arnaldo was 12 years he discovered the acoustic guitar by his Spanish father, who taught him some Spanish waltzes and traditional songs. Than he joined an acoustic trio and since than the acoustic guitar has stolen his heart.The Australian guitar virtuoso Tommy Emmanuel inspired Arnaldo a lot by as well the style as the melodic approach to guitar playing. After a personal meeting with this guitar wizard his goal was set to make an acoustic guitar album. The music on his debut CD "Someday" is intimate, serene and with a very melodic approach. Rich overtones and beautiful own written compositions are lifting ones spirits during the entire CD as on the title track "Someday", "Summerbreeze", "Time", and other brilliant ballads like "Intuition" and the touching piece "Angel". The dedication and admiration for the music of Chet Atkins and Tommy Emmanuel can be heard on pieces as "The Game", "Keep on Trying" and "Grandpa ", with the damping strings approach of the late Chet Atkins. Spanish roots can be found on "Baroque" with an expressive Spanish feeling. Arnaldo Lopez succeeded to make a very versatile CD with as well melodic, uplifting and soothing pieces with an outstanding technique and remarkable composing skills. Copyright© 2006 Henk te Veldhuis Bridge Guitar Reviews.

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Artist: Arnaldo Lopez
Title: Someday
Genre: Easy Listening
Release Date: 5/30/2006
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637210739
UPC: 634479327193
Item #: SRD932719
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