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~ Arouradrop

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Arouradrop take influences from many genres including metal, rap, bluegrass, funk, and many others. Arouradrop originally formed in 2000 but disbanded for personal reasons, we reunited in 2005 and have been hard at it ever since we all played in different bands through out the our time apart and added to our bag o' tricks. Our sound has changed very much since our original style but we feel that all the change has been for the better. Our political views and moral stand points are the bases of many of our songs, although we are not bound to only politically driven songs. The members of Arouradrop are truly diverse in our personal influences and we believe this comes across in our music, we hope you agree. Arouradrop IS: Matt 'Kentucky's Finest' Decker on BASS, originally from Kentucky, Matt is a well rounded Bassist with a background in, bluegrass, P-funk, country,metal and rock. He plays a 4 string 'Specter' his rig is amazing playing through a mesa engineering cabinet with four 10s and 1-15 powered by a mesa engineering impulse 600. Roughly 2000 watts of power . HIS SOUND SHAKES THE GROUND! Aaron 'Riddelin Boy' Quick on guitars, originally from Long Beach CA. Aaron is a phenomenon on the guitars his ability to pick up a note, riff or solo after just one hearing makes for easy song writing and unbelievable versatility, his sound is influenced by Punk, R&B, Country, Grunge, Metal, and just about anything else you can think of. He plays a Jackson guitar with hs pickups and Zack Wilde heavy strings through a 350 watt 'CRATE' head and 2- 4 12' 'CRATE' Cab. He also is a great vocalist and back up singer with the ability to hit the harmonies dead on. Andy 'the 50 cal' Munger beats on the drums, originally from Lake Elsinore CA. Andy started out as a bass player but found the drums to be more to his liking, His influence draws from Punk, Metal, Death Metal, Hard Core Metal, Loud Metal, Metal Metal, Metal Up Your Ass Metal, I Bite the Heads Off Babies Metal, Jazz Metal and Funk Metal!!! He plays a DW kit with a single bass double pedal and Antiquarian heads. He picks his cymbals for the sound not the name! This dude is HARD F-ING CORE. Robert 'the Reverend' Collins on lead vocals, Roberts influences include, Rap, R&B, country, Metal, Death metal, bluegrass, and many others, Robert belives that the voice is the most versatile instrument available to man and aims to exploit every facet of his vocal capability's, from smooth melodic breathy vocals and twangy country to screaming death, solid rap and beat box. His ability grab the audience and playfully manipulate the mood of the room makes for awesome live performances and hilarious improv between song. A true showman!

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Artist: Arouradrop
Title: Arouradrop
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 8/8/2006
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637210870
UPC: 791381836820
Item #: SRD183682
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