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American Boy

American Boy


~ Ashton Jones

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Product Notes

ASHTON JONES Ashton Jones is a singer songwriter from Santa Fe New Mexico. He has been writing songs that weave stories of people, places, relationships and events that have touched his life, directly and indirectly. There is an honesty and rawness to his words that is matched by the rawness and richness in his voice. The interesting thing about Ashton is he has never pursued a record deal or wrote a song for the purpose of selling one record . Yet, one of his songs reached top play lists across the country. That song and others that drew attention was about world events and Ashton wrote them as documents of a time, as he did in his first published song 'Beijing' written as the world watched the revolt in China. The song was played on major college and independent stations around the country making the top 35. The lyrics were translated and smuggled into China, blacklisting Ashton from that country. His last expression of world events was 'Windows Of The World' a song written in the first person of man going to work at the World Trade Center on September 11th. It is a wrenching, honest and painful song. Most recently, Ashton has written and recorded his song 'American Boy' written in the first person of an American soldier sent to Iraq. The verses reflect his questioning of why he is there, while the chorus hails, 'I am an American boy and I just want to do what's right. The song questions the government's politics and motives with a soldier's devotion to his country, giving the structure of the song something for everyone to relate to. It's honesty and emotionality help bust the song through all barriers. All Ashton's songs have a cinematic quality to them. We know the characters and relate to their lost loves, lives, and eternal hope and desire Ashton is the inspiration for an independent film, entitled 'Hearts Of Desire' (one of Ashton's songs). It is the story of a singer songwriter that remains true to his expression in a world of commercial sellout, along with the struggles of being a single father, while still trying to find peace with his own father. In the past few months, Ashton has decided to come out of the closet with his music and voice, sharing with us his very personal exploration of life and his awesome tunes. He has realized that he needs to share his music, in these time when the world needs more pure artists, to enlighten us. Now, we all hope to hear those songs on record and watch him in his intense and charismatic performances. Ashton currently resides in Los Angeles, while maintaining a home in New Mexico. Pink Adobe Music and Ashton are donating a large portion of the sales from 'American Boy', to 'Headcount' a nonpartisan voter registration organization, which inspires young voters in the gift of American Democracy and as a result creates participation in the process. He has also dedicated the song to Lori Piestewa, the First Native American woman killed in an American conflict. She was of the Hopi Nation, that believes in non violent resolutions. She was killed in Iraq while trying to protect her fellow soldiers and roommate, Jessica Lynch. Ashton hopes that 'American Boy' helps create a voice for more understanding, peace and forgiveness, while reinforcing that the true American spirit is a caring and generous one.

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Artist: Ashton Jones
Title: American Boy
Genre: Country
Release Date: 8/3/2004
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637211917
UPC: 825346334226
Item #: CDBY633422
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