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One Song One Dance

One Song One Dance


~ Atmos Trio

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Product Notes

'One Song One Dance' is a CD recorded by the Israeli group 'Atmos Trio' in 2001, featuring: Oren Frank, guitar Yuval Shay-El, piano & trumpet Litto Zilberstein, percussion The music may be described as jazz influenced by world music. The CD presents 6 original compositions: 1. Little Spring Rock (Yuval Shay-El) 6:14 2. Wadi (Oren Frank) 6:59 3. Samba de Ramat Gan (Yuval Shay-El) 5:03 4. M the E (Oren Frank) 5:12 5. Green Dance (Oren Frank) 8:48 6. Charles River (Yuval Shay-El) 6:42 Recorded in Mishmar Haemek, April 13, 2001 Some more info from the CD insert: I met Oren some seventeen years ago, when we played jazz standards in duet at his home in the Ein Hod artist village. One may say that that was the beginning of the Atmos Trio . Four years ago we met again, after a few years' break. As early as that first reunion, we played some of our original pieces, which later became part of Atmos's repertoire, such as Chares River and Ballat. Following this meeting we decided to put up an all-original music show. The duet became a trio when Litto and his exotic drums joined us for our first performance of the Atmos Trio at "Martef 10" in Haifa in 1998. Atmos provides me a home for individual and collaborative creation. The main influences are of jazz and latin music, interwoven with some wilder moments of jungle sounds. The music flows smoothly, ranging from sweet melodies to abstract sound effects, all during a free improvisation. This flow is the result of several years of the trio's collaborative buildup, and it's unique sound. It is a great pleasure for me to be part of this group, and I hope that this recording would convey the fun to the audience. Yuval Shay-El The more experienced I get as a musician, the more I notice elements that have effected the way I look at music as an art form. Everyone knows that music comes in the form of tones and has a wide plenthora of uses in our day to day life. Music is an integral part of three art forms: Cinema, Theatre and Ballet. The album's name, "One Song One Dance", hints at the reflection of different art forms that the music bears within, such as dance, poetry, and literature (excuse me if I forgot to mention others). The connection between the different art forms is so natural and delicate, that sometimes we don't notice it anymore. A musician can be inspired merely by looking at a picture or listening to a song, while poets, writers and painters can and indeed are all inspired by music. In addition to expressing itself through tones, the music also tells a story, dances, paints and sculpts. I believe that paintings and stories play music themselves. All of this makes up the beautiful bond between all art forms, that is one of the reasons for the luscious pleasure we find in art. Another important factor of the tonal texture of our trio is the fact that most of our music is improvised and, in fact, never repeats itself. It is influenced by the time and place where it is played, and by the experience and the acquaintance between the players. This is how written compositions and improvisation integrate and form a whole musical unit. I want to thank all the artists that were, directly or indirectly, a source of inspiration to the creation of this music. Oren Frank Credits: Cover design--Niko Photographer--Illy Reiner Recording Technician--Ohad Peled Translation--Johny Baron. Thanks to Gil Brand, Shai Cohen, Nadav Jupiter, Tomer Rosenblum, Eyal Solomon, and all our friends who have supported the music of Atmos Trio.

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Artist: Atmos Trio
Title: One Song One Dance
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 12/9/2008
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637212699
UPC: 634479944949
Item #: SRD994494
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