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What in the World

What in the World

[CD Single]

~ Aubrey Lemmon

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CD Single 
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Product Notes

BIOGRAPHY The roots of Aubrey Lemmon date back to 1997 when Glynn Downing and Richard Sinclair - who started their first band together at school - started writing and recording in Richard's bedroom in the small southern English town of Waterlooville. At the beginning of the year 2000, Jimmy Roman (in a band with Glynn some years before) joined Aubrey Lemmon on drums and so began four years of sometimes non-stop gigging. The three-piece played hundreds of venues and events all over the south east of England before heading north for the first time at the end of 2003. Aubrey Lemmon appeared on the same bill as Art Garfunkel at one of their very first gigs and opened for the likes of Shed Seven and Halo along the way at world famous venues such as The Marquee Club in London. Aubrey Lemmon recorded two mini-albums (Tempt Me and What In The World) before setting up their own company, Magic Number Records, to put out their debut single in January 2004. The single, a new recording of What in The World b/w a new song, Yellow Card, was recorded at The Levellers' Metway Studios in Brighton while the finishing touches were applied at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London. What In The World was playlisted on commercial radio right across the U.K. and played on BBC 6 Music by both Steve Lamacq and Bob Harris. Chart Show TV gave the video it's UK TV debut. On Sunday 11th January 2004, Aubrey Lemmon's debut single reached number 90 in the Official UK Singles Chart and number 23 in the Official UK Indie Singles Chart. Not bad for a start. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and in April 2004 Jimmy decided that he wanted to spend more time on session work and teaching the drums and so announced he was leaving the band after four years' hard work and dedication. Since then, Glynn and Richard have devoted much of their time to writing and recording Aubrey Lemmon's debut album. No biography of Aubrey Lemmon would be complete without trying to answer where the name came from, or perhaps even explain what it means. Glynn and Richard remain tight-lipped on it's origins but rumours abound from tales of long-lost relatives to the more mundane: Glynn liked Aubrey (something to do with a cartoon character from his childhood that few others seem to recall) and Richard liked Lemmon (as in Jack or a play on John - possibly). Put together it sounded like a real person, which it quite possibly is. REVIEWS OF DEBUT SINGLE WHAT IN THE WORLD Like every great band, they're a constantly developing presence, moving away from the power-pop template with which we lazily tagged them and up to the crossroads where Britpop lost it's way. Shed Seven, Blur, Menswear, even Pulp, they all went left when they should have turned right, and there's a lingering suspicion that the young Aubrey Lemmon turned the sign around a few years back to leave the way clear for themselves. They're certainly the only ones on this path now, augmenting the power of their pop with the clear-eyed optimism of the long-dead notion of 'Cool Britannia'. 'Cool Aubrey Lemmon' doesn't quite have the same ring to it, but it's the truest of all aphorisms, and the highpoint of this bleak mid-winter. **** (4/5) Logo Magazine Upbeat, poppy, beautifully produced. I could quite easily hear this on the radio. There is a lot to appeal to a larger audience here. Opening track and the title tune of the single is the infectiously catchy 'What In The World'. There are some nice harmonies throughout all singing a great 'stick in your head' chorus. SouthScene - What's Going On? ...a solid, thumping anthem to nights on the piss. A lovely nagging riff to bring on the hangover lurks at the back of the verses and the chorus just stamps all over the shop in the way that Arthur Turners Love Child [sic] used to do. Unpeeled Aubrey Lemmon could have what it takes to tippex out current NME front pagers Franz Ferdinand. Allgigs. Co.UK A breath taking debut single from South coast three piece Aubrey Lemmon. Describing themselves as power pop...and that's exactly what you get. Glynn Downing's vocals [have] a suitably scuzzy quality to lead you through this catchy tune with a chorus that remains in your head all day long. What in the World opens with a simple guitar and vocals and builds into one of the best pop songs you will hear from any band in the UK. Manilla recommend you get on board before Aubrey Lemon [sic] become national. Manilla.

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Artist: Aubrey Lemmon
Title: What in the World
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 4/25/2006
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD Single
Catalog #: 5637213100
UPC: 5060068420122
Item #: SRD684201
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