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~ Audiotransparent

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Audiotransparent blends indie songs with postrock atmospheres in a slow-paced fashion. Although the songs are melancholy in tone, there is always an apparent light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. In 2003, the band was able to present their debut in front of a large audience, when the tindersticks asked them to provide the support-act for their dutch shows. The debut, and their shows were well-received, resulting in an invitation to (holland's number-one indie-event) noorderslag 2004. Audiotransparent's reputation grew rapidly, allowing them to play alongside renowned international acts including iron&wine and Under Byen. The band received significant airplay on dutch national radio, as well as on the bbc, where audiotransparent received a warm reception from John Peel and BBC6. Especially admirers of the likes of Low, Sigur Rós, and Sparklehorse seemed to appreciate the atmospheric songs of their self-titled debut. Their second album, 'nevland', has been released on lvr/konkurrent september 12th 2005. Like their debut, it was produced by corno zwetsloot (blues brother castro, spider rico), but this time the cooperation resulted in a more complete, mature sound that occasionally let's on a hint of americana. Audiotransparent's last recording session provided more space to experiment, which allowed them to put together remarkably crafty songs that reflect the tension between acoustic beauty and atmospheric noise. Both the songs and the orchestration demonstrate the coming of age of a collective that is ambitiously, yet passionately involved in the making of music. On stage one unavoidably hears and sees this: audiotransparent treats it's audience to an intense and unnerving listening-experience. Review: Stayfun | 25-11-2005 As in so much of what I write here these days, I've been incredibly slow to write about the new Audiotransparent album. If I thought the band actually cared, they'd probably be afraid I don't like it. Having enjoyed their debut so much and gone on and on about it, after half the band left last year, they may be scared I've gone off them. That isn't the case though. If anything I'm just lazy. Nevland is another beautiful album which maintains the original atmosphere and tone of their debut. Continually slow, considerate, dark and immensely pretty, Audiotransparent deserve much more success. The textures are unavoidable, with a range of instruments creating layers of attractive noise. It shouldn't be a surprise because all the ingredients were there before, yet I did find myself amazed that they didn't lose much in the way of magic while shedding band members. I can't even pick out favourites from this release because it is of high quality right across the board, but I must admit, whenever the strings appear I become completely lost in the music. Andreas Willemse's violin parts have always been exceptional, but with some additional help from a string section on this record, the arrangements have become epic. Not in a cheesy Hollywood style, but in an emotional, gripping sense. I still want to stand up and make the world listen to Audiotransparent. I'm not sure anyone actually listens to me but there are definitely moments of musical greatness on Nevland. - Steven McCarron.

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Artist: Audiotransparent
Title: Audiotransparent
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 11/4/2008
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637213356
UPC: 9999909725569
Item #: SRD097255
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