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Uprising the EP

Uprising the EP


~ B.I.Z. the Messenger

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Product Notes

B.I.Z. stands for Black Infinite Zenith the messenger B.I.Z. is an electrifying emcee with a smooth delivery, constant flow and the energy to captivate a crowd!!! B.I.Z. The Messenger is a PURE Hip-Hop artist who is conscious, positive, motivational and lyrically gifted...with a distinctive voice and style all his own. A native of Grand Rapids, MI...B.I.Z. owns a style that can only be found in the underground trenches of Detroit's Hip-Hop community. The truth in the booth...B.I.Z. is also an accomplished freestyle - battle emcee. B.I.Z. The Messenger is in the building!!! The quality of the music is just as good, if not BETTER THAN ANYTHING ON RADIO! The tracks are bananas! The music is a unique blend of all original Hip-Hop beats, with a taste of Jazz, R&B & Neo-Soul by: Art B. Incredible, Tinman, Eddie Bronco and top notch production by music phenomenon: Jamil House. For some listeners, B.I.Z. The Messenger is like a breath of fresh air in the Hip-Hop community. He has the uncanny ability to paint pictures with words and he makes you think, feel and move. B.I.Z. takes Hip-Hop back to it's origins and purpose: Uplifting the Community. This project, this artist, this music and this movement stand as a testament of what can be done when positive young Black people share a common vision, cooperate and stop at nothing to attain their goals. It is a privilege for me to introduce the world to the FIRST artist signed to Urban Soul Entertainment Group: B.I.Z. The Messenger Your ears will THANK YOU for it! - Ken 'Blanks' Harrell Co-Founder & CEO Urban Soul Entertainment Group, LLC 'Committed to Uplifting the Community' Some recent feedback from some of our fans: When I first got word of Biz the Messenger....I thought, 'Okay...another person trying to rap!' But when I actually sat down and listened to the message I was hooked. His non-chalant style on the mic are reminiscent of an era in HIP-HOP that has all but faded away. The way he plays with words while delivering a conscious message over heavy-hammering beats are appreciative to true HIP-HOP heads. This guy is sure to represent the 'D' like it should be. - D. Wolf, (Detroit, MI) 'This is music you can ride-out too!' - S.J. Hutchins, (Manchester, NH) 'Good Luv / Bad Luv' is the ladies jam! - T. Rhodes, (Lansing, MI) 'B.I.Z. is Pro Black with a style like COMMON or Talib Kweli. He talks about everyday issues and real life situations while holding true to his Urban edge.' - W. Cook, (Southfield, MI) 'B.I.Z.'s music has been described as a cross between jazz & rap. And, after a hard day at work you can put his CD on and chill with a glass of wine and maintain.' - M. Cobb (Detroit, MI)

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Artist: B.I.Z. the Messenger
Title: Uprising the EP
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Release Date: 8/2/2005
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637225441
UPC: 808459960933
Item #: SRD996093
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