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Just B

Just B


~ B. Love

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Product Notes

B. Love was born in Ruma, a small town in Serbia (Europe). Her singing enterprises started at the age of three. By the age of five she was already performing on stage. Having many different roles in her city's main theater, she used her singing, acting, and dance talents. Throughout the years the constant performances gave her the exposure all throughout the country. Though she preferred piano, on her parents request she started playing an accordion. 'A piano is too big for this place!' Mom would say. Love for art kept her busy writing poetry, singing in the school choir, performing traditional cultural dance, as well as jazz, modern and classical ballet. 'Being in front of the audience at an early age made me face my inner reflections, even back then!' B. Love moved to the U.S. with her mom and brother escaping the terrors of war her country was facing since 1992. 'Even though I was physically away, there was no distance within my heart.' Working two jobs while attending high school in Chicago, B. Love learned to speak English and was introduced to modeling. 'My agent asked me to develop this 'modeling hobby' into a successful career, but my heart wanted to sing and write songs!' 'So Universe would magically introduce musicians to me.' Nevertheless, her experiences gave birth to more and more music and now Chicagoland performances are taking place. 'I see myself as the artist of New Era music that brings awareness to life, the universal sound that lasts eternally!' B. Love is a recognized sound healer. Via the instrument of her voice, she projects tones and melodies that balance energy flow within Chakras. (Main energy centers located along the spine and head area.) This method is termed as Toning. CD's used for self-healing via B. Love's voice toning are on the way next! Besides healing through sound and dance, B. Love is practicing many different styles of healing such as: Chinese Healing Energy, Shaman, Sufi, Reiki and other Spiritual styles! However, she claims nothing of her own, knowing that it is God and God only acting through 'this body' and 'beyond this mind'! Through her music we awake joyously into higher octaves of our concsiousness. We realize the oneness behind all differences in the world. We connect with God and with Creators' bliss within our own hearts. Through the vibration of her sounds, we dance with Divine Love and Light, expanding pure feeling to all creation. Through her lyrics, we remind ourselves who we truly are. Behind the veil of illusion, behind all forms, words, names and titles, transcending ego, body, mind and all limitations! We remind ourselves to be one with God, be love and live it! - Smile and B. Love.

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Artist: B. Love
Title: Just B
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 7/30/2002
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637227665
UPC: 656613537220
Item #: SRD353722
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