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Trials & Tribulations

Trials & Tribulations


~ B.R.

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B.R. who is 21 years old, like a lot of people from the hood has suffered from the hard knocks of life. With his mom barely around and no father he had found strength in his caring grandmother Katie who was like a mother to him. Tragically she passed at the young age of 54 while B.R. was 15. With no one else to count on, and no where to turn B.R. had to fend for himself. Though this was the most trying time in his life, he found the wisdom and courage to grow stronger. ''s hard when the person that cares most about you in your life passes, it's almost like losing a part of yourself.' explains B.R. In the midst of all the tragedy he still continued to do well in school, and in sports, but at the same time growing closer to the streets. With no parents able to financially support him, and no family to help him out, he had to quickly get up on his grind. With the influence of the streets and a life like a movie B.R. found himself needing a way to vent...causing him to look no where else but music. 'Music's just one of those things that let me run wild with my mind and emotions. When you out here in the hood niggas don't give you the time a day to shed a tear, so that's why i gotta make the song cry.' 'Ya dig?' After graduating with honors and going to college at North Carolina A&T for a year, though in love with southern life B.R. found himself unhappy with his current situation. 'I was having fun but something was missing, and i knew what that was.' he said. With many talents and gifts backing the young B.R. academics, sports, etc. The only one that drove him to strive for success was music. After leaving North Carolina to come back to P.A., B.R. found himself in the booth soon after his arrival. With goals set and a career to chase B.R. finds himself done with his debut album 'TRIALS ~N~ TRIBULATIONS' which is being released in December year of 2007. With a long road ahead of him and many trials n tribulations to go B.R. finds himself at the top of his game, with the world in the palm of his hands........Hats off to you to B.R. keep doing ya thing and may god bless. B.R. Ready is exactly what you are.

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Artist: B.R.
Title: Trials & Tribulations
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Release Date: 1/22/2008
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637235992
UPC: 796873017947
Item #: SRD301794
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