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Far from the Tree

Far from the Tree


~ The Bad Apples

(Duplicated CD)
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Product Notes

The Bad Apples are a hip-hop duo (sometimes trio) made up of extreme style and raw material. Based out of Salt Lake City, they have been paving paths through the main stream since they stepped out of the booth. The crew consists of Mike Booth and Sir Louis Wildamiss. Although he has been known by different monikers, Mike Booth has kept his tenacity for laying ill rhymes and making fresh beats. Born in Los Angeles and raised in Las Vegas, he has been involved in every aspect of hip-hop since the late 80's. Mike made his first stage performance in 1992 at the Huntridge in Vegas rapping with the Poetic Hoodlums and FBI. He started Ha Style Records with Justin Butler in 1998 and they went on to release a few classics including the Fantazmic 4 "Self Titled Debut" and MK Ultra's "Drivin on Rugs D". He moved to Salt Lake after a brief stint on the east coast, and started Penalty Box Recordings in 2005. Since then he has helped produce and engineer several projects, which leads him to the present and the arrival of the Bad Apples. Sir Louis Wildamiss was raised on the mean streets of West Valley, but now resides in West Valley. Mista Munny Bags or Sir Lou as his friends call him, has been writing rhymes for five years now. He may be the youngest of the group, but you'd never know it when he raps. Together they have shared the stage with Fatlip and Tre Hardson (Pharcyde), Z-Man and Ra The Rugged Man. Mike Booth has been billed with such acts as Hieroglyphics, Shape Shifters, Jurassic 5, and LMNO, just to name a few. The duo provides dope lyrics over solid beats that make for an energetic live show. So, be on the lookout cuz our ALBUM "Far from the Tree" is here. Music | Local CD Revue: Bad Apples By Jamie Gadette Posted 01/10/2008 Bad Apples Far From the Tree ?Salt Lake City's Bad Apples are class clowns and student body president; big players with discerning minds who are just as quick to flirt with senoritas as they are to decry U.S. foreign policy. "So what if people die just as long as you get paid?" they shout over samples of President Bush waxing idiotic. "If you're not pissed off, then you're not paying attention." Which isn't to suggest Far From the Tree is the next Fear of Black Planet or even Evil Empire. Bad Apples come across as natural-born activists. They'd likely rather brainstorm practical jokes than exit strategies, but not even wiseguys can comfortably ignore the state of our messed up world. So they throw in a biting rant against ineptitude among the traditional face-offs with sucker emcees and narratives about cuties at the club, as on the Latin-flavored "Menudo." For the most part, a cutting sense of humor underlies Tree's 14 tracks, at times bordering on absurd. "Mini Men," a send-up of 50 Cent's "Many Men," follows the ups and downs of male midgets ("Pygmies always take my bike away"), which is either hilarious or completely offensive, depending on your commitment to the PC movement. In fact, the entire album is brilliant or juvenile, with the quartet's rhymesayers dropping all-too familiar euphemisms for their junk and how they plan to use it, or how tough they are, etc. You'd be hard-pressed, however, to deny Bad Apples' lyrical skill-no matter the content. They rarely, if ever, stumble over samples that more often than not take a back seat to tight vocal interplay. Impressive, and catchy as hell if you go with the flow. Check out Bad Apples live on Jan. 21 at Kilby Court (741 S. 330 West). For more Utah hip-hop action, see the adjacent article and plan to attend the City Weekly SLAMMys kick-off showcase featuring Linus, Numbs and Mindstate on Jan. 11 at Monk's, 19 E. 200 South, 10 p.m. SLUG Magazine Review Bad Apples ?Far From the Tree ?Penalty Box Recordings?Street: 2007 Bad Apples = Wu Tang Clan + 'Weird Al' Yankovic ?Bad Apples have it all: Ford-tough battle raps ('Tie Yo Shuz'), political pandering ('King of The Dicks'), chicken-hawking aggrandizement ('Menudo') and hip-hop history lessons ('Lunchbaughx'). They even achieve clown-rap piquancy with a mash-up of 50 Cent's 'Many Men.' Bad Apple's version of Curtis Jackson's street narrative is the incredibly creative 'Minimen'-a song who's midget parody concept is more likely to be laughed at than with. Bravo gentlemen, bravo. -Makena Walsh.

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Artist: The Bad Apples
Title: Far from the Tree
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 2/6/2008
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637215423
UPC: 880074124129
Item #: 642599X
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