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Long Record

Long Record


~ Bad Drivers

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Product Notes

'Bad Driver, good music' by Jill Foreman, Coast Weekend, Daily Astorian, August 2, 2001 'A group of soon-to-be-stars is roaring out of the garage. JohnnyO and the Bad Drivers, CD 'Long Record,' is a compilation of good-time party music tracks, all originally composed, that holds it's own to any fluff on the mainstream market. If you're having a get-together and throuwing steaks on the Barbeque, 'Long Record's' upbeat Lating and Ska flavored melodies is the marinade of choice. For twenty-somethings or sixty-somethings, it crosses age boundaries. Lawyer and Huey Lewis look/sound-alike JohnnyO of Seaside [Oregon] is the band's composer and lead vocalist. He was playing guitar by 10, He desribes the group's music as ska punk with Latin and Metal influences. Tracks to watch for on 'Long Record' include 'Love Maniac' which is amusing and poignant. It's upbeatpining, while at the same time, allowing absolutely no whining. This is songwriter Orr's secret weapon. Most of his songs compare and contrast conflicting emotions. In 'Litmus Test of Love,' it's abstain but don't refrain (the guitar rocks). In 'Come Back' the sun is shining but not on love. You feel like you're at a Hawaiian party, making this the perfect dance-in-front-of the-mirror-when-no-one-is-looking CD. How far the group reaches depends on the audience. 'If people in Newport, Portland or Seattle want us to play, we'll play. If they do not, we will play anyway- in the basement,' JohnnyO said. (Review by Jill Foreman, reprinted with permission of Daily Astorian) Bad drivers is the creative vehicle for the songwriting, singing and lead guitar playing of johnnyo. Johnnyo is engine behind Bad Drivers. His music reflects the transition of an artist from reckless and idealistic to mature (somewhat) He expresses a philosophy of life and love distilled in the lyrics melodies and rythms of Bad Driver's first release, 'Long Record.' Says JohnnyO: 'The CD took over one year to record, dub, mix and master. It was a labor of love. I am very proud of this CD. I would not change anything.' 'I Love The Sun' is an anthem of joy to the pleasure of warm sunlight, nesting in a totally unique rythm structure combining island and inland beats. 'Love Corridor' is the song which uses the migration of Columbia River salmon to the sea as a metaphor to the human search for love and belonging. 'The Litmus Test Of Love' is a study of the absurdity of picking a mate with an options list like you would order a car from the factory, where nothing less will do. 'Love Maniac' was JohnnyO's belated recognition that he had sought love according to a ideal that insured deflation and distress. But what a ride on the way up! 'I Lit A Candle Last Night' portrays love as infatuation- illustrated by some very long and sleepless nights. 'Love Is The Flip Side of Hate.' Personal, painful and approaching the universal. People are like animals: they get behavior imprinted on them when young, unless they change. 'When will we ever learn learn, that love sometimes makes us wait.' 'Dreams.' This song tells how ideals give way to compromises, but with courage ideals can return and give hope. They show us the way to ourselves and a better world. 'Bet It All.' is trite but true, this really happened to me. Well most of it. Actually, the song has melancholy disguised as irony, disguised as celebration. Whatever. 'Wherever.' I wrote this as I pondered the search for a mate after a failed marriage. It feels like rain. 'Comeback Again.' like Candide, I must tend my own garden, and it is here that i find the peace that evades my soul in the outside world. It sounds like birds. 'Seek The Peak.' Life, Emotions, Ambition, Mountains; you need strong legs to get there, but what a view when you do. I cannot show you how to get there, I can only tell you where I have been.

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Artist: Bad Drivers
Title: Long Record
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 7/31/2001
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637215483
UPC: 672617007224
Item #: CDBY07224
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