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It'll All Be Over Soon

It'll All Be Over Soon


~ Bad Things

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Product Notes

"It'll All Be Over Soon" is the third album by Seattle's premier underground-cabaret band The Bad Things on their own record label Silent City Records. This new album finds the band incorporating musical influences that span the globe: from the Romanian-punk of "Drunken Doughboy" to the sultry tango of "Woman Left Behind" to the gothic-gospel of "Wicked Friends." As is expected of The Bad Things, this album focuses on the darker sides of life while still keeping the drunken, celebratory vibe that has characterized their live shows for the past six years, described by the Seattle Weekly as "a party being held at the edge of the world." Recorded in south Seattle in an old vaudeville theater from the turn of the century, this album manages to both conjure up images of the past while looking to the matter how bleak that may be. Here's what the good people are saying about The Bad Things: "(The Bad Things) sound as if a bunch of Gypsy marauders were performing macabre circus sideshow songs around a campfire in the middle of an abandoned cabaret that serves wine in a jug and mead on tap." -Seattle Times "I imagined all the best of the fictional pirate troops; and usually, wicked grins don\'t make me bounce bemusedly, but \'The Bad Things' had the ability to induce even the most unexpected of reactions. \'Junkyard waltzes and shameless shanties,\' their website says. There\'s no way I could describe it any better myself.\' - Seattle Post Intelligencer "The Bad Things know that you\'re here for the show, for entertainment. They are a vaudeville act in that they help us forget our problems for awhile, we get caught up in it all. In a way it\'s too bad that the band is performing now because they may have missed their perfect venue: The Bad Things should have been playing the ballroom when the Titanic went down.\' -Sepiachord "(The Bad Things) combine beautiful traditionals, humor darker than Hitchcock film noir could ever dream of being, a punk/goth rock feel, and delectable circus-like delights to form a fabulous new sound best described as junkyard gypsy goth." - Mind-o-Mousie.

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Artist: Bad Things
Title: It'll All Be Over Soon
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 9/30/2008
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637215625
UPC: 634479897184
Item #: SRD989718
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