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Balumba Tombo Reloaded1 /  Various

Balumba Tombo Reloaded1 / Various


~ Various Artists

(Duplicated CD)
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Product Notes

Once upon a time, twenty years ago little more or little less, a music compilation curiously called: 'Balumba Tombo'. Twenty years later, many names featured on that album meet around a mixer, joining 'new forces' of the 'no profit' music army to create what can be easily defined as the sequel. So, after a laborious work in progress, BALUMBA TOMBO RELOADED, that's the new compilation by PEDALE BAROQUE. But who's that people, what's those names? (maybe you're wondering) So, here's some little history. In the middle eighties there was a big ferment in music, both in the world as, indirectly, in Italy. Fashions were changing fast, in the name of the search for new, transgressive and not conventional. The new wave, the new romantics, the electronic music, etc. Etc. Yes, they were also the years of the big technological revolution. Synthesizers, electronic instruments, multitrack tape recorders and the first home computers were about to change completely the approach to all kind of music. In this context a bunch of Italian artists, more precisely from Bologna, were beginning to venture into this so intriguing artistic mood, creating music in the most hybrid and uncontaminated way that could be imagined. There was a lot of 'naif-ism' in their productions, but much enthusiasm too and lots of creativity. Very soon a little group of devote followers came out which baptized this movement as 'underskin' to emphatize this kind of music as completely OUT of any limitating commercial's logic. (and whose assimilation happened going thru the body skin to reach even deeper the listeners' souls) To cut this story short, they were making music with the only purpose of having fun and having other people to feel the same. These artists then decided to invent a fake music label to be considered as their trademark. The Pedale Baroque Records was born. Everything was ironic, deliberately provocatory, infact not only Pedale baroque Records didn't legally exist, but neither produced or was able to produce and commercialize records, because the technology of those times for private and not majors' produced music was still limited to tape only. So, a huge amount of DEMOTAPES came out fast, the way all home music and indipendent tried to get attention with. Internet still was a long way to come, so it was all about going to the post and send small packages, hoping to get the interest of some record label or some producer. The 'Pedale Baroque' production was huge. They didn't care about nobody appeared to offer them a recording deal. The fuel to go on was the energy itself which was coming out of the creative act. And then the fans' love. As a further tam tam there was a small local radio station (called Radio Città del capo n.d.r.) who used to broadcast much Pedale baroque's music and the atmosphere was always electrifying anyway. All this happened until the first nineties, approximately. Times were changing. Many of those artists lose their way. But not Pedale Baroque, who kept on (even if at a much slower rhythm) producing projects of very interesting bands and always out of the typical commercial logic. And in spite of the fact that no Pedale Baroque's project has ever been commercially released, THE LEGEND IS BACK!! Infact, after 20 years the Pedale Baroque resume it's opera just from where it was stopped. Balumba Tombo was with many probabilities, the last album released at that time, and now, in 2007, here it comes Balumba Tombo Reloaded. Yes, because with batteries reloaded at maximum, finally we see many artists and band coming back, just when we thought they were lost forever! Historic bands like Sigismondo Paletta e i suoi condomini (with their unique 'Vintage Sanremo style', that's the yearly Italian music festival or even 'Vintage Eurofestival' style), Pseud O'Hara (an historic trio of the Bolognese underground), Rastamatic (with their electro-reggae), Ok Corral who here mix their dark wave sound with the ethnic talent of the Arab Alì Asanfhat Mukehiri Yazeb, the lonely jazz man Barnaby Biro and many others too, are back after years of forced silence, but with a fighting spirit and an enviable creativity. Just like the time didn't pass for them. God bless the freezers!!! And then new bands and artists who looks like their sons in law (are they for real, by the way?) join them in this mega compilation composed of an huge 21 tracks, divided in 2 CDS!! As a a comeback it's a great comeback. Now we hope that the music business (which is having a very bad time, really) finally acknowledges them. The air we breathe is fizzy. Trust is the word. And in spite of the world's musical situation resembles more to a principle of an apocalypse than to other, there is also the conviction that only from the ashes of something may born a new beginning. So we warmly hope that this new musical beginning can be labeled Pedale Baroque TOO.

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Artist: Various Artists
Title: Balumba Tombo Reloaded1 / Various
Genre: Rock
Theme: Compilations
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 1/27/2009
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637216217
UPC: 884502021011
Item #: 1338159X
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