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Herban Spice

Herban Spice


~ Basil Hennely

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Product Notes

Every now and then, someone new and innovative brings a brand new energy to the music scene. It does not happen as often as it should; however, when it does it's like adding a necessary ingredient to an already hearty meal. Now remember how your mama used to cook. She would add a little season salt, cayenne pepper, sage, black pepper, but it was never complete without adding a hint of basil. Well, Basil Hennely is that necessary additive missing from the music scene today. With his fresh new look at life and love, Basil Hennely will undoubtedly reshape the way the world views love. As Basil so adequately states, ' I am not an innovator, I'm just a music maker and music is TRUTH. I can only speak the truth that God has seen fit to expose me too. I am a storyteller and I use music to tell not only my story but also the story of others who are not allowed to speak. ' A brave message from a young man, but Basil has always been an old spirit. ' My grandmother always told me that I had been here before. I just hope I get it right this time, so I don't have to come back again.' Well, if his debut album, Herban Spice, is any indication than Mr. Hennely will have no choice but to come back Again, Again, and Again. The album has been called bold with lyrics that weave tales not heard since the likes of Curtis Mayfield. With a rich and soulful tenor range, Basil is primed and ready for the national stage. He has the uncanny ability to not only come alive on his record, but on the stage he has been called a new phenomena. When you see Basil live it is no longer just a show, it becomes an EXPERIENCE. He has been performing since the age of eleven years old with various choirs that performed all across the country. He has blessed many with his talent as a solo artist in venues in Los Angeles and Chicago for over nine years. With an album ready for release and growing critical acclaim, you owe it to yourself to be apart of The Experience. Why don't you add this spice to your musical main course?

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Artist: Basil Hennely
Title: Herban Spice
Genre: Soul/R & B
Release Date: 5/25/2004
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637217710
UPC: 829757624525
Item #: CDBY24525
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