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Center of Gravityon the Threshold of Rock

Center of Gravityon the Threshold of Rock


~ BC Priest

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Product Notes

THEY'RE COMING IN 2010 !!!!! THEY'RE COMING IN 2010 !!!!! THEY'RE COMING IN 2010 !!!!! THEY'RE COMING IN 2010 !!!!! LOOK for a New Multi-sound-DRIVEN CD (BC & the RAILBIRDS) & BC will be in the studio in 2010 to finish up his sophmore release......incorporating his blues, r&b & funk influence.......special guest from his band, the RAiLBiRDz throughout the disc........... now, let's look at a few reviews from the Center of Gravity disc.... '...A SOLID RECORDING AND A GOOD DELIVERY OF ROCK & ROLL...GOOD JOB' Chita, ASST. PROGRAM DIRECTOR, KLPX Radio/Tucson. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!! There you have it....couldn't have said it better................ TheBCPRIESTBand,TheBCPRIESTBand,TheBCPRIESTBand,TheBCPRIESTBand,TheBCPRIESTBand,TheBCPRIESTBand, this incarnation, BC rolls his rock attitude over 12 originals & in doing so, presents a unique piece of his writing repetoire. Unique, kool & it rocks!! ......BC Priest is a current in 3-D motion. The musical ball floats slowly above stable earth, hanging at times, precariously like a poet in thought and then continues on it's drift, evolving with each push of the wind........[gee, that sounds soooo........strange ; ) ] TA DAAAAAAAAAAAA...IT'S US, ME, HIM!!! WHO ???? WHO, WHAT, HUH IS BC Priest??????? The band makes punchy, strong melodic sounds & ambient thought-provoking sonic landscapes: it flows, it grooves, it rocks! They're influenced from a WIDE variety of artists (some of them paint, weave & stuff lakka dat). BC sings, plays acoustic & electric guitars, some keys, bass, mandolin, harmonica and writes constantly. This CHICAGO stage veteran's saavy with an axe is comparable to many seasoned guitarists.He has perfomed over 500 shows, backing national acts as well as headlining his own bands. He does most of the writing for the current band project, and adjusts his style to those players surrounding him. AND JUST WHO ARE THESE PLAYERS SURROUNDING HIM, HUH???? WELL................Flanking him stage right is 'El Virtuo' Billy Basser, the original L.A. bass baron. He masters bass, vocals and occasional keys. This minderific pro has played with everyone in that town and now brings his talents into the BCP Project. (he plays......nice!! ) Stage rear is Dimitri Drumaround a talented slapper, noisemaker, muse and singer in his own write. Dimitri provides lush sonic landsccapes and ethereal wisps of sound he does really funny stuff with his sticks ( I said his STICKS........silly) Holding down strong rhythms and accents is Geeriffic Gitano. Gee-man hails from the New England states area and brings a strong sense of harmony and collusiveness (whatever that is) to the band. The band evolves constantly and offer something refreshing from one show to the next. LOOK FOR The evolving of BC as he ventures forth into his Chicago blues-based heritage///his newe band the RAiLBiRDz are a tight 5-piece band incorporating blues, rhythm & blues & funk.......gotta see em.........soon DR Eugene Foley from FOLEY ENTERTAINMENT (East Coast PR firm) says.....'I SEE TALENT AND POTENTIAL HERE....' [ummmmm, gee, ya think???......sheesh !!!] Inspired vocals are channelled by OSMOSIS thru classic singers like JR RICHARDS CHRIS MARTIN David GILMOUR Tim BOWNESS (Porcupine Tree), with touches of ZANDER & Prozac for Lovers in style. So--very smooth with a strong rock backbeat...AND you can dance to it........YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!! They continue to draw musical influences from a wide array of current and classic artists. BC & the boyz are equally at home on stage and in the studio. There ya go. NOW MY FRIENDS, add this CD to your collection & find out WHERE & WHEN these boyz are playing next and be there...or........T square...something like that....dunno. Love to have you drop in..... Reeeeaaaallllllllyyyyyyyy!!!!! BC------------over & out!!! WRITE ME @ & yakkity yak.

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Artist: BC Priest
Title: Center of Gravityon the Threshold of Rock
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 12/21/2004
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637218558
UPC: 783707036304
Item #: SRD703630
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