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Dream of the Ocean

Dream of the Ocean


~ Beepbleep

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Product Notes

Beepbleep was formed in 2007 by a chance encounter between Mark Temple and Mark Temple. The two comprise a closely knit unit that think and behave as one. 'It's like were the same person... 'we think alike, look alike and often get mistaken for each other by our adoring fan'. Beepbleep are hoping to have their music enjoyed by at least another person in the next few years! The music was recorded using fragile and temperamental analogue step sequences and was in no way aided by easy to use modern virtual emulators. Although the guitars sound quiet, they were actually recorded at ear bleeding volume and digitally manipulated using patented reverse-distortion technology to sound mellow. Actually,.... Beepbleep is the sole creation of Mark Temple, previously a founding member and drummer in The Hummingbirds (Phantom records then rooArt) and Guitarist and Vocalist for Growl (Redeye records). Given this you might expect the 'same old same old' indie pop - don't get me wrong I love my indie pop - but this ain't no pop record. For want of a better description, Dream of the Ocean is a left-field instrumental soundscape record, leaning towards the ambient and experimental. If your trying to pigeon-hole the record to 'it sounds like .... ' then let me know who I sound like! For the life of me I cannot pick any direct sound-alike. I'll happily admit to being a big fan of Fripp & Eno's work, and your early 70's Tangerine Dream and Berlin School of music but this ain't no sound-alike record. I have applied a pop sensibility to the music with a focus on short pieces with distinct beginnings and endings and usually a twist of some sort in between. Clearly the exception to the rule is the title track clocking in at 18 plus minutes. Much of the rhythmic backdrops comes from the mighty step-sequencer - the thing that goes beep bleep!. The harmonic content is mostly guitar. There no verse or chorus but each piece has a natural flow and mood. Whilst improvisation is a key component to the mood, each song is structured and I hope to have avoided any over-indulgent aimless noodleing. Did I mention this is a solo record? Having played the guitar, sequencers, drums, having set up the mics, set the levels, hit the record button and twiddled the faders to meld some extended representation to the soundtrack of my mind, I'd have to say that - in my humble and biased view - it's turned out alright. The record is also solo in a much broader sense - it is pays little attention to the demands of the commercial music fraternity be it the record companies, radio stations, publishers or the like. It's more about capturing the mood of the day rather than rehashing some acceptable version of the classic pop song or rock anthem in a radio friendly format. This record will barely cause a bleep in the musical landscape (if you'll excuse the pun) but I really like this record and hope that you too can go the distance and be consumed by the disc. Happy listening :-) Beep.

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Artist: Beepbleep
Title: Dream of the Ocean
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 3/25/2008
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637219525
UPC: 634479758744
Item #: SRD975874
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