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Eyes Lit

Eyes Lit


~ Befreeyourself

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Product Notes

The members of befreeyourself are men of action. Chris Hess and I became friends at the crag where Chris hoped climbing rock in the wilderness would ease the stress of the big smoke and give new energy to an already awesome musicality. He eventually settled on kite skiing as his favorite method of escaping the modern world to a place like the Georgian Bay in the wintertime -- offshore, isolated, a place to heal and gain a unique perspective. In these wild places we decided to found a band that would explore music of all genres, instruments of all creeds, as characters who say something about being alive in a complex human emotionality. Graham Ketchison nurtures his sense of percussion on the surface of powerful water. In a kayak one's inner ear must be finetuned to balance on turbulence and find their momentum, in the expanse of the arctic ocean where there are no second chances. Graham brings this kind of passion to our music. Steve McDowell was originally hired to play during our live performances though we soon agreed that he should collaborate and record with the band. A carpenter by trade McD adds the humility of space to befreeyourself that only a 'measure twice/cut once' attitude can muster. Sometimes it's what you don't play that rings the loudest. In 2005 Hess produced our first project Kindred/kindling to start this adventure. Similar in nature and drawing on the natural world to inspire us we collected our instruments, adapted to new technologies and slowly the music began to flow. Add to this one Stephen Rupert, tenacious, determined to find the next clue, the next link, the essence of a song's character communicating at the gut level. Instinctive. Honest. Most listeners want the fantasy. Befreeyourself hopes to share it's truth in a fun dance of imagination. As for me, a child of the sixties, I still have tired old questions for the establishment. Naively so perhaps, but I still believe in equality and peace. I still believe in the power of one. I still feel honored in the presence of fine artists such as these. I look forward to creating our new language together. Terry Christenson.

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Artist: Befreeyourself
Title: Eyes Lit
Genre: Reggae
Release Date: 5/19/2009
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637219592
UPC: 884502094336
Item #: SRD209433
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