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Within the Shifting Shade

Within the Shifting Shade


~ Bekah Kelso

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Product Notes

The Texas born brass-knuckled bohemian, Bekah Kelso, presents her 3rd album, "Within the Shifting Shade,' an eclectic blend of indie-pop and soulful acoustic rock. Produced by Kelso and San Antonio's Damian Rodriguez, this award winning the new album delivers a bigger-than-ever studio sound without losing the vocal intimacy that has become one of her hallmarks. From the album insert: 'This album began as a simple recording of 4 songs back in January of 2012. We thought maybe it would become an EP, but there was really no pressure for it to be anything at all. Over the next year and a half, life would take some unexpected turns. I walked all the way through the miracle of pregnancy and the birth of my first son, all of which factored heavily into my work, creatively and logistically. I gave more time to this process than I've ever given to a studio project before. The songs came slowly, and the lengthy journey presented it's own challenges; you work hard to keep the fire, and keep perspective. Now it's finally ready and I'm so very proud. I would like to thank Damian for the inspired creativity, the dedication, and the laughter. This album is yours too. Meghan & Maggie, for your friendship & the kindness of your space. My family, for being so endlessly loving and supportive. I am so blessed to be your daughter, sister, aunt. My partner, Sean-Michael, for offering a steady hand throughout this process, and loving me epically. And my son, for choosing me, for teaching me, for blessing me. I rejoice in you. Gratitude to all the players who added their talent, and all the friends and fans who lift me up. ' 'Bekah Kelso's new album Within the Shifting Shade reminds us that there are still artists out there concerned about crafting an album and not just a collection of songs. Kelso's vocals throughout the album will make you check her tour dates as you'll have to witness this live.' - Justin Wayne, The Justin Wayne Show 'Within the Shifting Shade is a solid effort that embodies the gypsy musician lifestyle Kelso led before returning to San Antonio. She has the ability to take her music in to different places, from the jazzy 'Grey's Not Easy' to the bluesy-folk 'In the Blue,' and showcase her introspective and, at times, downright cheeky lyrics with a coy gaze and a playful smile. If you're unsure about checking out Kelso's music, here's what a first time listener of the album posted on Kelso's facebook page (in haiku format): 'Feeling excited / I listen for the first time / Then push play again.' If you have not had a chance to listen to the album, there's a chance you would have the same reaction-I know I did.' Faith Duarte - SA Scene Magazine Kelso has a lovely voice and more than a little steel in her spine. In one of her songs, let's just call it "BS" for a family newspaper, Kelso sings sweetly while excoriating her antagonist. In "Love Who I Love," she reads the metaphorical riot act to the close-minded and the self-righteous. Kelso also is an ace when she opts to write and sing uplifting songs such as "Centripetal Way" with it's chorus line "Peace, love and silence is louder than the sirens"; the unconditional love song "Sequoia"; and the take-a-chance on living and loving ode "On Growing." - Jim Beal, San Antonio Express News Lead & Backing Vocals/Vocal Arrangements - Bekah Kelso Bass- Damian Rodriguez Drums- Ryan Kelso Electric Guitars- Damian Rodriguez Centripetal Way: String Arrangement- D. Rodriguez. Cello - Josh Younke. Violin - R.J. Smith. Organ - D. Rodriguez. Tambourine - B. Kelso, D. Rodriguez. Grey's Not Easy: Horn Arrangement - D. Rodriguez. Flugelhorn - Curtis Calderon. Tenor Sax/Flute - Bill King. Wurlitzer- Marc Martinez. Percussion- Marty Barrera. Organ - D. Rodriguez What I Know: Piano- Ricky Hernandez. Synth- D. Rodriguez. Sequoia: Guest Backing Vocals - Wink Kelso, D. Rodriguez. Organ/Guitars/Cuatro/Drum Loops/Synths - D. Rodriguez. Percussion - Marty Barrera. Tiny Supernovas: Acoustic Guitar Right - B. Kelso. Acoustic Guitar Left/Synths - D. Rodriguez. Love Who I Love: Piano/Lap Steel/Synths/Organ - D. Rodriguez. Acoustic Guitar - B. Kelso. Tambourine/Triangle - Marty Barrera. Bullshit- Acoustic Guitars/Whistles - D. Rodriguez. Ukelele- Carolyn Hooper. Cajon/Spoons - Ryan Kelso In The Blue: Acoustic Guitar/Cuatro/Synths/Organ - D. Rodriguez. Tambourine - D. Rodriguez, B. Kelso. Creaks/Effects - B. Kelso. A Thousand LIttle Words: Piano - Ricky Hernandez. Acoustic Guitar/Synth - D. Rodriguez. Bells - B. Kelso. On Growing: Acoustic Guitar - B. Kelso. Guest Backing Vocals - D. Rodriguez. Piano- Sunny Zamora. Synth - D. Rodriguez. Tambourine/Djembe - Marty Barrera. Stomps and Claps - B. Kelso, D. Rodriguez.

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Artist: Bekah Kelso
Title: Within the Shifting Shade
Genre: Pop
Release Date: 8/13/2013
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5638163566
UPC: 884501947367
Item #: 1035919X